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The advertising of state participations American Lottery (which includes Toto) and Holland Casino must become "more reserved and less recruiting". On February 8, 2022, the House of Representatives took the motion to enforce that from ChristenUnie and SP.

Five days before the mood, Pieter Grinwis came from the ChristenUnie and SP'er Mahir Alkaya with the motion. The advertisements of Holland Casino and Toto must become less recruiting and the companies must be more reluctant. Because they are state participations, the minister must monitor the MPs for this.

It is typical that voting was made on 8 February 2022. On that day Dick Advocaat appeared as the newest King Toto. That day also came in the news that in January 2022 considerably less advertising online gambling companies could be seen.

The minister must now work to put the motion into practice. The advertisements of Holland Casino Online and Toto are already playing responsibly instead of their play offer.

  • Former footballer Nathan Rutjes can be seen in Toto's advertisement. While meditating, he calls on to keep your rest and play calmly. There are also the less soothing commercials of King Toto with different American celebrities.
  • Holland Casino has commercials with "now it will be exciting." As a counterpart, Holland Casino Ellie Lust uses. She advises "Live exciting, not reckless."

A direct object in the motion is the American lottery, parent company of Toto, but also of the Staatsloterij, Scratch cards and Lotto. The latter three are less risky games of chance. The motion therefore focuses specifically on subsidiaries with games with more risk, such as Toto.

The room,

heard the deliberation,

noting that the State Participations American Lottery and Holland Casino are committed to an advertising code, prepared by the gambling sector itself;

Whereas the Consumers' Association states that this advertising code does not sufficiently protect young people and other vulnerable consumers;

Whereas frequent gambling causes financial problems and a negative spiral of constantly unhealthy life;

In the run-up to the prohibition of non-focused advertisements for risky games of chance, in accordance with the adopted motion of Nispen (24 557, no. 186), requests that it will be hard for a more reluctant and less recruiting effort from its role as a shareholder By the State Participations American Lottery and Holland Casino, so that young people and other consumers are better protected against the dangers of gambling and gambling addiction,

And proceeds to the order of the day.


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