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The Swedish Software Provider Evolution Gaming has launched the new BAC Bo game for online casinos: BAC Bo. Bac Bo is an online gambling game that is a combination of Baccarat and Sic Bo. In addition to BAC BO, the Swedish company also has other popular games such as Fan Tan and Lightning Dice to their name.

Other games that the company offers include live blackjack and a large selection of live baccarat games. With this portfolio it can easily be stated that Evolution is creating gaming in the field of live casino. With the Bac Bo game that was released in 2021, the company wants to blow a fresh wind through its online range of game.

How does Bac Bo work

At Bac Bo everything is all about dice. It is a live casino game where the player takes on the banker. Bac Bo has no complicated rules, but is very exciting. During the game you see a field on your screen. There are four pits in this field and there is a dice in every pit. There are two blue dice and two red. The blue dice are from the player and the red dice are from the banker. During the game, the dice will automatically roles with which points can be scored. Whoever has the highest point score at the end of the game wins. It is also possible to play with the banker.

What is striking about Bac Bo is that many elements are similar to Baccarat, only bac bo dice are used instead of cards. Bac Bo is an exciting game that is easy to play. Chief Product Officer of Evolution Gaming says the following about Bac Bo:

,, Bac Bo is a new, unique creation of our very talented product team and developers. It combines the essence of two classic games, baccarat and sic bo, and creates something completely new and different. You get the elegant flow and excitement of a "Come from Behind Win" that makes Baccarat so popular, but with the visual excitement of a dice game. "

Game rules Baccarat

Bac Bo is a mix of the baccarat gambling game and the gambling game Sic Bo, but Bac Bo has the most from Baccarat. You play the classic baccarat game with playing cards that all have their own certain value. For example, with a ten on, the card yields zero points and the AAS, for example, yields 1 point.

The cards with a number on it between the two and nine also have the value of that number. A card with a three on it is also worth three points and a card with nine is worth nine points. At Baccarat you do a gamble who has the highest value, you or the banker.

Classic versus modern

Bac Bo is the modern variant of the classic Baccarat. The charm of a game of Baccarat with cards must compete against the modern twist with dice of Bac Bo. Bac Bo takes some getting used to for the real Baccarat enthusiast. The fast calculation is no longer necessary to determine the result. Convenience serves people at Bac Bo. Fortunately, the deployment options such as trusted remain the banker, player and tie.

For beginners, BAC BO is easy to master in contrast to Baccarat where you first have to get to know the values of the cards. The entry level at BAC BO is therefore a lot lower. In addition, BAC Bo is a game that you do not have to apply strategies as a player. The game cannot be influenced by the banker or player. Evolution Gaming consciously chose BAC Bo to increase the profit yields at a TIE in order to seduce the player to bet on a tie bet.

Game rules BAC BO

At Bac Bo, Evolution Gaming consciously chose to make the game a lot simpler than Baccarat. The playing cards have been exchanged for dice. The advantage of this is that as a player you no longer have to learn the card values. In addition, the screen is simply divided into four ovals. The left ovals are from the player (player) and the right of the banker (banker). This information is clearly stated on the screen.

In the game four dice participate, two red for the banker and two blue for the player. The eyes on the dice are as you know it from other games 1 to 6. When the game has started, the player and banker will guess who throws the highest eyes. The one who gambled well.

The dice are not thrown by a person behind a gaming table (the croupier), but they are shaken back and forth through the surface on which they lie. The croupier is therefore replaced by BAC BO with a vibrating surface. That vibration is done with the use of the dice. To build up the tension, they are in turn to a halt per duo.

The blue dice of the player are always the turn of the first. With the red dice of the banker, one dice is always brought to a halt to build the tension further. Sometimes the sofa wins when the first dice is reversed. That is the case, for example, when the player has thrown a two and three and the banker a six.


When the game has ended, a clear result with points will be displayed on the screen. This way you can see who has won. At the start of the game you make a prediction who wins. Suppose the banker has ten points and the player considers it then does not mean that the banker has won. If the player has predicts that the banker will win, then the player has won the game and receives the prize money.

There may also be a draw (tie) when the player and the banker have both scored eight points. If the banker had predicted this in advance, he won. But you can only make one prediction. It's really a gamble.


The minimum bet 1 euro. You can also use money with the game up to a maximum amount of 5,000 euros per game round. The highest attainable amount that you can win at BAC BO is 440,000 euros. You win this if you bet 5,000 euros on a tie and win with the number of eyes of two or twelve. To make a good prediction you can look at the statistics on the screen. Here you can see in percentages, among other things, how gambling is gambling for your turn. So how much use, how much banker use and how much player use. In the statistics you also see the results in percentages of the last fifty jars of Bac Bo.

These results can be relevant for the experienced BAC BO students, but they offer no guarantee. It remains a game of chance. Playing a tie does not happen that often and if you focus on this, your chances of winning are significantly small.

Pay out At Bac Bo

The payout has arranged Evolution Gaming differently than you are used to in the similar game Baccarat. With a tie (draw) you win at Baccarat 8: 1 and with player or banker-bet you win at Baccarat 1: 1. At Bac Bo the payments are slightly different. The difference is playing in the draw. If you bet on a TIE at BAC Bo and the result is a draw, your profit depends on the number of eyes. In twelve or two eyes the payment is 88: 1, in three or eleven eyes the payment is 25: 1, by four or ten eyes the payout is 10: 1, at five or nine eyes the payment is 6: 1 and at six Up to and including eight eyes, the payout is 4: 1.

The chance of a draw is very small, but if you are lucky and you have focused on Tie Bet then your win is also great. The average percentage of the payment is slightly lower at BAC Bo than with Baccarat and is 98.87 %. With Baccarat this is 98.95 %.

Where Bac Bo play

At various Legal online casinos in the Netherlands Can you play Bac Bo safely. Choosing a casino is something very personal for people. Almost every online casino works together with Evolution Gaming so there is a good chance that you can play at your favorite casino BAC bo Live. To help you on your way, you will find a row below with the leading online casinos where you can play BAC Bo from Evolution Gaming. These casinos have been extensively investigated and tested with money on safety. These reliable casinos are Bet365, Batavia Casino, Jack’s Casino, Bet City and Bingoal.


At Online Casino Bet365 you can play a game of Bac Bo from Evolution Gaming. Bet365 is an online gambling company that is located in the United Kingdom. Bet365 received a permit in 2021 from the American Gaming Authority for Online Gambling. Bet365 is one of the few gambling companies with a permit for online gambling in the Netherlands worldwide. This is because Bet365 is very well -regarded as a gambling company. It is a reliable company to work with.

At the time, the company made a smart move by withdrawing as an online casino in the Netherlands when they heard that foreign casinos would be fined if they offer their services to American players. So it pays if you adhere to the rules.


Another reliable digital casino where you can play the Gaming Bac Bo from Evolution Gaming is Kansino. Just like the other casinos that are recommended here, it has received a permit for legal gambling in the Netherlands from the American Gaming Authority in 2021. So at this casino you can go for legal online gambling. Kansino is part of the Maltese company Play North Ltd. After registration you can go here as a gambler for an online game Bac Bo or one of the many other games.

Jack’s Casino

At Jack’s Casino you can also go for this exciting game from Evolution Gaming. The parent company of Jack’s Casino is the American JVH Gaming. JVH Gaming is very well known and has several casinos hanging among him such as Flamingo Casino, Flash Casino and of course Jack’s Casino. In the Netherlands there are more than 80 gambling halls from JVH and is therefore one of the largest gambling companies in the country.

In 2021, Jack’s Casino received a permit from the American Gaming Authority to legally open their services to gamblers. At Jack’s Casino you can go for many online gambling games including BAC Bo. They are recognized reliable and safe.


You also play this digital game from Evolution Gaming safely, reliable and legally at BetCity. BetCity falls under the umbrella company Amsterdam. In 2021, BetCity received a permit from the American Gaming Authority to be allowed to offer their gambling games online. BetCity is a young company and in good hands of famous pioneers from the gambling companies world.

The owner is Mario Slingers and he is known that he is already running five other (offline) casinos in the Netherlands. His goal is to also conquer the online gambling world with BetCity. Slingers and its knowledgeable team want to literally hang the garlands with BetCity. They do this by adding extras to their online gambling games such as emotion, tension and excitement.