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With an impressive design, Starmada Exiles is a Playtech gem that takes you to the space and then gives you a pirate ship for the main characters.

By combining two fairly common themes, space and pirates, they have made a unique and fun slot machine. In the infinity of the space, go hunting for intergalactic treasures in this great lock with 25 lines.

It's all about the scatters. Two countries in the Free Games function to get a cash prize or to make a symbol wild. Collect rubies to transform more symbols and achieve larger profits, with even more scatters that are added to the roles after the function has ended.

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How does Starmada Exiles work

For the playing field of the slot machine you look at 5 roles and 25 lines, a common way of playing. The slot machine can repay the total bet to you in one round and at the same time you get access to various good features. Think of free spins with extra wild symbols, scatters and regular wilds.

This is not only a casino game with an impressive design, but it is also quite unusual in terms of theme. We are used to see slot machines with science fiction or pirate theme, but not many slot machines will combine the two.

The symbols show human, alien and robot pirates, as well as images of treasury, guns, bottles of drinks and other similar icons. All symbols that are used have a theme.

Info and interface

Even if it is one slot Who works just like other variants, it is always good to read through how the game should be played. If you click on info, you will see everything you need to know about the game. Here it is also exactly what each symbol has value. In this way you know where you stand before you will play Starmada Exiles.

If you want to adjust value at the bottom, do this with the and minus Total Bet. You can also see how much you have already won at "Win". It is pretty simple as soon as you know how to find everything.

The wild symbol

One of the characteristic symbols in the game, the Wild-Logo, will be a standard replacement, used in the same way as in any other lock. It will be available as a replacement, but only for regular symbols.

The other large feature symbol has the shape of a holographic planet, a symbol that is used as a scatter on rolls 1, 3 and 5. If you get it on rolls 1 and 3, the plunder bonus is activated.

If it appears on all three roles, you will get the free spins instead. During free spins, the high -paid symbols can be converted into extra wilds, which increases the chance of combinations that are formed there. You get 10 free spins, which you can trigger again.

Robines and the loot bonus

Robines can be used to change a symbol in a game, once you have three. The chance that the free spins will be activated increases after the function is over, because the crystals are replaced by scatters.

Regarding the loot bonus, this function lets you choose one of the scatters. It either yields a price or it can turn one of the high symbols into an extra game for the next trigger of the free spins. So you also have a choice in this and can adjust this choice to how your playing field is doing.

Deployment of lines and height of bets

When the deployment is set, the options are displayed for the total amount, which covers 25 lines at a time. This means that you cannot go lower than $ 0.25 with your bet, since at least $ 0.01 has to be used on each line.

On the other hand, high rollers will love the upper limit of the range of the slot machine, since it can go up to $ 2,500, which amounts to $ 100 per active line.

So it's just how much money you want to use, but with Starmada Exiles a lot is possible. As a result, many different types of players will be able to win money in the game.

Payments and RTP

The profits that you can win with Starmada Exiles look very good and no less than 1,500 times the total bet can be won during a single twist.

It requires regular symbols that form combinations on all active lines, which each pay 60 times the total bet. For this you need the Pirate Captain symbol. You will not get important functions that could increase that amount.

So there are no multiplicators, but on the other hand you will get more Wilds during the free spins. The release of PlayTech has an average variance and an RTP of 96.18%. The maximum profit that you can get is 1,500 your total bet, or $ 3,750,000 if you play with the maximum bet.


Starmada Exiles is a great fun slot machine with average variance. It has a good one RTP, a decent jackpot and fascinating special functions. It will not win prizes, but it will certainly entertain you.

Starmada Exiles looks great. While you play Starmada Exiles, you have the opportunity to experience exciting intergalactic adventures and achieve beautiful victories.

With special symbols and bonus games, this PlayTech slot has the potential to be both entertaining and very rewarding. When you are ready to explore this game, don't waste time and start turning the roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP of Starmada Exiles?

Playtech Starmada Exiles has given a standard RTP of 96.18%. This is above average and is fine.

What is the RTP of Starmada Exiles?

The lowest possible deployment at Starmada Exiles is $ 0.25 and the maximum bet is $ 2,500. So it is certainly a slot machine with which you can earn a lot of money. In the game you can recover around 1,500 times your bet, which can amount to $ 3,750,000 with the maximum bet.

Does Starmada offer Exiles free spins in the game?

Starmada Exiles has a free spins feature in the game. These can be activated in several ways of which the wild symbol and the holographic planet symbol are 2 of them.