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The announcement that Unibet and Ajax have closed a sponsor deal is only fresh from the press, or there is already considerable criticism. Het Parool lets a number of people speak critically about the collaboration.

Addiction institutions mainly express their concerns in the article. The popular Ajax will ensure even more visibility of Online casinos in the Netherlands. They therefore fear a large increase in the number of gambling addicts.

Floor van Bakkum is a prevention manager at the Jellinek addiction clinic and she is anything but happy with the Sonsorsteal.

“We don't think gambling should be promoted. A very large audience is immediately reached with this sponsorship deal.

Floor van Bakkum

The 68 year old Raymond Aronds (68) was 40 years of gambling addict. He is also not eager for this new sponsorship deal from Ajax. According to him, the agreement contributes to the "standardization of gambling". Aronds has established the organization Slicks to inform people about everything that has to do with gambling.

Positive noise with regard to the sponsor deal

Hugo Gruijters sees something positive in the announced deal of Ajax as a teacher of Sport Business at the Fontys Hogeschool.

The sports marketer says it is not a wrong choice to find the Amsterdam football club. He thinks that campaigns for gambling addiction prevention should be started by the Amsterdam club. It makes sense that Ajax tries to get money in different ways. And goxitz simply sponsor the international top of football.

Risk to public health

Money should not be the reason for bringing a large group of vulnerable people into trouble according to Floor van Bakkum.

It should be looked at with the government whether there is no financing system that is healthier. I call on football to look for sponsors that are not a direct risk to public health. ”

Floor van Bakkum

Ajax understands criticism of a sponsor deal

Ajax understands that there are concerns about the sponsorship deal and announces that a commercial partnership is entering into with Unibet to commit itself to social projects. For example, attention is paid to prevention of match fixing, mental health, and responsible gambling.

Attention to responsible gambling is a misleading expression according to ex addicted Raymond Aronds. Gambling is dangerous and there is also no such thing as using responsible drugs.

As a result of the criticism, Ajax came up with the following response:

Ajax only wanted to enter into an agreement with a large, reliable party with the best approach in the field of responsible games of chance. That has become unibet. The club thinks it is a shame that supporters respond negatively to the sponsor deal, but knew that such reactions could come.

Response Ajax

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