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Casinos where you can gamble online often offer different bonuses. These bonuses are meant to attract new players and to have players come back. To get a reward in the form of a bonus you often have to meet certain conditions. A condition that can be attached to this is a bonus code.

With bonus codes you can often get extra benefits that are given in addition to the usual benefits of a bonus. This usually means that you have to enter a code for free play credit or free spins without having to do anything else. Below you can read more about bonus codes, the types of codes that exist, what you should pay attention to and what conditions usually apply.

What are bonus codes?

A bonus code is a certain code that you have to enter to use a bonus. Bonus codes are not always connected to bonuses. If that is the case, then that is often very lucrative. You can usually gamble online without having to make a deposit.

A condition for obtaining the linked bonus is that you enter the correct bonus code. You will then receive an exclusive bonus that is not available in other ways. Bonus codes can often be found on websites that have a collaboration with the casino for which the codes can be used.

Using bonus codes

A bonus code is often a rule that consists of a combination of letters, numbers or both. It depends on the code which bonus you can receive in exchange for this.

With a bonus code you can, for example, be entitled to free spins, a welcome reward, a deposit bonus, a cashback or a bonus without depositing. With the exception of the latter bonus you often have to make a deposit to the account before you can receive the bonus. Once you have entered the bonus code, you can receive the relevant reward.

Different bonus codes

There are different bonus codes that you can come across. The codes differ from each other and can also be used for various purposes. First of all, it differs per casino whether you can use bonus codes and which codes apply.

You must then also find the correct codes so that you can use them. Below you can read which bonus codes are there and what you can receive with it:

  • No Deposit Bonus Code: With this you will receive a certain amount of play credit after entering the code without having to deposit money;
  • Welcome bonus code: code that can be entered by new players to get free spins or play credit;
  • Preferred Deposit method bonus code: You can receive this type of bonus if you use a designated payment service for depositing money into the account;
  • Reload bonus code: bonus that you receive by making a deposit again. In some cases this can be used several times;
  • Free Spins Bonus Code: With this, receive free spins for online gambling at selected slot machines;
  • Cashback bonus code: gives you as a player the opportunity to get some losses back as a reward over a certain period.

Conditions for bonus codes

To be able to use bonus codes you must first of all be in possession of the codes. Subsequently, conditions may be associated with obtaining the rewards that go with it. Entering the code is sufficient in many cases, although in some cases there are also other conditions attached to it.

They relate to the preservation or paying of the bonus, for example. Do you want to use a bonus code and should money be deposited on the account? Then it may mean that a minimum amount must be transferred.

Round play conditions can also apply. This means that the reward must be used a certain number of times before you can actually keep it. Furthermore, there is also often a maximum profit to be achieved associated with the bonuses that you can get with such codes.

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Are bonus codes mandatory?

You can usually get bonuses offered by casinos on the internet by depositing money or by creating an account. In some cases a bonus code can be used. It is not mandatory to use this, unless you want to collect the bonus.

Where can you find bonus codes?

Bonus codes are not offered by the casino itself. For this you have to search online for partners of the casino that offer such codes. It is important that you pay attention to the conditions and the validity of the codes you want to use.

Can you use a code again?

Certain properties are linked to bonus codes. For example, a code can often be used for a certain period and you can only use the code once. If you want to receive a bonus again with a code, you must enter a new bonus code.