Twelve arrests in research illegal gambling

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Twelve people have been arrested in the last few days in an investigation into illegal gambling. In addition to offering illegal gambling (poker), there is also research into drug crime. Installs have been made in houses and business premises in Soesterberg, Zeist, Vinkeveen and Rotterdam, the police said.

The arrests and raids were made on Wednesday and Thursday last Wednesday. After many anonymous reports of nuisance and deviating activities, among other things, the judiciary thought it was time for an investigation. At the car company there was hardly any activity during the day and in the night hours it was busy, which caused nuisance.

The police had her idea about the limited activity at the building. The doubt about the viability of the company and this in combination with the luxury lifestyle. During the research it also appeared that the main suspects had placed a striking amount of security cameras at the business premises and their house.

Most reports were that the owners would be involved in drug trafficking. During the investigation, the suspicion arose that the building also gambled illegally.

Among the twelve arrested suspects are two men from Zeist aged 29 and 57. These are seen as the main suspects. Drug trafficking, money laundering and organizing and facilitating illegal gambling meetings is charged to them. During the raids, drugs, cash, firearms and thirteen cars were seized. The municipality will now investigate whether the business premises on the Postweg can be closed administratively.

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