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Next winter, Qatar will be the backdrop for the football world championship. Like every edition, the playing cities attract particularly a lot of attention and tourism. Qatar expects by organizing this tournament to promote the region and the country for tourists. The five cities in which the tournament is finished are already Khawr, Lusail, Doha, Al Wakrah and Ar Rayyan.

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The American national team will complete its matches during the group stage in Doha, AR Rayyan and Al Khawr. For Louis van Gaal With the American manage to reach the knockout phase, the route to the Lusail Stadium in Lusail is played where the final is played.

Unlike, for example, the tournaments in Brazil and South Africa, where the Netherlands last participated in a world championship, traveling in Qatar will be reasonably limited. Qatar is a very small country. With an area of more than 11,600 km, it is slightly smaller than the entire Flemish region that covers more than 13,600 square kilometers.

The Netherlands had to travel 3100 kilometers between the match against Spain and Australia in 2014. Flying was then necessary since the route lasts 41 hours by bus. How different is that coming world championship where you will be in the other end of one two hours of one extreme. For fans who want to travel, this is of course ideal, so they can watch as many competitions as possible in the time they stay in Qatar.


All roads lead to Doha. In Qatar, the infrastructure is arranged in such a way that almost all major roads go towards the capital Doha. Doha has nearly 800,000 inhabitants and is therefore the largest city in Qatar. In terms of population in the complete area around Doha comparable to Kuwait City. Abu Dhabi is slightly larger but also often comes back in the comparisons.

The Netherlands will play the first game in Doha against Senegal. The game will be played in the Al Thumama Stadium. The Al Thumama Stadium is about twelve kilometers from the city center of the capital. It is a stone's throw from the border between the Provinciën Doha and Al Rayyan.

Al Khor

The coastal town of Al Khawr is located just under sixty kilometers north of the capital Doha. Al Khawr can also be referred to as Al Khor. It is of the larger cities in Qatar and has more than 30,000 inhabitants. Al Khawr is also the name of the surrounding province / region.

The residents mainly work in the oil and gas industry that has been won considerably since the 1970s. In addition, fishing in the coastal town is a large employer. During the World Championship, the Al Bayt Stadium will organize a number of competitions. One of the two semi -finals will be played here.


In addition to Doha, Lusail is one of the first cities for most Europeans to be mentioned when thought of Qatar. The city looks a bit like Dubai as land has been extracted from the sea and a pattern land is visible from the air. This piece of land is called The Pearl and is open in 2015. 45,000 Qataris have been living there for several years. The project was announced in 2004 and a more than decade later it was opened. Total costs amounted to 15 billion euros. Venice had to be simulated with a bridge and water system, there are hotels, shopping centers and recreational field.

In short, a tourist attraction for Qatar and the city of Lusail. The recently opened, 200 meter high and forty -storey hotel called De Katara Towers is also an architectural feat. For football we have to go to the Lusail Stadium that with a capacity of 80,000 is the largest stadium of this tournament. Argentina and Brazil play a few group matches there. There will be one quarterfinals one semi -final and the final final on December 18 will also be played in Lusail.

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The coastal town of Al Wakrah has a few tens of thousands of inhabitants. It is not a huge crowd puller or tourist attraction. During the world championship there will be played in the Al Wakrah Stadium that has a capacity of 20,000 spectators. For this tournament, however, the stadium has been thoroughly tackled and the capacity more than doubled. During a few group matches and one eighth final that will be played there, 40,777 people can watch the match.

Ar Rayyan

The last play city is Ar Rayyan. Although AR Rayyan is mentioned as a separate play city, it can be seen more as a suburb of Doha. In Ar Rayyan there will be played in the Education City Stadium. This sports complex offers 40,000 spectators a place during the competitions that will be finished here. A number of group matches, one eighth final and one quarter final will be played.

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