You can play poker again in Holland Casino

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It was the last two years for the American poker players. In Holland Casino, no poker was offered two months and the players who could not miss the game played especially illegally.

Due to the announced termination of the Corona measures, it is again possible from 18 February to put a ticket in a branch of the only one Legal American Casino.

Illegality and abroad

The illegal poker tournaments in the eyes of the Act did good business during the Corona Pandemie. These tournaments have always attracted many players because Holland Casino with its exclusive rights does not offer the right games for every wallet. Normally these games are tolerated, but during the last 2 years many "illegal" games were rolled up. Normally it is difficult to hand out fines for this, but a corona fine was now quickly given.

In other countries such as the Czech Republic, they were not that strict and so many poker players traveled to Rosvadov. Here large tournaments are organized every month where you can have a lot of poker pleasure for a relatively small buy.

Holland Casino can take its responsibility more seriously

Now that the poker is allowed again, Holland Casino can offer it again for many favorite game. Unfortunately, the games offered are almost only cash games. These cash games are already difficult to beat because a 2/2 game 10% rake is stopped with a maximum of 10 euros. With the 2/4 that is 5% with a maximum of 20 euros.

If you compare this with Las Vegas where you lose a maximum of $ 5 per jar, then you understand that a lot is held off at HC.

Nijmegen and Eindhoven no longer offer a poker, where the explanation is that people just have to drive to Venlo.

If you have the exclusive right in a country to offer a game, then you have to take the responsibility to do this well. That means that you offer affordable tournaments every week in every location and a cash game with decent striking. Since this does not happen, many players continue to play home games.

Current tournament offer

Not much is yet known about tournaments. The weekly tournaments will start again in Rotterdam on 2 March. You can play a tournament there on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Saturday there was a Welcome Back Tournament in Breda that was sold out in no time. We hope that many branches will offer their weekly lies again and that many tournament series will be organized. According to Holland Casino, the reason that no tournaments are being organized at the locations is the lack of staff.

Cash offer Holland Casino

BranchTimeVariantBlindsMin. buy-inMax. buy-in
Holland Casino Amsterdam Center17:45Nlh€2/€2 $50€250
Holland Casino Breda18:00Nlh€2/€2 $50€400
Holland Casino Enschede18:00Nlh€2/€2 $50€400
Holland Casino Leeuwarden18:00Nlh€2/€2€50
Holland Casino Rotterdam18:00Nlh€2/€4 $150€1.000
Holland Casino Utrecht18:30Nlh€2/€2€50
18:30Nlh€2/€4 $150€1.000
Holland Casino Valkenburg18:00Nlh€2/€4 $150€1.000
Holland Casino Venlo18:00Nlh€2/€2€50