Which songs score best at Roulette?

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It is of course very interesting to know if there are songs that fall more often than other songs. The same applies to black or red. In the past it happened more often that certain songs fell at Roulette more often. That was caused by a technical problem, such as not being level of the table, or that the ball was not completely round.

Nowadays this is no longer so common. The techniques that come to look at the roulette table are getting better and more inventive. Or are there a number of songs that fall slightly more often than other songs?

Biased wheel

In the 80s and '90s it was sometimes possible to beat the house with roulette. By properly observing the wheels, people found out that a certain wheel showed a deviation. With this wheel, certain numbers fell more often than other songs. A cause was often that the wheel was not completely level.

Before they found out that it was a biased wheel, they first had to observe the wheel long and well. You have to think of at least 1,000 spins before it strikes that something is wrong with this wheel. For the real gambling enthusiasts this was definitely worth it, because you finally knew which songs fell more often at that roulette table. And so you had found a way to beat the house.


Nowadays you will no longer find such a biased wheel in the casino. The physical wheels are under strict control and thanks to RNG-software You can no longer beat the house in this way. RNG stands for Random Number Generator.

This software is used by casinos to get the random possible result. The digital roulette games also run on RNG software. Here too the result is always random and you cannot draw on it.

Hot numbers

Hot Numbers are numbers that fall most often. You would think that if you bet on a hot number that your chance of winning will also increase. But that's not true. On a monitor of the casino you often see the last 100 turns. The casino shows the hot numbers of the latter 100 speeches. So those are the songs that have fallen most often in the latter 100 censuses.

It says very little about the songs that are still going to fall. Yet people often focus on these hot numbers. But it gives no guarantee that you will actually win on these hot numbers.

cold numbers

If there are hot numbers to be named, then there are also Cold Numbers. Those are the songs that have yielded much less profit in the last 100. You have players who don't bet on these cold number. But there are also people who are focusing on it, because they think that those songs have fallen so little, that the chance that one of these songs will fall in the next round is greater. That is of course not the case, but this line of thought is often made by people.

Are there songs that fall more often than average with roulette?

In principle, every song has the same chance to fall. With every twist, the chance for every song is just as great to fall. Yet you often see songs that are more often chosen by people and also songs that are avoided more often. Players have a good feeling with this song, or a bad feeling. That feeling is not based on the fact that these numbers actually fall more often or fall less often.

With every spider the chance that the ball falls on a number is always 1 in 37. If you guess on red/black, odd/even or high/low, the chance that you will win is almost 50 percent. The chance that you lose is always slightly larger. That's because the number 0 is the only number a green color. The casino is therefore always in favor.

The popular songs at Roulette

Often people at Roulette opt for their favorite number, wedding date, birthday, birth. And there are also certain songs that are avoided by many people. The number 7 is very popular in Europe. For many Europeans, this is a lucky number and they often focus on this in the Roulette game.

The number 17 is also very popular. This number is exactly in the middle of the roulette table. This allows you to think that the chance is greater that the ball will end in this place. Another reason is that James Bond won three times in a row with number 17. Many players therefore focus on number 17.

The numbers 23 and 24 are also very popular with the roulette players. The songs are close to each other and research has shown that the average player is the first to see these two songs when he or she takes a first look at the wheel.

Less popular songs

In addition to the popular songs, there are also less popular songs to be discovered among the roulette players. Those are the numbers 0, 13 and 34. The zero is avoided by many players. That is probably because the zero is at the very front of the series with songs, but perhaps even more because the zero is the only number a green color. Number 13 is of course known as the accident number. This is the least popular song with the roulette worldwide. And why number 34 is often not chosen is not clear. Perhaps it is because of the position on the wheel and table.

Strategies to increase your chances of winning at Roulette

There is no way to be able to predict on which number the ball will fall. There are different strategies that you can use to increase the chance that you win. It is always wise to use a strategy if you decide to play roulette. The three most popular strategies are:

1. Effective Bankroll Management

2. The AldertE-Systeem

3. Martingale system

4. Fibonacci

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How does the strategy effective Bankroll Management work

This strategy is used a lot at Roulette. And almost all other strategies are based on this. The operation is as follows. Before you start playing, you first determine what you spend budget. You then determine how you can divide this budget into separate moves.

By applying this strategy to your roulette game you can calculate how much money is available to possibly lose without this being painful. You also take this strategy into account the time you want to spend on it. So you also determine your playing pleasure that you want to experience at least.

How does the D’Alembert system strategy work

With this system you place a 50/50-Bet. You can go for red or black, or on an even or odd number. But you can also use this system if you bet on a number in a low series (1-18), or a number from a high series (19-36). This strategy is suitable for all bets where you have a chance of winning of around 50 percent.

This d’Alembert strategy has a negative progressive system as the starting point. Hereby you increase your bet every time you lose. As long as you lose you always increase your bet with the same amount. As soon as you win, you lower the bet with the same amount.

How does the strategy of the Martingale system work

With this strategy you focus on the 50% opportunities, such as red or black. You choose your start deployment. After every loss round you double your bet. If you win, you will start again with the start deployment that you initially chose. As long as you win, you keep playing on your original start. If you lose one after the other, you always have to double your bet to prevent loss. With these risky Martingale strategy In theory you can certainly make a profit. But in practice it can happen that you continue to lose, so that you can encounter table limits.

Important difference between D’Alembert and Martingale system

The D’Alembert system and the Martingale system are similar. Yet there is indeed a difference between these two systems. The increases at the D’Alembert system are less extreme than with the Martingale system. With the latter you always doubles your bet in the event of loss and with the first you increase your bet with a certain amount in the event of a loss. That can therefore be less than doubling. The risk that you run into a table limit is therefore smaller with the D’Alembert system.

The big advantage of this system compared to the martingal system is that the D’Alembert system is much less extreme. Both systems are progressive, but with the D’Alembert system, the bet in the event of a loss increases much less strongly. But on the other hand, your loss can also rise considerably with this system.

How does the Fibonacci strategy work?

The Fibonacci strategy is similar to the Martingale system. The Italian mathematician Fibonacci lived around the year 1200. At that time Roulette did not exist yet. He discovered a special series of numbers. This starts with 1 and 1. And then each number is the sum of the two numbers for it. So: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597 et cetera. If you apply this strategy to roulette, you use according to this series.

You use 50/50 bets and if you lose, you increase your bet according to this series. With a win, you start a new series. This is also a strategy that sends the height of your bet. It is not a strategy that helps you to win. You do not influence the outcome of the game with this strategy.

How does the Labouchère strategy work

This world -famous strategy is one with a mathematical impact. This system is also called Split Martingale or cancellation system. It is a relatively complicated strategy. With this strategy you assume that you can recover your losses with several small profits. It is a negative progressive wed system. It looks like the Martingale system. Only you assume that you can restore your loss with a big profit. So this is about small profits.

You determine in advance and the profit that you want to achieve. And it is wise to determine in advance how much you want to lose. This strategy can also only be used if the chance that you will win is around 50 percent. So with Roulette you can use this strategy if you bet on red/black, even/odd, low/high.

How do you use the Labouchère strategy in practice

First, you determine the profit that you want to achieve. Suppose it is 36 euros. Then you write down a series of numbers that added 36 forms. This could be the following series, for example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. This is 36. Another series is also possible, if the sum of the series of numbers is only 36. It is wise to write your series of numbers on a piece of paper. When you start the game, the height of your very first bet is the sum of the first and the last number of your series. In this example that is 1+8 = 9. You can then lose or win.

  • In the event of loss

Suppose you lose, then you have to add a number at the end of your number series. And the number that you add is equal to the amount you have lost. You determine your next bet again by adding the first and the last number together. Now that is 1+9 = 10. If you lose again, you have to add the number 10 to your number series. Your next bet will then be 11.

  • In case of profit

Suppose you win the first round, then you win 9 euros. Then you can cross the outer two numbers of your series. That is then the 1 and the 8. Your second bet is also nine, namely the sum of 2 and 7. Do you win again? Then your next bet is 3+6 = 9. If you win all the rounds, you have achieved your target win, namely 36 euros. You can then play again with the same series of numbers, or with a new series.

It is a complicated strategy and you must have a plan before you play and know how much profit you want to make. Even with this strategy you have no guarantee that you will win.

Does following a strategy increase your chances of winning?

Strategies to play roulette don't increase your chances of winning. What they do is send the height of your bet. By playing according to one of these methods, you prevent you from panicking in the event of loss. Or that you are going to use too much with a profit. You keep control of the height of your bet. These types of systems do not affect the game. Your chance to win is just as great with strategy as without a strategy.

If you play roulette you have to realize that the casino has a house advantage. That is because of the zero. If you apply one of these 50/50 strategies, then you will always lose your bet when the ball comes to zero. That is a chance of 1 in 37. You will then lose your bet and the casino wins. That cannot be changed with any strategy.

Trust in fate

A few years ago, Holland Casino released its roulette statistics. From this you could draw the conclusion that if you want to win with roulette, you have to bet on 26. And you have to avoid the number 35. In the year that these statistics were released, the ball was most often number 26 cases and the least at number 35. It also emerged that the ball fell slightly more often than red. Whether you can draw conclusions from this has not been proven. Yet after that there have been a lot of people who still trusted fate. More was used at number 26 and less at number 35.

Play with your lucky number

Research has also revealed that around 70 percent of the roulette players, this game plays with a lucky number. It turned out that number 11 was the most popular happiness number on the roulette wheel. The numbers 7.17, 23 and 24 are also often used. But there is no evidence that this number actually falls more often. Players who do not use a strategy often play from their gut feeling. They choose a number that feels good.

Can you predict the songs at Roulette?

Unfortunately, no one has yet succeeded in predicting the outcome of Roulette. If a wheel is not properly adjusted, then you can call something about the chance that certain numbers will fall. But nowadays, incorrectly adjusting a wheel is actually no longer possible.

Roulette is a game of chance and you never know what the outcome is. Every round is the chance that the ball falls on a determined number. If the ball fell at number 6 in the final round. Then in the rounds you have the same chance that the ball will be number 6. Everything is possible again at every spider.