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In the Netherlands there is a ban on gambling advertisements from January 1, 2023. Media company Talpa thinks they are being hit hard by this and they are now considering legal action.

The company will miss out on a lot of income due to the ban. Allard Ruyl, spokesperson for Talpa, wonders whether a ban on gambling advertisements can stand.

Together with Branch Association Screenforce, of which in addition to Talpa, Star, ORN, RTL, and Branddeli are part, they investigate the possibilities. Figures are not known, but the advertising ban could mean a million loss for Talpa.

Frank Volmer van de Ster issued the following statement about this:

“That is hard to determine, but I am guessing between 2 to 5 million. In the current overstrain market it is only about the additional yield of the more expensive gambling purchasing options. ”

Frank Volmer, Ster

Online gambling companies on the part of the media

Of online legal casinos In this fight, are logically on the side of the Talpa. According to Adformatie, the VNLOK and NOTA will therefore work legally with the media company. Dialogue about the problem is preferred, but legal action is certainly not excluded.

No more wrong advertisements

On January 1, 2023, the prohibition on unfocused advertising and sponsorship by providers of risky online gambling will take effect. The Council of Ministers has since agreed to consulting an adjustment of the Recruitment, Advertising, and addiction prevention Decree.

This means that online casinos are no longer allowed to make unfore advertising. Think of TV commercials and advertising in the outdoors such as billboards and abri's.

A year later, on January 1, 2024, the gambling providers are no longer allowed to sponsor programs and events. From January 1, 2025 it will be even more extreme and there will be a ban for every form of sponsorship by gambling providers. Shirt sponsorship in the sports world is no longer allowed.

Important to find legal offer

With the abolition of the advertisements, there is a risk that consumers will not become clear what the legal providers are. The issue of permits aims to have a well -regulated range of online casinos. It cannot be the intention that players will end up with illegal parties again. The parties below have a permit from the American Gaming Authority!



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