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Jack’s Casino has a new promotion for Blackjack players from 1 July. If you will get 4 aces shared in succession, then will receive no less than 10,000 euros!

If you are interested in this promotion, you'd better participate. Although the promotion runs until December 31, it will lapse immediately if the 4 or a child has fallen. The price of 10,000 euros will therefore only fall once.

You win this jackpot if you get 4-of-a-child aces shared. The 4 aces do not have to be of the same color. It is important that it has to be 4 aces in a row. Example: A-a-5-a-a is not valid. You only win with a-a-a.

So this is only possible if you get 2 aads shared. You can then purchase but you can also split. As long as the 4 aces are shared one after the other. Please note that this promotion is only valid on the American Blackjack tables in it Live Casino from Jack’s.

If you don't win the round because you buy yourself dead with AAAA-10-9, then you still win the jackpot. The nice thing about this promotion is that you don't have to place a side bet and that there is no minimal bet.

Further General Terms and Conditions 4 or A Kind Azen Jackpot

  • "Bet Behind" do not count for this promotion. With this you will not have a chance to win the jackpot.
  • The price will be paid out within 72 hours after the promotion.
  • You must be 24 years or older to be able to participate.
  • There are no play conditions with this the price.
  • If a game round is canceled as a result of a human or technical error, we will analyze the possible outcome of the game and the possible
    confirm jackpot win. This can be declared void the 72 -hour rule that is stated above.
  • Only players who have an active account without restrictions can participate in this promotion. You can be excluded from this promotion if there are restrictions on your account.
  • Jack’s Casino & Sports always retains the right to adjust or stop the promotion.
  • The bonus conditions apply.
  • The General Terms and Conditions of Jack’s Casino & Sports apply.

Jack’s is a legal online casino in the Netherlands

Jack’s has received a permit from the American Gaming Authority to offer online casino games. It Legal Casino In addition to the Live Casino, also offers another online games and slots. If you are not a casino man but more a sports bet, Jack’s also has an extensive sports section for this.

Creating an account at Jack’s only takes a few minutes. Depositing money is easy with iDeal. Because of the American license you can be sure that all games are fair. The American online casinos are strictly controlled.

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