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Betting on Virtual Sports is increasingly gaining popularity among gamblers. In the meantime, most people know what the betting on sport entails, but what about the word "virtual"?

At the Bet on sports Do you depend on which competitions and events take place at some point. This often limits the supply and it is not always possible to follow the competition live. Few matches were also played during the Coronapandemie. For the gambler that would rather not have to do with these obstacles, Virtual Sports is the ideal alternative.

What are Virtual Sports?

Imagine a sports competition - but in a virtual environment: this is basically what Virtual Sports is. The images and sounds correspond to that of a real sports competition and it can be followed in the same way. It even has an aspect of tension that can also be found in real sports competitions.

The range consists of various sports such as virtual football and virtual horse races. In addition to betting on real football and horse races, Virtual Sports comes in third place when it comes to the income of online bookmakers go. That it is so popular will come as a surprise for some. But it is not for nothing that many gamblers prefer the virtual competitions instead of real events.

The rise of Virtual Sports

Technological developments become more impressive every year. This can be seen in video games, among other things. If you compare a game of the end of the 90s with modern video games, you will see how technology is growing enormously quickly. Where in the Game Fifa a few static figures used to run after a white pixel, it is now a realistic spectacle.

Every year more is possible and it looks better. It is therefore not strange that the progress in technology has also found its way to online gambling. After all, why would you wait for a competition if you can create one yourself. Virtual Sports are becoming increasingly accessible and many gamblers realize that it is a revolutionary way to use money in competitions. By by far beyond American casinos Is ample opportunity to do this.

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Cheer for pixels

It may sound strange to cheer for pixels, but Virtual Sports is good at simulating the sensation and intensity of real sporting events. The big advantage of this is that this is possible at any time of the day. You are no longer dependent on time zones and TV licenses. This way it is incredibly frustrating if you have no way to follow a competition that you would have liked to put money on.

With Virtual Sports this is easy and whenever you want, 24 hours a day. In addition, you often have corruption in real sport when it comes to betting. With virtual athletes you don't have this problem unless computer programs Suddenly becoming self -conscious - but then we have bigger problems.

Realistic simulations

The simulations of sports competitions are often difficult to distinguish from real competitions, and they became increasingly realistic. The aforementioned video game FIFA is a good example of this. Technology makes huge jumps in this area and this advanced software is also applied to Virtual Sports. If you have played realistic sport video games you know how compelling they can be.

And this is not just about football, plenty of other sports are realistically simulated. This way the range is wide and there is the option to bet on your favorite virtual sport. Even simulations that do not know their origins in traditional sports are gaining popularity. These are known as eSports, also called Electronic Sports named. Video games as Counter Strike in League of Legends Are examples of this.

The range of Virtual Sports

In addition to popular sporting events such as football and horse races, it is possible to bet on more Virtual Sports. With many online platforms you get an extensive choice. It is possible to bet 24/7 on the virtual sport. However, the deployment options and odds do differ per sport. Here is a selection of the offer.


King football cannot of course be missing in the list. There are a number of virtual football tournaments where the European top clubs compete against each other. There are various deployment options for the competitions. This way you can bet on the winner, the number of goals, the halftime position, the goal scorers and the exact result.

Horse races

Horse races have been popular among gamblers for years and now there is also virtual betting on it. There are several racing tracks, so there is always a competition to use money. The number of participating horses per race can also change, from 10 to 40 horses. In addition to the winner, you can also use the top 2 and top 3. The chance of winning is indicated with odds. The lower the quotation, the higher the chance that the horse will win.

Wind dog races

In addition to virtual horses, virtual wind dogs are also moving. There are a number of jobs available where you can use the result of a Windhound racing competition. This is possible at a rapid pace, because a race takes a maximum of one minute. Six dogs take part in a race and here too you can use the winner, the top 2, or the top 3.


Formula 1 and other engine sports are loved by many people. Certainly after the Max Verstappen championship, it has become a phenomenon in the Netherlands. You will also find motorsport in Virtual Sports. Here you can use races with 12 participants. Every race has a number of contenders and therefore the odds are usually high.


Another motorsport in Virtual Sports is the motocross. Here there are 4 participants per race and so the chances of winning are higher. A race lasts about one minute and you can bet on the winner and the top 2.

American Football

There are people, also outside the United States, who love American football completely. Just like the real sport, the virtual version is a spectacular event. The competitions are a bit longer, but you never have to wait until one starts. In addition, a number of aspects of the competition can be used, such as the winner and the number of points.


We stay at sporting events that are iconic for the United States. The virtual basketball is also an impressive display. Several competitions are offered where you can bet on the winner and the number of points, among other things.


Online bookmakers offer tennis tournaments that can be used. Two tennis players face each other and play one game. Money can be used in aspects such as the winner and the exact result. Virtual tennis goes a lot faster than real tennis and the odds can be surprisingly high.

Running cycling

An exciting sport in which people race against each other is the track cycling. Virtual track cycling has between 6 and 9 participants. A race starts regularly and you can use the winner, the top 2, or the top 3.


An interesting virtual sport is the trot. The races are fast and have at least 8 participants. During the bet you have multiple options such as the winner, the top 2 and the top 3. Here too, the odds reflect the chances of winning the racers.


Cricket is a niche sport in the Netherlands, but Virtual Cricket is very popular with online bookmakers. It has a surprisingly large number of deployment options and there is always a competition that is about to start.


The digital arrows fly into the Triple twenty with this virtual sport. One leg is played and results can be used for results such as the winner and the total of the first three arrows.

In short, the range is huge. Because Virtual Sports is still gaining popularity, and innovative new software is being developed, this will become bigger and better in the future. For example, there is a virtual sport for every sports enthusiast and gambler that makes the heart beat faster.

The benefits of Virtual Sports

It is difficult to imagine that Virtual Sports will completely replace betting on real sports, but they do deliver some favorable benefits. That way you don't have to wait long for a competition and you no longer have any trouble with time zones and TV licenses. It is possible to bet on a virtual competition 24 hours a day.

The virtual events are also significantly faster than the real work. That way you immediately know where you stand and you have enough time to bet a few more times. Moreover, the range is expanded and is constantly growing.

The deployment options

As you are used to betting on sporting events, Virtual Sports also uses odds. Like sporting events, there are also various aspects of the competition that can be used. These are, for example, the winner, the exact score and the goal makers. With races there is also the option to use on the top 2 and the top 3.

When betting on real sports there are circumstances that can influence, such as the shape of a player and the location where it is played. The virtual variants do not have these external influences and are therefore attractive for starting gamblers. Through the many options you decide for yourself how you play and the amount that you use.

Some tips

Betting on Virtual Sports can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But if you pay attention to a number of things, you will soon get the hang of it.

As a beginner it is useful not to dive into the depth immediately. Start with a number of low amounts and learn how it works exactly. Soon you will realize the deployment options and become agile in them. Every match is in itself, so don't go out too much of previous results.

It is possible to spread the opportunities to deal with your bet so wise. Spreading the opportunities costs money, but can also ensure that the chance of winning increases.

In addition, you don't always have to blindly assume the odds. A lower quotation means a higher chance of winning, but this does not mean that it will always run like that. Just like real sport, Virtual Sports has surprising results.

Is it fair?

Virtual Sports uses a random number generator (RNG), so that nobody knows in advance what the result will be. Certainly if the platform you play on has a license, you can assume that everything is fair. If there is influence on this, this will cause a lot of fuss.

It is difficult to imagine that they will take this risk since it is already popular among gamblers. The image damage would mean the end of the company and they would prefer to avoid this. In addition, it happens in real sport that clubs and players are bought bought out. This has no influence on the digital athletes.


Virtual Sports offers a great alternative to betting on competitions. Thanks to the speed of competitions and the extensive choice, a new digital world will open for gamblers from all over the world. In addition, betting on real sporting events often takes difficulty. Irritations such as time zones and a limited range do not apply to virtual sports.

Thanks to new technologies, the virtual events are always becoming. Before you know it you will be dragged into the spectacular world of Virtual Sports and your hands will cheer up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wat is virtual sports?

Sports events are virtually simulated with innovative technology. This happens in an impressive way with a lot of realism. Virtual Sports offers an opportunity to bet on competitions and races without difficulty. These are sports such as football, American football, motor sports, darts and horse races.

How does Virtual Sports work?

Thanks to a Random Number Generator (RNG), the outcome of a virtual competition is never known in advance. This way you can assume that everything is fair. In addition, you have all the deployment options that you also have when betting on real sport. A big advantage of Virtual Sports is that it has an extensive range, has a fast pace and is accessible 24 hours a day.

Can I bet on Virtual Sports?

Betting on virtual competitions is like that is also applied at real sporting events. Choose a reliable online platform and you can get started in no time. After you are comfortable with how it works, you can easily and when you want to bet at all kinds of competitions and races. It is more accessible than betting on real sport and, moreover, the pace is many times higher.