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The American national team is again present on it WK 2022 in Qatar. The Netherlands was regularly present in the history of the World Cup and it achieved second place three times.

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1930 Uruguay

The first world championship of all time was organized in 1930 by Uruguay. Many European countries, including the Netherlands, could not make the crossing to the other end of the world. As a result, the Netherlands did not participate in the invitation tournament.

1934 Italy

The tournament is organized in Italy. The Netherlands is participating in a final tournament for the first time. There were too few countries to hold a group stage, the first competition was immediately a knockout pot. This was played against USA. The American won the match 3-2. Smit and Vente took care of the American hits. The tournament unfortunately already ended after the first game.

1938 USA

In 1938 the Netherlands again plays on the main tournament. This time the event is being held in USA. The result is similar as four years earlier, the American go down with 0-3 against Czechoslovakia. However, the Netherlands held the 0 for ninety minutes. Extension had to be played and the Czechoslovaken unleashed it.

1950 Brazil

In 1950 it becomes an increasingly larger and Mondiale event, the European dominance falls back. In 1938, twelve European countries participated, that number shrinked to half in 1950. The Netherlands did not participate in the main tournament.

1954 USA

In 1954 the Netherlands did not participate in the qualifying tournament prior to the main tournament in USA.

1958 Sweden

Three years after the founding of the Eredivisie, and therefore a big step towards the professionalization of American football, the Orange did attempt. The Netherlands participated in the qualifying tournament and was divided into group 5 together with Austria and Luxembourg. The first game was played against Luxembourg. Cor van der Gijp soon made the 1-0 and 2-0. Luxembourg scored the 2-1 but saw 4-1 on the board after 90 minutes.

The Netherlands also took a 0-2 lead in the away match against Austria. Rapid JC Spits Noud van Melis scored both hits. However, it was the Austrians who scored three hits in the second half to completely turn the game. The second game against Luxembourg was easily ended with 5-2. Against Austria it ended 1-1 in Amsterdam. Not enough since Austria won her last game against Luxembourg and therefore won everything. The Netherlands lacked points to participate in the final tournament.

1962 Chili

In 1962 the Netherlands tried again, this time they ended up in a very strong qualifying pool. The Netherlands was unable to cope with the GDR and Hungary and the qualifying group was concluded with two points. Hungary, which had played a final twice before, went to Chile.

1966 England

For the championship in England, the Netherlands ended up in the qualifying pool with three opponents. USA, Northern Ireland and Albania were the opponents. The Netherlands only wins the two games against Albania. 2 points are caught from the remaining four games. Two games are lost. With this, the Netherlands ends in third position in the qualifying pool.

1970 Mexico

Just before the 1970s, American football flourishes. In '69, Ajax played the European Cup I Final and Feyenoord won the Cup with the big ears one year later. Yet it was not easy in the qualification tournament for the 1970 World Cup. The Netherlands was in the group with Bulgaria, Poland and Luxembourg. The first game was won 0-2 against Luxembourg. Willem Jansen and Willem van Hanegem took care of the goals. The second match the Netherlands fell 2-0 against Bulgaria.

The third game was again against Luxembourg and was won 4-0. Cruijff, Van Dijk and Pahlplatz (2 times) were the goal scorers. Van Polen was narrowly won in the 90th minute by the 1-0 of Roggeveen. It looked good. Four of the first five meetings were won. However, things went wrong in the mutual meeting with Poland in Chorzow. Henk Wery scored the 0-1, but the Netherlands eventually lost the match 2-1.

Bulgaria had won all matches until that point, so the decision should fall in a mutual meeting with the Netherlands. The points were divided and so the Netherlands ended behind Bulgaria, and later also Poland. The American national team led by Georg Kessler did not go to Mexico.

1974 West Germany

In 1974, the Netherlands is there with a star team. The qualification was closed with 10 points. As much as our Zuiderburen Belgium. The meetings between the Netherlands and Belgium ended in 0-0. The Netherlands had a goal difference of ten hits more than Belgium and was therefore allowed to travel to West Germany. Masses of American people traveled to the West German playing cities to see the American national team. In the group stage, Uruguay and Bulgaria were won. Only against Sweden was drawn.

This was followed by the second group stage. The Netherlands had to play against Brazil the GDR and Argentina. Very difficult competitions. The tone was set against Argentina. 4-0 was won. The Netherlands also quickly took the lead against the GDR, as well as against Argentina. Van East Germany was won 0-2. The same figures with which the Netherlands beat Brazil in the third competition. This third game could actually be seen as a small final.

The Netherlands and Brazil were both on 4 points, the winner went directly to the final. The loser had to settle for the consolation final. The Netherlands was faced with the other group winner in the final. Host country West Germany. Although the Netherlands already received a penalty after 2 minutes and came to 1-0 for all Oranjefans the end of this match.

1978 Argentina

Four years later, the Netherlands also has a strong team. There are a number of changes compared to the tournament in West Germany. Johan Cruijff was no longer an international in '78. He already indicated this before the tournament in Germany. The number 14 was opposed to the long stay in South America and had already experienced some incidents during the World Cup match of Ajax. At the age of 31, Cruijff put an end to it.

In addition, there was a change of trainers Michels surrendered to Knobel, followed by Zwartkruis. Ernst Happel was the coach for the main tournament. The Netherlands came in the group with Peru, Iran and Scotland. Iran was won 3-0. The match against Peru ended in the spectacle stand and the Orange squad went wrong against Scotland. The Netherlands had a better goal balance than the Scots, which allowed them to go to the second group stage.

In the second group stage, the Orange team faced Italy, West Germany and Austria. Austria was won. It ended 2-2 against Germany and it was also won against Italy. The Netherlands was in the final for the second tournament in a row. Orange again found the host country, this time Argentina. The Netherlands managed to drag out an extension but again had to pick up the silver medal.

1982 Spain

The Netherlands did not qualify for the 1982 tournament. The American national team ended up in the group with USA, Belgium, Ireland and Cyprus. This group turned out to be just a little bit too difficult. The Netherlands finished in fourth position behind USA, Belgium and Ireland.

1986 Mexico

A similar situation arose four years later during the 1986 World Championship that was organized in Mexico. The Netherlands did not know how to get through the qualifying pool with countries such as Cyprus, Austria and Hungary. The Netherlands had qualified as number two for the play-off competition. In it, the Orange affected our Zuiderburen Belgium. The American national team lost 1-0 in Belgium. The Netherlands won 2-1 in De Kuip. However, it was Grün's goal in the 85th minute that brought Belgium to the world champion. Belgium went to Mexico on output points. Belgium came to the consolation final, which was lost to USA.

1990 Italy

The Netherlands managed to qualify for the 1990 tournament. Rinus Michels led Orange to her first cup in 1988. The European Championship was won. After the European Championship, Thijs Libregts and later Nol de Ruiter took over. Leo Beenhakker was the designated coach for the 1990 tournament. During the tournament in Italy, Orange ended up in Group F together with Ireland, England and Egypt.

All three group matches ended in a draw. The Netherlands had exactly the same point total and goal difference as Ireland. The Netherlands joined the best third places and was allowed to participate in the knockout phase. West Germany was too strong in this and the Netherlands had to go home in the eighth final. West Germany will later become world champion at the expense of Argentina.

1994 United States

The Netherlands joined the countries that participated in the World Cup in America in '94. Again the Netherlands ended up in group F. Morocco, Belgium and Saudi Arabia are the opponents. The Netherlands wins from Morocco and Saudi Arabia, Belgium is being lost. Only Morocco ends at zero points, the other three teams win two games.

The Netherlands goes to the knockout. There will be Orange opposite Ireland in the eighth final. With 2-0 there is won, goals from Bergkamp and Jonk. Brazil follows in the quarterfinals. Bergkamp and Winter score two hits. However, the Orange cannot cope with Brazil, which later won her fourth world championship. The Netherlands lost 2-3.

1998 USA

The Netherlands was also present in 1998, it was the first time in history that the Netherlands managed to qualify for three tournaments in a row. Orange ended up in Group F together with South Korea, Mexico and Belgium. The opening match against the Belgians ended in a 0-0. From South Korea was won 5-0. And the last match against Mexico also ended in a draw. The Netherlands finished as a group head with five points. In the knockout, the Netherlands ran opposite Yugoslavia. There was 2-1 won.

In the quarterfinals, the Orange ran opposed Argentina. Kluivert opened the score but López soon made the equalizer. In the 89th minute Bergkamp managed to make the goal in which Jack van Gelder gave the iconic comment. With that goal, the Netherlands was assured of a place in the semi -final. This was played against Brazil. Ronaldo made the 1-0 for the Brazilians just after the break, but a goal from Kluivert in the 87th minute made an extension. This ended on penalties. Brazil took the longest after missing Cocu and Ronald de Boer. The consolation final was lost to Croatia.

2002 Japan and South Korea

The consolation final was therefore lost during the 1998 World Cup and the semi -final was reached at the European Championship of 2000. In 2002, however, the American national team was not present. In the qualifying pool, the Netherlands stumbled over Portugal and Ireland. In addition, the Netherlands played two more games. With twenty points from ten games, the Orange finished in third position in the group.

2006 Germany

The Netherlands qualified for the world championship in Germany. Orange was one of the first countries for sure of a ticket at the world championship. The Netherlands came to the main tournament in the group with Argentina, Serbia and Montenegro and Ivory Coast. With seven out of three (against Argentina it ended in 0-0), the Netherlands went to the knockout. There the Orange of Marco van Basten met Portugal. Maniche scored the only goal of the evening early in the game. The Netherlands was eliminated.

2010 South Africa

The Netherlands was again quickly qualified for the World Cup in 2010. The cards were shaken and Orange ended up in the group stage with Japan, Denmark and Cameroon. All competitions were won and the Netherlands ended up in the knockout. There, Slovakia, Brazil and Uruguay were successively defeated there to get into the final as an outsider. The opponent is Spain. The Netherlands was in its third World Cup final ever, unfortunately now also the Orange grabbed next to the title. With a worthy second place, the American national team said goodbye to South Africa.

Robben lacks the opportunity to give the Netherlands the lead

2014 Brazil

For the tournament in 2014, it was the second time that the Netherlands has qualified three times in a row for a world championship. However, the orange fever did not come out. According to many, the Netherlands had nothing to look for in Brazil. This changed after the opening match against Spain. This was taken to revenge on the lost World Cup final of four years earlier.

The Netherlands wins this match with excellent football and 5-1. The two other group competitions are also won. In the knockout, the Netherlands goes past Mexico, Costa Rica, and it is Argentina that hijacks a final place on penalties. The Netherlands plays the consolation final and wins it from host country Brazil.

2018 Russia

The Netherlands did not qualify for the tournament in Russia. After the tournament in 2014 and the missed European Championship in 2016, Oranje had an immensely many trainer changes in 2016, causing a fixed group and routine. The Netherlands was in the qualifying group together with USA, Sweden, White Russia, Bulgaria and Luxembourg. Oranje lost three games in the qualifying series. Van USA was lost twice and the Orange led a painful defeat against Bulgaria. Towards Sweden was drawn.