Warning KSA, illegal gambling sites go on black!

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Home News Warning KSA, illegal gambling sites go on black!

The American Gaming Authority (KSA) warns players that sites of illegal online casinos will soon no longer be available from the Netherlands. They therefore urgently advise to empty the play accounts from these providers.

The KSA takes a strong account of the fact that the illegal providers, who will soon be confronted with enforcement performance, will put their site on black. That is exactly what the KSA wants, but an additional effect can be that players can no longer get their money.

So be wise and get your money from the accounts with the illegal providers.

There is now a legal offer

Since October 1, 2021 there are enough Legal American online casinos. As a result, players can go to reliable casinos that offer honest play and pay attention to addiction prevention. The KSA checks the legal companies accordingly. The strict action against illegal providers is also important, otherwise having a license is of no use.

Research completed

At an earlier stage, the KSA announced that it had selected 25 illegal websites for further research in the context of the new enforcement policy. The number of online casinos that are being viewed in more detail has since been expanded. The companies in question will soon hear that there will be an investigation against them and enforcement action will be taken.

Some illegal goxitz Already chose eggs for their money and is no longer accessible from the Netherlands. There will be action against the providers who are still accessible. The players of illegal providers are therefore better able to retrieve their credits. After all, there are no guarantees that illegal providers return money if they are no longer available from the Netherlands. The KSA will certainly not mediate.