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We have put together the top 5 most frequently asked questions about gambling sites and try to answer these five questions as extensively as possible. There is especially a lot of uncertainty about legal online gambling, in the field of gambling addiction and what about paying out profits made. We hope to provide more clarity about these important themes.

View the top 5 most asked questions about our goxitz. However, the answers only apply for the recommended gambling sites with us on the website.

1. Is online gambling legal?

There is still a lot of uncertainty in the Netherlands about the legality of online gambling. This is because it is still not properly regulated in American law (30-12-2020). And the government then does what it is good at, conducting a tolerance policy. But there is hope, the amendment to the law for Gambling remotely - So online gambling - was adopted by the Senate and will come into force in 2021.

From that moment on, the American government will publish licenses for American online casinos. They promise to provide at least 90 licenses. Until then, online casinos cannot settle on American territory.

In other EU countries such as Malta and the United Kingdom, this is already better arranged and they do provide licenses to online casinos to settle in those countries. Thanks to the free trade zone in Europe, these casinos can offer their services to American people and American people can therefore gamble legally online at these casinos.

2. What if a gambling site does not pay?

As a player you can protect yourself against any malpractice of an online casino by playing exclusively at legal and regulated casinos. Then you can assume that it will not happen that the casino does not pay. And if you still think the casino is not correct, you can come into with the relevant authority to get a story.

Sometimes there are other factors that play a role, so a casino does not pay. Before submitting a complaint, it is important to go through all the conditions properly. Most players do not do this before they play and then get disappointed if they have understood something wrong. There are points unclear in the conditions, ask it Casino Before playing. When it comes to a lot of money, the emotions can be high.

Most misunderstandings arise due to the minimum playing requirements of bonuses. It is not always clear to everyone how this works. If your bonus money is not played around often enough, you cannot withdraw that money. You can play with it to get the minimum requirements. So pay attention to this before getting angry and submitting a complaint, or even worse, to ventilate it somewhere on the internet.

3. How quickly are profits paid?

Casinos generally do everything to pay you out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this as quickly as deposits. There are a number of external factors that determine how long it takes until you receive your money. It depends, among other things, on the chosen payment method, the regulating authority and whether all your documents have been verified.

First, there are the rules of the regulating authority. A casino must check your data, pay taxes and administer the payment nicely. This takes a little time. In addition, your documents must be verified before a casino can pay. If this has not yet happened, this can cause extra delay. So make sure that you arrange this properly immediately when registering.

Which payment method you choose is also a determining time factor. An e-Wallet is the fastest, and processes payments in a period of 1-24 hours. A transfer to a credit card takes 1-3 business days-because of the checks that the credit card company must perform. A bank transfer takes the longest, and can take up to 5 working days, depending on which bank you bank.

4. How do I prevent goverslaving?

Gambling can be an addictive activity for some people. So this is a pressing question for many players. Unfortunately, there are around 80,000 gambling addicts in the Netherlands. Symptoms of a possible addiction are not always easy to recognize, but pay particular attention to the following characteristics:

- You are going to use higher amounts to enjoy gambling;
- You feel irritated if you can't gamble;
- You get problems with your relationship, or at work, through your gambling behavior;
- You are going to borrow money to be able to gamble even more;
- You are going to gamble more if you have lost a lot of money.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent addictive behavior. It is especially important to alternate gambling with other activities. For example, only guess two or three times a week. In addition, it is important to keep gambling socially, so do it especially with friends or family members. Together you are always stronger and you can keep an eye on each other. Also use a limit for time and money that you can spend on gambling - and stick to it.

5. Can I gamble on my mobile?

Nowadays, many American people gamble on their smartphone or tablet. Whether you are on the train, or have nothing to do at work, nothing is nicer than to take a small gamble in between. Fortunately, it is increasingly common for a gambling site to have a custom interface for mobile devices.

You can assume that it is fine navigating on your mobile with all Legal American casinos. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you first try out the intended casino on your mobile and to gamble for free. You only register if you are completely satisfied with the ease of use.

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