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The Netherlands has a new online casino permit holder. Unibet received the coveted license today and will again offer casino, sports betting and poker to American consumers.

Of course Unibet is a well -known one. When they have been present at the American market. In the past without a permit, simply because no permits were given out yet. Now finally in possession of a license of The Gaming Authority.

When they actually come online with Unibet.nl is not yet clear. At the moment there is nothing to see on the website, but that will change soon. We will keep you informed.

Response Unibet

Unibet has made no secret that the Netherlands is one of their most important marketets. CEO Henrik Tjärnström, expresses it as follows:

The Netherlands is a large and important European market and we look forward to operating with a local license. In the past ten years we have made ourselves strong for local permit systems and are pleased that our recently awarded permit in the Netherlands will enable us to deepen and develop our involvement in American society, as well as to actively contribute to a fair and sustainable gambling market . As part of our long -term ambitions and strategy, we are eager to offer a safe and entertaining gambling experience to American customers.

Unibet was not accessible to American players since 1 October 2021


Unibet is a provider who covers all "spectrums" of online gambling. They are best known as one of the qualitybook makers. Lovers of sport betting have always been charmed by their product. toto gets a heavy competitor in this area.

Also in the field of Poer they know how to distinguish themselves with a beautiful poker room and the live tournaments in Europe under the name "Unibet Open".

When it comes to online casinoo And Bingo goes, Unibet often has unique games that they offer exclusively.

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