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Books are written full about the use of the right poker strategy. And you have to read as much as possible to find out everything about a strategy. But the use of a strategy is not the only thing you need to be able to do. You also have to use different things that do not fall under the strategic umbrella to win as much as possible.

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In this article we have described seven of the best tactics that you should use in addition to a poker strategy. By combining a good strategy with these seven tactics, you will have the opportunity to be among the absolute top. It is the things that make a difference between winning and losing.

Study your opponents

If you want to play well, you always have to study your opponents. See how they play and what they do in different situations. What do they do when they come into play when they increase and fold? The more you know about every opponent, the greater the chance that you can take profitable actions against them.

For example, you could notice that with a semi regular match a man who plays the same way with every hand he plays. He always calls when he plays, and he always goes along and always increases when he has a good hand. This is more a tendency to play than something else. We will return to this in more detail later in this article. If you don't look at how others play, you will know nothing about them.

Some players give signals about the strength of their hand. These are usually called Tells. While studying your opponents, see what these Tells look like and how they behave when they are involved in one hand. Do they act differently when they have a big hand or when they are bluffing?

Sometimes a single Tell can be the difference between a winning and a losing poker session.

Recognize patterns

Earlier we were talking about that quickly gives away his tells and characteristics. Imagine how profitable it would be if you had to play against him with that knowledge. He almost never bluff, so it's easy to play against him.

If you look at other players, pay attention to the trends they have. Some players tend to bluff too much. Other players only increase if they have a big start. And others never increase and try to fall in a fall.

The most difficult poker players to fight against are those who don't have real tells. They usually play straight ahead of poker, but they mix things enough to ensure that you will certainly not mislead them.

If you make things too much, of course you start making too much unprofitable plays, so you have to be careful.

Spend all your free time at the table studying your opponents and identify what kind of poker players they are. The more Tells you can recognize, the more ammunition you have to make profitable decisions in the future.

Control your emotions

The poker table is not a place for emotions. You can't afford to get too excited if you are doing well, or to get angry if things don't go well. If you let emotions come up during poker, it leads to mistakes.

Every time you make a mistake while playing poker, it can cost your money. Every time you feel emotions on the poker table, they recognize them and suppress them. If you can't handle your emotions, you have to stop playing until you have your emotions under control.

The most dangerous emotions can make you hit. And that almost always costs you money. Never take a poker decision if you are angry or frustrated. It can work a few times, but in the long term it will cause excess losses.

Learn first how you can win without bluffing

Bluffing is a precious thing that most losing poker players do too much. They get a kick if they win a pot without the best hand. They can even show other players when they win a big hand on a bluff. But if you bluff too often, you start losing money. Smart players who pay attention learn quickly that you are bluffing too much and you start calling more often.

Most losing poker players can improve their results if they just stop bluffing until they start to win more money. The man from the earlier example, it generally does not really do badly, because he uses if he has a good hand and is usually paid.

But the fact that he does not bluff is used against him. He has learned how to do reasonably well without bluffing. And if he occasionally adds a bluff, that would probably improve his game a little.

Learn how you can win without first bluffing. Once you have learned how to do this, you can start bluffing for a very small part of the time. Don't be tempted to bluff too much, because it is more expensive than never bluffing.

Position is important in poker

Position is one of the most misunderstood poker concepts that gamblers should know. There are few players who understand that position has something to do with winning, and even less use the position actually correctly when they play.

It takes a lot of time before the principle of positions can be put into practice. But as soon as this succeeds and knows how to use your position in the right way, that will certainly be visible directly in your results.

The chance that you fully understand the position after reading this short part is small, but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to find out more about it.

You must understand your position with regard to where the dealer button is located. The later your position at the table is, the more power you have when you play a poker hand. In other words, you can play more hands profitable if you are in a late position than when you are in early or middle position.

The reason that having a position is important is because you get more information before you have to make a decision. Other players must fit, use or increase before you have to decide what you are going to do. This is valuable information that can help you make more profit.

Play with the worst players you can find

This is not done by many poker players, but those who use it all make a profit. Let that sentence sink in. If everyone who applies this tactic makes a profit, don't you think you should use it too?

The starting point is simple; If you play poker against players who are worse than you, you make a win. If you play poker against players who are better than you, you lose money. This means that if you want to earn more money with poker, your bad poker has to look for players to play against.

Most poker players try to improve their game so that they can be better than their current opponents. This is a good idea, but they never think of replacing their current opponents with bad players.

Avoid doubtful situations

Some of the most profitable poker games that you can encounter are private games. These games are held in private homes or private clubs. In some cases you can also come across it in normal poker rooms and play online. However, it is usually easier to find bad poker players in home poker games than in a casino.

The problem is that when you play in private environments, the chance of being cheated or robbed increases. You must be very careful that you do not place yourself in bad situations.

A number of things are important to do and remember. First of all you have to find out as much as possible about where you play and who you play against. If you don't have a good feeling or a safe feeling, just don't play.

The next tip is to only take the minimum amount of money you need to play. Never take other valuables with you. If something goes wrong, then hopefully you will only lose your money.


If you want to become a profitable poker player, you must learn how to use strategy. And you have to learn how to use strategy better than most other players. But you also have to use a number of tactics that have nothing to do with strategy.

You can use the strategy or tactics separately, but it will be difficult to win money in this way. It is much smarter and more profitable to include both in your gameplay.

Neither the strategy nor the tactics mentioned on this page are easy to master. But all these things are worth the hang of it. It is the only way to maximize your profit by poker to play.