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From the start that games of chance were on the market, it is aimed to get better at this. Gokkers want to know everything about the game and achieve profits. In addition, all gamblers is mainly about one thing: beating the house advantage.

With their knowledge of mathematics, Blackjack specialists ensured that a basic strategy was drawn up. As a result, the optimum decisions could always be made. On the other hand, the players were again closely monitoring and could predict what the opportunities were based on the open cards. These were the card counters.

Bee poker there were also enough developments. Poker players often have the gift of reading the opponents and gaining their benefits from this. However, with video poker this was no longer possible, but the assessment had to be based on the five cards that were first shared. For this, the expected value to make the decisions were again considered.


However, these skills cannot always be applied. Mostly roulette, that is just a game, does not have many basic strategies and skills. It is entirely based on happiness. At least, for most players this will be the case. Every individual twist ensures that the ball falls on a certain number. Only the most attentive players will discover a certain pattern in it.

By practicing as long as possible and using different programs you can find out that it is actually a misconception that roulette is only about stupid happiness. A player can indeed get control of the results at Roulette, if only work is done in the right way.

The article below therefore explains how you are getting better and better in roulette and in which ways you can win a profit.

Play roulette with the least house advantage

The roulette wheels all look the same in the first instance. Make here casinos Always clever use of. Various house benefits are applied, which are entirely based on the game that will be played. Consider, for example, adding a second zero to the American roulette wheel. As a result, the chances for the players were considerably reduced compared to the European roulette.

The roulette wheels with double zero and in addition the fields that are numbered up to and including 36 suddenly had an extra opportunity, so that the chance of a win went down. This wheel originated in the 17e century and caused a lot of opposition. Many gamblers agreed that it was unfair. At the same time there was no escaping. However, the European wheels won it in popularity.

The European roulette has only a zero, after which you can also use the colors, even or odd and low or high. In addition, the chance of a loss is 1 in 37. If you approach it mathematically, there is a house benefit of 2.70 percent. This house advantage only changes when an extra zero is added. In this case, the chance of a loss is almost doubled.

This American roulette wheel can be found especially in Las Vegas. This wheel is even one of the only options you have and it gives the casinos a lot of money. You may wonder why the other variants cannot be found at this place. This is actually very simple. The fewer players the other variants know, the more money can be in the cash register. In addition, there is no reason to offer the favorable variant, so that the house advantage can always remain high.

However, there are still locations where the European roulette wheels are included in the range. Only much higher bets apply here than with the other variants. Consider the use of 100 euros per turn. This can be a step too far for many players.

Increase the commitment for higher chances of winning

It sounds of course attractive. A house benefit of 2.70 percent is more fun than an advantage of 5.26 percent. Only this means that you can lose a large amount to the casino in the longer term.

The American roulette has added another option, so that the house advantage went down considerably. This is known as La Partage. You can see it as a discount. When you play the American roulette and end up the ball on the zero you get half of your bet back. For example, if you have used 10 euros, you will receive 5 euros back. These discounts have ensured that the house advantage comes to this wheel at 1.35 percent.

Use the players club card

The players club card of a casino is a good way to partly compensate for the losses. Roulette only has negative expectations, which means that you will suffer large losses in the longer term. However, it remains entertaining to play with it.

Because you are always dealing with the house advantage, no matter how high it will be, you will always go 1.35 euros out of 100 euros that you bet in the longer term. Thanks to a players' club card, this loss can be taken over again.

This is because fun promotions are regularly offered, so you will not spend any money on this. Consider, for example, free drinks, snacks or other extras. In some cases you will also receive a certain percentage of your bet on the card.

If you realize how much you can earn based on your players club card, you will never forget it again. In combination with a good strategy, you ensure that you will still have enough money to the casino in the longer term. Of course you will still lose money, but it can limit it somewhat. You therefore always have to deal with gambling at the casinos responsibly.

Don't drink while gambling

Of course, alcoholic drinks also belong to an evening out. Yet it is important that you will not do this in the casino during your time. It is therefore difficult to stick to this rule when you get started with roulette.

Cocktails can be tempting, but at the same time also ensure that you make a stupid move. If you sit down at a table drunk, you can set the clock to make a big loss. One error after the other lets you lose your money and the casinos only benefit from it.

In addition, stupid ideas can arise when you have drunk. Consider, for example, the use of all your money at Roulette. Ultimately, you will only regret it.

Set limits and stick to them

This is one of the most important factors to get better in roulette. You must have set limits before playing. You can set these limits for both losses and profits. In the short term you will mainly enjoy profits, but in the longer term, more and more losses are involved.

Therefore always set a limit to get as much as possible out of your budget. For example, if you take 20 euros to a casino you have to settle for a maximum profit of 200 euros. You can always set the limits on the basis of your own budget. Determine what you will be satisfied with and at which loss you run away at the casino.

Legal online casino

Nowadays you can also play roulette online. Make sure you go to one Legal Casino If you want to try your happiness on the internet. Here too you look for the games with the smallest house advantage. Also try to find a provider who gives you extra bonuses. By the Bonuses And the money you save by staying at home can already be used a lot for free.


Everyone can sometimes win at Roulette. This has also become one of the most popular games in the casino. There is little complexity and you don't have to have a lot of knowledge to sit down at a table. With only a few decisions you can already achieve a profit.

This way you can use your bets in different ways. Go for red or black, even or odd, high or low. It is precisely this simplicity that the game stays fun. With the rule that you get half back if the 0 falls, these are the best bets. Together with the club card and the good strategy such as keeping yourself on limits, you can reduce the house benefit far back.

Nevertheless, you should not be tempted to keep going. The house advantage remains, no matter how small, exist and in the long run this will come to the fore. You will at least enjoy your money for a long time and regularly take a small profit home.

Addicted gamblers often have an excuse that also costs money from eating an evening. If you stick to all the above rules, then it is not an excuse but truth that a dinner is probably more expensive.

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