Straight Flush Jackpot falls in Holland Casino Venlo

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At the Ultimate Texas Hold’em game, players use 2.50 euros every round to compete for the jackpot. Last weekend a visitor to the Holland Casino in Venlo was so happy to get a straight flush. She thus raised the jackpot of 240,000 euros.

Unlike the normal Texas Hold’em poker you play against the bank at Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The goal is to get a better hand than the bank. In addition, you can use 2.50 euros every round to compete for the jackpot. The higher the combination, the larger amount you get from the progressive jackpot.

The lady in question was lucky to shared a straight flush. 5 consecutive cards of the same kind. This is the highest combination in the poker game after the "Royal Flush".

Her first 2 cards were the 9 and 10 of the windows. The three common cards on the table were the 8, J and Q van Ruiten. The Straight Flush was born and and the next two common cards no longer mattered. The Straight Flush Jackpot was inside.

The new location in Venlo from Holland Casino is good for the players. In February a player at the Multi Poker also won 302,000 euros.

Holland Casino also has an online permit

Holland Casino has a head office in Hoofddorp and 14 branches throughout the Netherlands. Always a casino close to take a gamble. Now that Holland Casino also has a license to offer online casino games, you can even play from your own house.

To Casino games which you find in the physical branches can now also play with this American Online Casino. A trusted name where you can play safely. The live casino part of the online gambling site gives you the feeling that you are playing in a real physical casino. The live tables from HC are streamed from the location in Scheveningen.

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