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You don't just make a good advertisement. There are therefore many rules attached before an advertisement can be shown to the public. In this way there is always a certain audience for which the advertisement is made and the images must be tailor -made for this. A good advertisement contains many elements that are perfectly matched.

Certainly around casinos there are strict conditions associated with offering gambling advertisements. Young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to gamble, so it is important that the advertisements are offered to the right audience. Complaints are checked for this before they are exposed to the public.

New law

Since October 1, 2021, the legislation has been around Legal casinos amended. This has brought about a big change, because from that day it was legal to gamble online from now on. This was a big step for many and it is not surprising that there were many questions.

For many gamblers and companies it was not yet entirely clear what exactly was allowed and not, because despite the fact that online gambling was legalized, there was very strict checks. After the Gambling Act or distance in October of the year 2021, many questions about advertisements about gambling games remained.


Of Gaming authority Is the organization that checks everything when it comes to gambling and casinos. They therefore issue the permits and strictly regulate what is and is not allowed at an online casino. There are many conditions that must be met before an online casino can open its doors and offer games to gambling enthusiasts.

The Gaming Authority therefore provides more clarity about what exactly may and may not be made in the field of advertisements. The regulator of the KSA realizes that there are still enough questions unanswered. The KSA therefore refers to three separate articles in which everything is clearly explained. After reading this, according to the KSA, there should be no more questions.

It concerns the articles "Additional requirements advertising", "reach of your role model among young people" and "Does not focus on vulnerable groups". In these articles you will find answers to, among other things, two questions that are often asked. This way you find out which groups there may be no advertising or on which groups are. In addition, something is also explained about the use of athletes as a signboard.

Additional requirements advertising

Since 1 April 2021, additional rules have been introduced around making gambling advertisements towards the American public. This was not an April-April joke, but from that date it was also confirmed that 1 October of the same year could be gambled legally online. A number of extra requirements were then imposed to be able to regulate and check it as much as possible so that as few illegal practices as possible would arise.

This is the additional requirements specifically aimed at advertisements, not on gambling itself. First of all, no use is made of personal data. This rule speaks for itself, but is important to be mentioned. Everything must therefore remain anonymous and important personal information should not be mentioned.

Furthermore, an important point is that no well -known professional athletes or well -known teams consisting of professional athletes can be depicted in commercials. The Staatsloterij got a slap on the fingers for this, because their advertisements contained images of Wim Kieft, Marco van Basten and Orange internationals Davy Klaassen and Denzel Dumfries. These athletes are, among other things, popular with the younger audience and that was why it was important that they were immediately taken out of advertising.

The previous point is very related to the next point. There may be no role models that are younger than 25 years old in a gambling advertising. Even if this role model has a substantial reach among young people, he or she may not occur in advertising. Young adults then get the impression that the behavior shown is also desired behavior; After all, their idols participate.

Risk of young adults

Often the risks are looked at, so that young adults do not realize what the pros and cons are. Young people may also feel addressed when their favorite athlete participates in the commercial and are then encouraged to also start gambling, while this is forbidden under the age of 18.

A simple point, but worth mentioning, is that advertisements that promote gambling may only be shown after 19:00 (general) and before 6:00. During the day you will not encounter gambling advertisements on television. This restriction has been created to prevent young people from being exposed to such advertisements.

The last point of this article explains that no advertising may be made in games or on websites where other games are offered. A playmaker is therefore not allowed to advertise another game within their own game. This is forbidden and it will be ensured that this is not happening.

Extra requirements for commercials about remote games of chance

A online casinoo needs a permit to be able to offer remote games of chance. There are then additional rules to be able to advertise about offering online gambling games. Do you want to promote your services as an online casino? Then pay close attention to the restrictions and obligations that you must meet. This prevents a lot of hassle and fines.

First of all you will have to adjust the advertising that you want to offer to the outcome of a mandatory risk analysis. You also adjust the advertising to a self-carried out addiction and prevention policy. To be able to offer services legally as an online casino, the casino must have a policy stating how things are dealt with in the field of gambling. The advertising will have to be adjusted to this, so that the two do not contradict each other.

No advertising aimed at adults between 18 and 24 years old

In addition, it is forbidden to focus commercials on young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. It is then legal to participate in gambling activities, but young adults remain extra susceptible to gambling addiction compared to the elderly. That is why it is important that an advertisement is not specifically aimed at that target group. This is because abuse is taken of the perhaps naivety of young people. The American lottery did advertise on the Girlscene website that focuses on younger women. This also had a high fine.

At the previous point it is also that advertisements should not be focused on specifically those persons who have excluded themselves from participating in gambling activities. For example, it may be about those who have had a gambling addiction in the past and therefore completely stopped gambling. They may not be addressed directly in advertisements. Like young people, they are very susceptible to get a gambling addiction and fall back in it. The commercials must therefore focus on a more general audience.

Another point that is also related to the previous one is that advertisements should not be combined with expressions about addiction prevention. A advertisement shown by an online casino should therefore not contain specific cries about such addiction prevention.

Bonuses and gambling advertisements

Online casinos often offer Bonuses To stimulate new players to come and play with them. Often these bonuses consist of free spins or extra dice throws or something similar. With this, players are enthusiastic and hope online casinos that they will be chosen. An obligation that is set for this is that online casinos must inform clearly and fully about these bonuses. It must be clear to players when the bonuses apply and how they can be used.

It is tempting to advertise for an online casino during sports competitions, horse racing or hard tracks. Often these activities are used and there is a good chance that the public consists part of casino enthusiasts. However, making advertising during these activities is prohibited. So during your favorite sports competition you will not find an advertisement for an online casino. Incidentally, on billboards.

When may no advertisement be broadcast?

Furthermore, an important point is that no advertising may be broadcast between certain times, both on radio and on television. This point is also mentioned when it comes to advertisements that focus on gambling in general, but the time at which commercials about remote games of chance may be broadcast is something else. These may not be broadcast between 6:00 and 21:00. General gambling advertisements are no longer forbidden from 19:00, but advertisements about remote games of chance until 21:00.

As an online casino you therefore need a permit to be able to offer services such as games of chance. Advertising may be made for this, but it is strictly forbidden to advertise for other services for which no permit has been issued. The advertisement may therefore only be about the goods or services that can be legally offered by the relevant casino.

Has the online casino not yet obtained a permit for offering online games of chance? Then no advertising may be made at all. It then falls under a service that cannot yet be offered legally.

Furthermore, the information that a player receives about playing behavior should not contain any advertising. Gokkers are often informed about the boundaries when gambling, such as profits, payouts and deployment options. No advertisement may be made by the online casino that is about remote games of chance.

Reach of role models among young people

Role models are therefore not allowed to take a role in advertising that promotes games of chance. The substantial reach among young adults is an important point that further explains the gambling authority.

It is therefore mentioned that casinos that offer games of chance must consider what this substantial reach is. This must be between 25% and 30% according to the Gaming Authority. This is determined by the provider of the games of chance. The Gaming Authority assumes that permit holders handle the protection of the players with care and in particular the protection of vulnerable bars such as young people or gambling addicts. This protection must be put central before an advertisement can be shown.

Furthermore, a provider of games of chance is obliged to determine the reach of the role model. This reach must be investigated before an advertisement with this role model can be shown. From the moment that the role model can be seen in advertisements, the collaboration was definitively started.

This range can be determined by conducting thorough research into the role model. This way all media channels can be checked such as social media, TV, radio and interviews. This list can be supplemented with any medium where the role model can be heard or seen. The results of this research must be current and a representative reflection of the reach of the role model at the start of the cooperation. An advertisement that will be used later will still have to be satisfactory. The previously conducted research will still have to be representative.

Does not focus commercials on vulnerable groups

The last article that the Gaming Authority refers to is that where the focus is on focusing on vulnerable groups. More specifically, it is about the fact that this should not be done. This mainly means young people and young adults. According to the Gaming Authority, it is certainly not the intention that they will see the commercials about games of chance.

You can pay attention to an advertisement on various elements and what it focuses on. First of all, the content is an important aspect to pay attention to. Furthermore, the medium on which advertising is made is important, such as television, radio and social media. In addition, the time of broadcasting the advertising is also an important point to take into account.

For example, no commercials about games of chance may be broadcast during programs that are often watched by young people. Platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat must also be avoided because many young people use these platforms.

Limit risk yourself

It is therefore expected from providers of games of chance with a permit that they themselves can limit the risks as much as possible. For example, it can be chosen to only focus commercials on people over a certain age that can be determined themselves. In this way young people and young adults are avoided as much as possible. In addition, agreements can be made with all those involved about expressions and what the advertisement wants to focus on. In this way agreements can ensure that the risks are limited as much as possible. These rules must then be maintained.

The most important thing is that a provider of games of chance does everything to reach the right audience. It is almost impossible to ensure that no young adult will see the advertisement, but much can be done to prevent this as much as possible. This can therefore be done by avoiding specific platforms and only broadcasting advertisements after certain times.