What are good slots to play?

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Slots provide the biggest income from a casino. Even more than the table games generally start to deliver. However, what is good for the casino is not good for your own wallet. After all, it means that you will lose a lot of money.

It is therefore often recommended to Slots To avoid in its entirety and look towards the table games. You are expected to lose much less money with the table games than with the slots. However, there are enough people who want to chase the jackpot. These players often risk a small amount for something that may change a lifetime.

If you want this too, it's good to keep some tips in mind. This way you always have to find a slot machine with a high efficiency. You should also not be misled by the so -called cheap slots. These games may be cheap, but to compete for the good amounts of money, you have to use in many lines at the same time. This will use more than one euro cents per round. It is impossible to play with a eurocent in the casino.

You soon have to use a euro or more to get the profits. However, a euro is still cheaper than when you start at the table games. If you want to prepare yourself well, it is wise to first view the rules of the slot machines. You can therefore see what the reimbursement percentage will be. The slots that you don't have to use in generally also have a much lower payment percentage.

This does not mean that you have to start a lot of money on a slot machine, but you have to keep it interesting for yourself. You can also lose a lot in the longer term. You therefore have to determine how much money you will ultimately put in the machine. The casino will always achieve an advantage in the longer term.

Old school thinking

The new a slot machine, the more you can expect from it. All these bells and whistles ensure that a price will appear. At the same time, it will always entail a lower reimbursement percentage.

With the old -fashioned slots you have three mechanical roles. You win when three symbols are turned on a line. This is always about the centerline. A modern slot machine is always equipped with five rolls, with several paylines available. The symbols can also unlock extra bonus games. The bonus games in particular will be able to bring fun profits. However, the chance that you can play this round or enjoy a win is minimal.

The modern slots therefore always come with a much lower reimbursement percentage than the classic slots. These may seem boring in the first instance, so you can earn more from it.

A static jackpot instead of progressive

Many gamblers are familiar with the functioning of the progressive jackpots. The game keeps track of how high the jackpot has risen. The more players focus on the game or one of the other machines that are connected to it, the higher the final amount of money will be.

The progressive slots can ultimately have been so high that the repayment rate comes to 100 percent. However, the problem starts here. The chance to win the jackpot is so low that you are not actually going to have a chance. This also makes the expected value of the game irrelevant.

You could therefore say that the chance that you will be hit by lightning is greater than winning a life -changing amount in the casino. At the same time, the jackpot continues to grow because a small part of every bet is put in the pot. This also comes from the reimbursement percentage of the game.

Static jackpots, on the other hand, have a ceiling. The amount of money to be won has already been established and will not change over time. In most cases this amount is 1000 or 2000 for 1. As a result, you will win an amount much more often on the slot machine than when you play with a progressive jackpot.

Careful with online slots

Casinos always have their own reimbursement rates for the slots. For example, you have very different returns for the player in Las Vegas than when you play at a gas station. The slots that are mainly misleading are the slots on the internet. These can afford to be competitive. After all, they attract the public from all over the world. Everyone can get started with gambling through online roads.

Bee Online casinos You must ensure that you are with a Legal Casino Get started. You know that they are being checked and that you can play safely. You will not be confronted with surprises that they do not want to pay, for example.

Also search for websites that not only go for the sale of the online casino. This way you can see if the websites are legal. Websites that send you to a certain casino often earn well on this. It is therefore likely that they will always remain positive about the casino. Finding an impartial source is not easy, but by putting some time in it you can still see if you have to play. Fortunately, you have already found the independent source with LegalNederlandsscasino.nl.

Club card has no influence on opportunities

The club card of a casino is primarily intended as a registration with the relevant casino. You put the card in the machine before you play. The card can keep track of how much money you have already put in the machine and will give a reward based on that. This is done in the form of discounts and prices.

For example, if you get 0.2 percent of your bets repaid, it can sometimes give you several extras if you spend a weekend in the casino. For example, you can spend eight hours in the casino, using 3 euros per turn. You put around 600 spins in an hour, which amounts to 1800 euros per hour. With the reward rate you can earn back 3.60 euros per hour. So in such a weekend you have earned 28.80 euros.

However, the casino will not just come up with a reward program. You are expected to spend much more money. The casino also expects to be able to win from you. However, you will receive the amounts. Even if you are on a good profit. In the end, the casino will generate income again through other players. After all, nobody goes home with the biggest profits.

Different websites will advise you to use the club card of a casino. After all, you can still earn something from it. However, you have to keep in mind what the casino wants to achieve with it. Ultimately, they will also set requirements, such as so many visits to keep your card. In addition, some data will be known at the casino. The losses that you run can also be kept somewhat kept by the casino.

However, you always get interested if you can get money back. It does not matter how high these amounts are. You will also be persuaded to make a visit extra. The losses yield the casino extra money again, while you also have a small amount. You must therefore consider whether it is worth the money to you.

Consider the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas

If you want the best slots at your disposal, you have to look at the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas. Here you will find slots with a repayment percentage of 96 percent. At other casinos, the return will only be 90 to 92 percent.

Here too you can see what your expected profits and losses are when you spend eight hours in the casino. You use 1800 euros per hour, which will eventually be 14,400 euros in total. You will lose 4 percent of this. This is a loss of 576 euros. If you calculate this on the basis of the losses that you would have at other casinos, it would amount to an amount of 1296 euros.

These are losses that you could expect in the longer term. However, the mediums are important to keep in mind before you start playing. As a result, fewer people are paid if there have been some good profits. In addition, smaller prizes are regularly offered, which people persuade to keep playing.

Avoid certain slots

You regularly see slots that have been developed on the basis of brands. Think of celebrities, products and TV programs. As a result, the brand is brought to the attention of a casino and often the fans will be inclined to use their money on this.

One of the latest slots is sex and the city. Adam Levine and Wheel of Fortune are also some examples that you can encounter. The manufacturer of the slots pays a fee for the license to use the brands. After all, someone has the rights of the product. If you want to make these slots, you should therefore always pay. These reimbursements are always paid by the use of the players.

The reimbursement percentage of the game goes hand in hand. It is therefore important that you will immediately avoid these slots. Although you are a fan of one of the programs or celebrities, it can also cost you a lot of money. The chance that you lose is many times greater than that you will win a victory for this.


A slot machine can be labeled in different ways as "good". The reimbursement rate is mainly important here. This is the expected return that you could eventually achieve on the basis of your bets. However, this percentage also means that the casino will eventually win. After all, they have to achieve their income from somewhere.

There is no prediction to make what the actual repayment percentage will be for the game that you are playing. It is always wise to look at the games that could offer you the best opportunities. If you really go for the winnings in the casino, it is more sensible to go to the Table games to look. Don't you want this? Then the above tips are meant to make you make the best choices and let them go to one of the slots.