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Every gambling enthusiast knows that one of the most important things to watch when choosing a game is the house advantage. Simply put, the house advantage is the advantage of the casino. It expresses the potential return that the gambling website will achieve over time.

The greater the house advantage, the greater the chance of loss. One of the biggest factors that can positively influence your gambling behavior is a low house advantage.

The different casino games have a distinctive house advantage. Blackjack and video poker are at the top of the list of options, which give players a bigger advantage. With the series of video poker variants that gambling enthusiasts can play, the percentage of the house advantage for each game is different. In general, the casino advantage with video poker can even fall below 1%.

Video Poker makes it possible to use an optimal strategy. There are even cases where the house advantage can be a negative number. To achieve a better advantage, players must ensure that they use the right strategy. They must also ensure that they play a game that offers the best possible payment.

By combining the aforementioned factors, video poker enthusiasts can enjoy a very lucrative and exciting gambling experience. We discuss everything you need to know about the benefit of the house.

Is the house advantage with Video Poker really that low?

The reason why many casino enthusiasts prefer video poker is the fact that the game gives them an advantage. That advantage is often better than that of other games. It is even known that video poker has one of the lowest percentages of house advantage. Having a lower house advantage means that the expected return for players (RTP) is higher. This gives them a better chance of winning.

The great thing about video poker is that players can easily see the possible return. This is possible by taking a look in the payment table of the exact game they want to play. This will reveal the payment for the various winning hands. You now know if the game is worth playing.

It is easy to calculate the chance of forming a certain hand in video poker. The 52 cards of a standard card game are simply used.

A casino can influence the chances by reducing the payments for certain hands. Once you know the highest amount that a certain hand can pay, you must avoid variants that yield a smaller profit.

As mentioned earlier, some video box versions can have a negative house advantage. However, this only applies to players who know how to use the perfect basic strategy. They have also chosen to play a fully paid video tube game and to use the maximum number of coins. These factors, combined, give players an advantage of more than 100%.

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Variants and the house advantage

For those looking for a video poker experience with a higher advantage, you have to look at the highest payments. These in fact offer players the best opportunities compared to the other variations. It should be noted that simply choosing the best paid video tube play players does not give a lead at the casino. To achieve that extra benefit, players must also use the optimum strategy. You also look at the exact variation of video poker.

Many players have become aware of the advantage that they can get compared to the casino. This makes the good games still hard to find. If you want to know how you can recognize which game offers the best payouts, you must view the different hands on the payment table.

For example, if you want to play Jacks or Better, you have to look for a 9/6 variant. This means that the payment for full house 9 should be against 1, while Flush 6 should pay against 1. If these payouts are lower, you have come across a bad game.

Such versions of Jacks or Better may be 8/5, 7/5 or sometimes even 6/5. It is quite easy to see that the Short-Pay machines will not give you the best possible opportunities. Even if you use an optimal strategy, you will not be able to gain the benefit that you would achieve on 9/6 Jacks or Better.

Other factors that influence the odds

It is recommended to always opt for the best paying video poker games. Also important to use the right type of strategy. This is very important because there can be a variation where the ultimate strategy is to hold certain cards. With other versions you might have to throw those cards away.

You can only lower the house advantage to a negative number if you combine the correct type of strategy with a fully paid variant of video poker.

If you resort to playing with Jokers, you will notice that forming certain hands will be easier. This is why the payouts for certain combinations will be lower and you will have to make better hands to enjoy a more lucrative result.

Moreover, depending on the video cooking variant you play, there will be a difference in your hands that ensure that you are assured of a payout. Take Jacks or Better, for example, here you must have at least a few farmers to be paid. With Joker Poker, the lowest hand for which you are paid is a few kings.

Video poker games with the best odds

Although players need a lot of practice and the right type of strategy, they will still have to know which games they should look for in the casino. All the games that we will mention below can guarantee a very lucrative experience for Videopokerfans. Once you have learned what the best video poker options are for a worthwhile result, you can learn the right strategy and apply it the next time you play for real money.

Video poker with progressive jackpot

There is no doubt that players who are looking for a profitable experience should choose to play video poker with a progressive jackpot. If you have paid enough attention to this article, you already know that a maximum bet is the best way to increase your chances of a huge payout. This is the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot.

This is a great offer for players who gamble online, since various progressive video poker games are connected in a huge network that includes various virtual casinos. This means that numerous players who lose contribute to the increase in the progressive jackpot.

Deuces Wild

This is a video cooker variant that many players prefer because of the fact that jokers have been recorded. These can help to form a winning hand more easily. The game is still played with the typical card game of 52 cards. The difference is that the two act as wilds that can replace any card. However, this game excludes some hands from the payout table. The lowest hand that is eligible for a payment is Three of A Kind.

If you are looking for a Full-Pay variant of DeUces Wild, you must ensure that the payout for Four of A Kind is 5 against 1. In the meantime, if you come across a short-pay version, the payout will be 4 against 1. Deeunces Wild is a great option for players who place the maximum bet and use the optimum strategy. When playing in the right way, Casinofans can enjoy an advantage of 100.76%.

Deeunces Wild is definitely one of the video cooking variants that offer the best payouts. With the introduction of Wilds it is certainly a great source of entertainment. If you use the right type of strategy and play in the right way, you can certainly get great payouts. This is possible without even pulling Royal Flush once.

Joker Poker

Another fairly volatile variant of video poker is Joker Poker. Here another card is added to the card game, which acts as a wildlife. The joker that is the 53rd card in the card game can help you make a winning hand more easily. There is also a change in the lowest hand paying, since you have to have at least a few kings to be paid.

There is also a hand that is only typical of this variant of video poker and that is Five of A Kind. It even pays more than Royal Flush with a joker. The only hand that will give a higher payout at Joker Poker is Natural Royal Flush, which is formed without a joker.

If you are looking for the best paying variant of Joker Poker, take a look at the payout table. Look for an option that offers a payout of 7 to 1 for Full House, 5 against 1 for Flush and Four of A Kind, where you get your bet 20 times. If you have found a Full-Pay variant and you use the correct strategy, you will get a benefit of 100.65%.

If you come across a game with the title Joker Wild, you play with the same rules and the full-pay version is exactly the same. The fact that it gives you the chance to form a unique winning hand makes Joker Poker a favorite with many Video poker fans. Moreover, the benefit of the casino falls below 0% if players stick to the perfect strategy to play.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the most popular variant of video poker. It is not only a fun game, but it can also have great payouts. The best paid version is easy to find, especially if you play online.

If you are looking for the highest possible payment, you must opt for Jacks or Better, who pays 9 against 1 for forming full house and 6 against 1 for Flush. If you come across a version that offers lower payments, it is simply not worth playing the game.

It is a simpler variant of video poker because it uses the standard card game with 52 cards and there are no wilds. Jacks or Better is often given as an example why one should always use the maximum amount on video poker, since using five coins in this game yields 4,000 credits for forming Royal Flush.

If you use a perfect strategy on a 9/6 variant of Jacks or Better, the RTP is estimated at 99.54%. If you compare this percentage with 97.30% of the 8/5 variant and 96.15% of the 7/5 variant, you know that the Full-Pay version is the best option.

Double Double Bonus

The name is very similar to Double Bonus poker. The only addition is that this video tube play players grants a bonus payment for forming four of a child with aces and a kicker (the fifth card of the hand) with a value of 2, 3 or 4. In contrast to some other video poker variations, There are no wilds and the card game contains the standard 52 cards.

Since the extra winning hands that give you a payout at Double Double Bonus, lower the house advantage, many casinos choose to lower the payments for certain hands. That is why you must be very careful when choosing the option you want to play.

If you choose the Double Double Bonus game, you must resort to a variant that pays 10 against 1 for Full House and 6 against 1 for Flush. If you use the optimum strategy, you can enjoy an RTP of 100.07%. For comparison: the Short-Pay versions of Double Double Bonus offer an expected return of 98.98%, which is very detrimental to video smoke lovers.


If you are looking for the best video cooking variants that give you a lucrative result, look at the casino advantage. This shows you which return you can expect and which game really offers the best opportunities. Of course you are looking for a Legal American Casino.

One thing that the house advantage will always lower is playing a fully paid version. Although they are quite hard to find, it is worth "shopping" for the machine or the virtual game that produces the best possible payouts. The use of the right strategy also gives players a bigger advantage and makes their video poker experience more exciting and more rewarding.