What are "Reel Adventure" slots?

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Innovation keeps online slots exciting and interesting. Developers try new ideas and features to offer players somewhat challenging.

Big Time Gaming (BTG) has done better work in innovating in recent years than any developer. They have produced the megaways engine and continue to reap the benefits of this invention. In addition to Megaways, BTG has also produced the Reel Adventure concept. The latter combines Megaways slots with narrative elements to create a revolutionary concept.

In this article you can read more about Reel Adventure slots. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new concept. Finally, we look at whether this concept will completely conquer the gambling world.

How do the Reel Adventure slots work?

A reel adventure slot has a small window under the rolls. This window shows an adventure that further developed while playing.

While you win, your adventurer goes ahead and collects items. These items help you to go up a level and to make opportunities on better prices. Once you have collected enough items, you have two options:

  • Take the offered bonus, after which you start again at level 1
  • Let the bonus shoot and continue to a higher level.

These choices force you to decide between taking profits in the short term or playing for larger prices later in the game. If you choose the latter, you play with a higher volatility and higher bonuses.

The most important thing is that Reel Adventure slots contain a story aspect. Something that exists on few other slot machine. The concept that we have seen closest to BTG's Reel Adventure are the I-Slots of Rival Gaming.

These games also tell a story while you continue to play a slot machine and activate bonuses. However, I-Slots do not contain dynamic animations such as the Reel Adventure mechanism.

Holy Diver - The only Reel Adventure slot machine

If you have never encountered a reel adventure slot machine, then that is not strange. There are not much of these slots yet. In fact, the BTGs Holy Diver is the only slot machine that meets all the characteristics of a Reel Adventure slot machine.

Holy Diver, released in 2019, is a Megaways gemkast with six roles that offers between 64 and 117,649 ways to win a prize. The exact number of winning manners depends on the number of symbols that fall on a role. This differs per turn.

The more symbols are on every role, the more ways you have to make a winning combination. If all six roles contain seven symbols, you unlock the maximum of 117,649 ways. Megaways slots like these are nothing new. BTG has been producing these types of games for a number of years.

The unique aspect is the Reel Adventure mechanism. The screen under the roles shows a knight who pulls over roads and through dungeons while playing. Every time you let the roles run, the knight moves the path to treasure chests. He collects precious stones and activates random functions by opening the boxes.

You can go up a level if you have collected enough precious stones. Again, you can choose a bonus at the end of a phase or continue to the next level. Here are the different ways in which you can unlock in any level via the bonuses:

  • Level 1 - to 117,649 ways
  • Level 2 - up to 396,900 ways (2x multiplied)
  • Level 3 - up to 586,971 ways (3x multiplier)

Perhaps especially you want to get a lot of bonuses by always accepting the feature at the end of level 1. Or you can keep it up and go for higher prices in level 2 or level 3.

Will there be more Reel Adventure slots?

At the time of this message, Big Time Gaming has not yet released information about upcoming Reel Adventure games. That is why it is not really clear whether more of these slots will be released.

What is clear is that the Holy Diver is an absolute hit since the release. Both critics and players enjoy the detailed adventure themes and many other features. What is very striking is that the Holy Diver is pretty confusing in the beginning. It contains a complex auxiliary screen that you really have to understand. Once that has succeeded, you will absolutely enjoy playing on this slot machine.

It is therefore very likely that BTG works on another Reel Adventure slot or has plans to do that. This concept is the perfect way to bring their megaways format even further.

Advantages of Reel Adventure slots

Holy Diver is currently the only available real Reel Adventure gambling. But it has already shown several benefits that can offer these types of slots.

  • Something new in the world of slots
    You may be a bit bored with falling symbols, 243 ways or even the Megaways win mechanism. Reel Adventure offers something completely new that cannot be compared with another feature. The slot machine offers even more entertainment than just turning the roles. You get to see an adventure while you play on a slot machine and collect certain items.

In Holy Diver, for example, your knight starts on country roads. He gradually advanced to dark dungeons, where he fights against deadly witch masters.

I can only imagine that Big Time Gaming will be in the making if they continue to produce these slots.

  • Detailed storyline
    Most slots have a theme that tells a vague story. For example, you can play a fairy tale game with symbols who represent a prince trying to save a princess.

Not much Slots really show you how the story works. With most you will have to use your imagination yourself. Reel Adventure leaves nothing to the imagination. Instead, physically tells a story while you are playing.

  • Offers various features
    The Reel Adventure Concept is not only based on a good story. It also offers just as many features as any other type of online slot machine.

Holy Diver, for example, changes ordinary symbols to Wilds, Stacked Wilds, multipliers and free spins. This slot machine also has the Megaways win mechanism and gives you the opportunity to go up a level.


You can see that the Reel Adventure concept offers something totally new that is not available in other slots. But like every groundbreaking idea, it also entails remarkable disadvantages.

  • More complex slot machine
    Most fruit machines are simple games. You adjust your deployment options and let the rolls run. You pay no attention at all to learning the game, because this is not necessary.

This works differently at Reel Adventure-Slots. You have to invest some time to learn how the features work. Of course you can always play without studying the features. In that case you will be regularly surprised.

  • The auxiliary screen is essential
    Chances are that you will not pick up the intricacies of a Reel Adventure slot immediately. The challenge is to browse more than a dozen pages and to determine how leveling and the various features work. That will make it a challenge for many players. Some will probably not do this and ignore the game.
  • Waiting for better bonuses
    The disadvantage of pursuing the next level is that you leave bonuses on the table. You increase volatility every time you reject a bonus and continue to the next level.

Of course you can bear patience as you get higher and unlocks more ways to win. But you will occasionally wish that you can get free spins at the same time and increase a level.


Reel Adventure gotters tell a detailed story and offer the Megaways win mechanism. You will also find a large number of special features. This combination makes the slot machine absolutely unique of its kind.

BTG may be busy with their next hit concept with Reel Adventure. The Holy Diver is just a taste of what they probably have in store.

Holy Diver takes you on an epic search where you have to find treasures and save the world from malignant witch masters. Along the way you get different bonuses and you get the chance to increase levels. Reel Adventure brings something really new to the game industry.

Before you grab the chance to play these games, you must also take into account the possible disadvantages. Reel Adventure increases the complexity of slots and requires that you spend more time on help screens. In addition, it takes a long time before you can finally expect a size bonus.

But the benefits weigh absolutely heavier than the disadvantages. You should definitely try the Holy Diver and any other future Reel Adventure slots.