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The bookmakers always indicate what you can earn as standard when you use a profit, draw or loss. There are numerous other deployment options at every competition, such as the correct score. The great thing about betting on the correct score is that the payouts are much higher.

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The correct score

In this bet you try to predict the correct result of a competition. With football that is the final score after 90 minutes of football. The injury time of course also counts. A possible extension is not included again.

As mentioned, the payments are better than with a 1x2 bet. A disadvantage is that a goal in the last minute can ruin your entire bet. Often players also take a number of bets with, for example, 2-0 and 3-0.

Example correct score at Jack’s

To make it even more fun, you can also bet on the right score per half. It may be easier to predict the result in 45 minutes.

Look at the past

When betting on sport it is always good to look at the statistics. You often see certain results in home games or against certain opponents. The Bookmakers Always provide you with the statistics of the last matches and you can also find the last mutual duels between opponents. Take advantage of this!

Statistics Competition NEC - Groningen

Live betting

At the American providers you can also place a bet live. During a competition you can estimate much better how a competition will go. Two anxious teams will often not set a big result. Good to know that you can also bet on a correct score live.