Why you don't have to drink alcohol while gambling

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From the moment the first casino was opened, managers of casinos realized that alcohol plays a major role in the behavior that players show when they take a gamble. And that usually works out in favor of the casinos.

In a foreign casino you can usually drink free drinks and casinos operators would not be a bit of it to offer free drink if they could not get some benefit with it.

Many players, especially the players who have not played that often in it Casino, often have no idea what advantage they hand over by using the range to drink for free. The benefits for players are nil, especially when you consider that casinos earn big money from giving away free drink. In this article you can also read more about the disadvantages and benefits of using alcohol during your casino visit.

The positive effect of alcohol

Offering free alcohol provides many benefits for the casino. Even after all the costs for the drink have been settled, the casino has a pretty hefty profit. But this does not mean that there are no benefits for players at all. In some cases, drinking the free beers and wines is quite an advantage for some players.

Cautious players become a bit looser

Characteristic of playing a gambling game is that you bet a small amount to win a larger amount. But that concept is not always understood by everyone.

You probably know those players who refuse to double BlackJack When they get a five and a six. Or the player who does not play five coins, but four coins on the video poker machine. Players who are just a little too careful than is good for them.

Of course it is not wise to make too risky bets. After all, those who play too high and play too quickly will soon be through his or her bankroll. But you just have to do some bets and some risks are inevitable. Just as the too high bet is not wise, it is not smart not to double with 11 against a 6 on the Blackjacktafel. In both cases you are in most cases a thief of your own wallet.

One of the oldest and most effective way to let people play a little less stiff is by offering them a glass of beer or wine. With alcohol in your blood you dare to take a little more risk and some types of players can use that. Compare it to people who don't dare to address that nice girl or that handsome guy without alcohol, but suddenly turn into a true Casanova with some alcohol in the blood.

For some people, drinking alcohol can mean the difference between playing relaxed and too convulsive. For them, drinking a glass of alcohol can, if it happens in moderation, can be an advantage.

Alcohol helps doubters

Players who are too nervous are often recognized by the enormous long -term time they need to make an apparently simple decision. These players seem to be the expression "not about a night of ice sometimes take very literally. For other players, these people are sometimes a thorn in the eye, because they just get them out of their play. Alcohol is an excellent remedy to assist these types of players.

When you drink too much alcohol, one often loses the feeling of reality. People remember less and if one remembers certain things, they often don't quite beat. But whoever drinks one or two drinks simply does not become more than just a little looser in the way decisions are made. The questionable player will make his or her decision faster and that will usually be the decision that they had also taken after five minutes of thinking.

Alcohol destroys more than you love

Those who drink it more than just a few glasses of alcohol can notice at a good time that people are quite drunk. Too drunk to play even further.

Let's face it: casinos want to make a profit and every game has a house advantage that guarantees that this will happen in the long term. The casino donates free drink to keep players in the casino longer, making more profit.

Anyone who has been at the gaming table for a while and has lost bets in succession, can quite fall in their shoes. For some people, a few glasses of alcohol is a poor comfort. However, those who go too far with that may end up ladder and can simply no longer bet. There is a good chance that people stumulate to the exit and look for the way home.

It is not the way in which a casino visit should proceed and it does not go for most for most. But for some, the free drink can ensure that you leave the casino faster than you would normally have done.

Negative effects

Unfortunately, the benefits of drinking alcohol do not outweigh the many disadvantages that have the consuming of the free drinks in the casino. Below you will find an overview of a number of adverse consequences that drinking alcohol entails.

Natural instinct clouded

Those who drink alcohol in the casino will lose sight of certain things that are important than players who abstain from alcohol. One of the things that you are less sharp is the balance between your profits and losing.

Usually, players in the casino will carefully monitor the entire evening how much money they have won or lost. They usually do this by quickly counting their chips and making a addition or deductible. After all, everything is good you know how much you had in your pocket when you entered the casino.

But those who drink too much alcohol will first of all have his or her money less often. Those who have drunk a lot can even be convinced that they have more money in their pocket than is actually the case. And if one takes the trouble in between to count money, then that is often only done and not so much to determine how much one has won or (usually) lost.

Lose all your money

Those who are under the influence of alcohol often make decisions that are not entirely or not rational at all. It even happens that players use their complete bankroll in a game round. And then it is not unusual that they opt for a deployment option that will give them the most profit. However, these deployment options also offer the lowest opportunities, with the result that they lose all their money with just a single bet.

Those who are heavily under the influence of alcohol are not sure what he or she is doing. Even if people already have some idea what people are doing, emotions that are not good for your bankroll will play. For example, you become reckless and you think you can beat the whole world, including the casino. In some cases these feelings are accompanied by aggressive or simply very disturbing behavior.

Alcohol ensures that you make decisions less quickly and make a lot of more impulsive decisions. In the casino, these are often exactly the wrong decisions, so you will just lose a lot of money.

Alcohol online casinos

From October 2021 it is also possible in the Netherlands to take a chance at home from your lazy chair Legal online casino. In addition to the many benefits of playing online, there are also some disadvantages. The combination of alcohol and gambling is one of them.

If you drink too much at home, you might lose control of yourself and with a few clicks you deposit a lot of money on your online casino account. Certainly if you are alone and nobody can correct you, online gambling with too much alcohol is dangerous.


Alcohol and casinos go hand in hand. That is because the casino has a house advantage that ensures the profit of the casino. But the house advantage only works when players continue to play as long as possible. Free drink ensures in the first place that people feel comfortable and players also play a little looser and less rational.

You will never see professional players drink alcohol, not even a single glass. They know that whoever hits the alcohol is doomed to lose faster or more. Anyone who wants to deal with his or her bankroll economically and want to enjoy the play money for a long time, would be wise to leave the alcohol completely.