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Are you planning to visit a casino for the first time? Or do you just want to play a very simple game on your next casino visit? In this article read why in these cases you can best choose the Baccarat game.

Starting players who start playing in complex games will almost certainly lose all their money. That is not bad in itself, provided they enjoy it. Those who take care of the money that are reserved for the casino prefer to opt for an easy game.

baccarat Is the simplest game you can play in the casino. This is because you only have a few deployment options and do not have to do anything else yourself. You place your bet and the dealer does the rest. In addition, Baccarat also has a low house advantage, which therefore increases the chance of profit.

When I am talking about baccarat, I mean the modern version (Punto Banco). The player only needs to use and the dealer does the rest. In the former version of Baccarat, players took turns in turn as a couch. They were therefore allowed to keep parts of the profit themselves. Now the loss of players just goes to the casino.

Simple rules at Baccarat

The best thing about Baccarat is that you don't have to learn whatsoever out of your head. All you have to do is choose how high your commitment is and what you are committed to. Here you have a maximum of three options. You can focus on the profession of the bank, from the player and the tie. The Tie is the least inexpensive and you will actually want to limit your commitment to bank or player.

Baccarat can be played in both physical casinos and with each online casinoo. Some online casinos sometimes offer nice variations at the game.

Two hands are shared at Baccarat. A hand for the player's profession and a hand for the bank's profession. Both hands are compared. In principle, each hand only receives two cards, but it is also possible that a third card is drawn. Whether that is the case depends on the map values. And then it is also very simple: the box with the highest card value wins.

It is important here to keep in mind when adding the map values that dozens do not count. A seven and six together would be thirteen forms, but because dozens are canceled, the outcome is three. Don't worry about addition. The dealer calculates this at lightning speed for you.

The strategy is simple

The house advantage when you bet on the player's hand is 1.24%. When you bet on the hand of the bank, the house advantage is 1.09%. For that reason it is said that the best strategy at Baccarat only includes a sentence: always bet on the bank.

The third deployment option is the Tie, or a draw between the two hands. A house benefit of 14%applies here. This is many times higher than on any slot machine and therefore a very poor investment.

Very low house advantage

With a house benefit of only 1% on the bank's profession, this is the best bet that can make. No other game in the casino offers such a low house advantage.

When you multiply the house advantage by the total amount that of your bet, you know how much the casino deserves. And this is also the amount that you lose on average. This not only works on the total of all bets but on every bet you make.

Suppose your bankroll is $ 200 and you use $ 10. If you play 100 hands, it will cost you a total of $ 1,000. In this example you multiply $ 1,000 by the house advantage, and this is the amount that you lose on average.

So if you bet on a draw, you lose more than $ 140 at $ 1,000 in deploy. The average loss with a bet on the bank is only $ 10.60. For a bet on the player's profession, the loss is $ 1,000 in bets $ 12.40. You now also immediately see why betting on the Tie is the least sensible choice.

The casino is not worried about the low house advantage at Baccarat. After all, they do not look at what it costs them in the short term. In the long term, the Baccarat game for the casino is also a very profitable game.

Attractive bonuses at online casinos

The only difference between Baccarat playing in a physical casino and online is the speed at which is played and the Bonuses. Casinos often hand out large bonuses, especially to new players and you can use them. And that applies entirely to playing Baccarat.

Deposit bonuses generally correspond to a percentage of your deposit, which increases your bankroll and you can therefore play longer. Suppose you are offered a deposit bonus from 100% to $ 500. You deposit $ 500 and get an extra $ 500 in bonus money. You then have $ 1000 play money with which you can play twice longer.

Another advantage of playing online baccarat is that the minimum insert is lower than in the physical casinos. Online casinos usually have a minimum deployment of $ 1. With physical casinos this often starts at $ 5 or $ 10 per game round.

The only thing you should pay attention to at Online Baccarat is that the game goes much faster. So you play many more game rounds per hour. If you play in a normal casino, the process of sharing hands takes longer.

Time for a chat

Some gamblers prefer to concentrate at stake and avoid conversations with other players. However, those who like to chat can do that excellently at the Baccarat table. Baccarat is not a slow game.

However, the dealer does the most work and you only have to use. That ensures that you have enough time to have a chat with other players.


Simple rules, a simple strategy and a low house advantage make Baccarat the perfect game for beginners. Be sure to try it out. Place at a table with the lowest bet limit and place your first bet on the bank's profession, which gives you the best chance.

Have a chat with others or just with the dealer, who is often just open to that. If you prefer to play at the online casino, take the pace into account. Don't forget to claim any bonuses before you start playing Baccarat.