10 tips from the Gaming Authority to play safely online

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With the opening of the American Gaming Market, many people come into with online gambling for the first time. Good news that playing at an online casino is regulated, but there are risks involved.

The Gaming Authority warns the consumer of the dangers and has drawn up 10 points that you can think of if you decide to play online. Our advice is that at least you have to look for one American Casino With a license.

The tips of the KSA

  1. Do not use money immediately if you have received your wages. First pay all your bills, such as the rent or mortgage
  2. Determine in advance how much money and time you can spend on a game of chance. Before you play, set this as a play limit. Take a break regularly and stop when that money is used up or the time. Pin or do not collapse
  3. Remember that on average you ultimately lose more than you win. In the end "the house" always wins. Therefore stop if you have a profit
  4. Don't be influenced by advertisements, promotions or bonuses
  5. Always read the small print before you participate
  6. Never borrow money to play with. So do not use a credit card
  7. Profit or loss is almost always determined by chance or opportunity. Not through your insight or exercise. And certainly not because of superstition
  8. Let work, study and agreements with others lead beyond participation in games of chance
  9. Play for your pleasure or for fun, and not to win money
  10. Don't guess if you are angry, sad, lonely or bored. Or if you use alcohol or other stimulants

If it is no longer fun

If gambling takes you into trouble or you don't like it anymore, then it's time to stop. This can be difficult for some people. We therefore have a number of websites for you where you can seek help. It is also possible to register yourself at Cruks, the Central Register Exclusion Gambling.

Partners, friends or parents of someone who is struggling with and gambling addiction can also seek help with these authorities. They too can ask to register a player at Cruks.

  • Loket Gaming, here players and their families are helped with gambling problems. The care providers can be reached 24/7. This is free and can be anonymous.
  • HANDS, this institute offers (telephone) help twenty -four hours a day. It stands for Human Assistance Network for Daily Support.
  • Hervit, Hervitas is available for people with a gambling or game addiction. In addition, they also offer help for people who know someone in the immediate vicinity with a gambling addiction.
  • AGOG, Anonymous gamblers environment Gokkers offers free and anonymous help for everyone with a gambling addiction. They organize meetings all over the country and have no waiting lists.
  • Jellinek, Jellinek is one of the largest institutions in the Netherlands for care at addiction. They offer help with gambling problems and have a lot of information available.