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Andar Bahar Live is originally an Indian card game that was marketed by the game company Ezugi. This live dealer card game has simple game rules and is therefore easy to play.

How do you play the game?

1. Andar Bahar Live is a simple card game to learn. You start by placing your bet for the bet in which stack the "joker" will soon appear: Andar or Bahar.

2. The dealer will open the first card on the table after deploying, and this card is called the Joker in this card game.

3. The dealer will then share a card on Andar and then on Bahar. This goes just as long until the same card is shared on the two piles. If you have predicted on the pile of the joker, you win the game.

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Andar or Bahar, what do you choose? Andar Bahar Live is a simple but very exciting live dealer card game from Ezugi. In this originally Indian card game you must try to guess on which stack the joker will end up.


Andar Bahar Live from Ezugi is the live dealer version of the Indian card game Andar Bahar. Because of its simple rules, this card game is easy to play, so you can also try out Live as a beginner Andar Bahar.

The goal of Andar Bahar Live is to guess in which stack the joker will appear. This is not about the joker from the card game, but the joker is the name for the card that the dealer will soon attract.

You start the game with betting on which stack the joker will end up, and you can choose from Andar and Bahar. Andar means inside and is the side of the dealer. Bahar means outside and is the side of the player. In addition to this main bet, you can now also take out a secondary bet.

After you have placed a bet, the dealer turns the first card from the stack. This is the Joker, which is laid down on the line between Andar and Bahar. The dealer will now first share a card to Andar and then to Bahar, and keep repeating this until one of the two piles is shared the same card as the joker. If you have predicted well which stack that was, then you win the game.

Because the first card is shared on Andar, the chance is statistically greater that the joker will appear there. That is why the payment for Andar and Bahar is not the same: with a bet on Andar you get 0.9: 1 and in a bet on Bahar 1: 1.

Bonus functions of the game

You can also take out a secondary bet at Andar Bahar Live. You close that ancillary bet on the number of cards that the dealer must share before the joker appears. The payment will be made according to the table below:

number of cardsPay out
1 to 5 cards3,5:1
6 to 10 cards4,5:1
11 to 15 cards5,5:1
16 to 25 cards4,5:1
26 to 30 cards15:1
31 to 35 cards25:1
36 to 40 cards50:1
41 or more120:1

You can take just as many bets on the number of cards if you want. You also do not have to make a bet on Andar Bahar to be able to participate in this ancillary bet.

Deployment and payouts

  • Minimum deployment is $ 0.50 and the maximum bet per round is $ 500,-
  • RTP: 94,85%
  • Maximum profit: 120x your bet

The gameplay

Andar Bahar is originally an Indian game, which you can now play more and more in online casinos such as this version of Ezugi. The studio setting from Andar Bahar Live looks stylish with many gold -colored decorations. In the studio you see a dealer sitting behind a gaming table. A line has been drawn on the center of the table, and on the dealer is Andar and on the Bahar players' side.

The Indian card game is played with a single pack of cards, and is shuffled again after each round. The first card that the dealer draws is the joker and is laid down in the middle of the table at the line. Then the dealer shares a card at Andar and then at Bahar, and keeps repeating it until the same card appears as the joker.

You can easily determine your bet in the user interface that appears on the bottom of your screen. You can also evoke different statistics in the interface, such as the last 8 Joker cards and which side has won, Andar or Bahar. You can also play the game in American.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP of the Andar Bahar Live?

If you bet on Andar or Bahar then the RTP is 94.85% and if you play the secondary bets then the RTP is 95.57%.

Why is Andar's payment lower than Van Bahar?

Andar's payment is lower because the dealer starts dealing on the Andar side. Because the chance that the joker will appear earlier is higher, the payout is slightly lower.

What is the highest multiplier that you can get in Andar Bahar Live?

The highest multiplier in Andar Bahar Live is 120 times your bet.

Can you also bet on the secondary bets if you didn't bet on the Main Bet?

You can indeed close a secondary bet at Andar Bahar live without having placed a main bet.


Andar Bahar Live from Ezugi is a surprisingly fun game. It is also a very accessible game because it is so easy to play. So if you are a starting player, you will have picked this game up quite quickly.

Perhaps that is a disadvantage for players who love games where you have to devise a strategy more. Chances are that you will be bored with soon. But we think Andar Bahar Live is a very nice addition to the game offer in one Live Casino, and moreover the game plays nice and fast and the tension remains high. So try out this fun Indian card game yourself!