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The TOTO does not continue as a sponsor of today Inside. After Johan Derksen confessed to having raped a woman with a candle in his childhood in his youth broadcast, Medialand was too small and everyone had a lot.

Although the football analyst weakened the story in Wednesday's broadcast, this "anecdote" was reason enough for it toto To stop sponsoring the program.

It all started with an item about Johnny de Mol. He stopped his television program after a declaration had been made for cross -border behavior. Johan told an anecdote to indicate that it used to be a different time. In the distant past when he was 24, he had brought a candle between her legs with a drunken unconscious lady as a joke.

After this, a storm of criticism of Derksen broke loose. All TV programs were talking about it and the laughter and comments of the guests at the table were widely convicted.

Weakening the story

In the broadcast on Wednesday evening Derksen returned to the incident, and weakened the story. Where there were first penetration, Derksen weakened the story by saying that he had only placed the candle on a pedestal upright between the legs. Indignation there is also the laughing atmosphere for many people about the incident and the remark that the lady in question was lucky that there was a baseball bat.

It American Casino Toto stopped the agreement with the popular program after a long collaboration. Stella also canceled the sponsorship agreement earlier.

Producer Talpa had insisted on apologies from Johan Derksen, but instead he announced that he would stop the program. Wilfred Genee and Van der Gijp were solidarity and indicated that they would stop. Are they really going to stop or it is the umpteenth stunt to attract attention. We will see.

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