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Slot machines have been popular since their invention. There are different types of slot machines that you usually find in casinos and play halls.

Nowadays, many popular slot machines can also be played online, and special virtual slot machines are being developed for online casinos. In this article we look at what exactly we mean by slot machines, how they play and what the difference is between physical and virtual slot machines.

The history of slot machines

The first Slots published in the second half of the 19e century. In 1870 you could play on the very first pinball machine, the first poker machines saw the daylight in 1891 and in 1898 the very first slot machine with the name Liberty Bell was introduced by Charles Fey.

Where scoring and paying out profit, mostly cigars or drinks, first all happened manually, Liberty Bell was the first slot machine that was able to automatically pay out a profit in the form of money. Over the years, playing on slot machines has been forbidden or largely restrained, but that has had yellow influence on the popularity of the slot machine, because they are still as popular as a century and a half ago.

Different types of slot machines

We have already mentioned that there are different types of machines. According to the American Gaming Authority you can divide all slot machines into 3 categories:

1. Gaming machines

These are the slots and slot machines where you are largely dependent on chance to win. If you win, you will usually receive a sum of money in this category of games, or the possibility to continue playing for free.

2. Agility machines

These are machines where you as a player do influence the outcome of the game, because the more agile you know the game you know the higher your points can be. This category includes pinball machines and arcade games and your win is often extra playing time or a free game

3. Fair machines

The third category are the fairground machines. You often see these slot machines, such as a grab game, at fairs and in play halls. You can't win money here, but real prizes in kind as toys and other items.

Slot machines in casinos

The slot machines that you encounter the most in a casino are the gambling machines. Agility vending machines and fairground machines, on the other hand, you see more often in Speelhallen. In the past, slot machines often also saw in cafés and restaurants, but that number is declining further and further according to the latest counts. Fortunately, you can still play at slot machines in casinos, or in a virtual version in a online casinoo.

How do you play?

How you play on a slot machine depends on the type of slot machine. For the sake of convenience, we limited ourselves to the slots with the rotating roles. Playing on a slot machine is as follows:

  1. You start by throwing money in the slot machine, these are usually coins, but with some slot machines you can also put paper money in the machine. Usually the minimum bet is $ 0.10, but there are also slot machines that you can play on from 5 cents.
  2. The money you have thrown into the slot machine is equal to a certain number of points that appear in the display on the slot machine.
  3. With these points you can play, and you start the game by first determining your bet and then pressing the "Spin" button or pulling it on the arm. This makes the roles in the slot machine in motion, after which they slowly come to a stop.
  4. If the roles stand still you can see if you have won something. If you have won something, the points are immediately credited to your balance, or you can often choose to play a game with which you can double your points. That is usually a 50/50 game as a head or coin.

How can you win?

How much you can win depends on the slot machine that you are playing on. With slots is the goal of the game to make winning combinations with the various symbols. Usually you have to get the same symbols in one line, but that can also be different. Combinations that occur less frequently yield the most profit. If you win, your profit is automatically credited to your points.

Vending machines with a jackpot

There are also slot machines where you also have a chance to win a jackpot. To win the jackpot, for example, you have to be able to land a unique combination with images on the roles. The chance that you know how to get this combination is so small that it does not happen often. But if you succeed, it is often about astronomical amounts of money that you can win, and even get up to the millions.

How much chance do you have to win with a slot machine?

Casinos that have a American license are obliged to indicate what the chance of winning is. The chance of winning is indicated in RTP (Return to Player). The RTP is a number between 0 and 100. The higher the RTP is, the greater the chance that you can win. On average, the payout percentage at slot machines is around 96%. An RTP of 96% means that of every 100 euros that your bet will be paid out 960 euros.

What are well -known slot machines?

The most famous slot machines that you often encounter in stone casinos are the traditional slot machines with the characteristic fruits as symbols. These games wear names such as Simply Wild, Random Runner, Twin Spin and Starburst. Do you want a

Where can you play them?

Because you encounter them less and less often in catering establishments, the best location to find a slot machine is a stone casino. For the most exciting slot machines, for example, you can go to Holland Casino. At Holland Casino you can find various exciting slot machines, including the classic roller machines and poker or roulette machines.

At Holland Casino you will also find machines with a screen. The slot machines with a screen look more like arcade games in a certain sense, and therefore offer more options for gameplay and graphics than the ordinary gambling machines.

The rise of the online slot machines

After the rise of the internet and the first online casinos, many game developers went into developing virtual machines. For example, there are various translations of existing country-based slot machines to a virtual version. Dozens of new online slot machines are also developed every month by the many game developers so that you can choose from a huge selection if you want to play online at a slot machine.

The difference between a physical slot machine and an online slot machine

There is actually not much difference between a physical slot machine And an online slot machine. Playing on virtual slot machines is often easier and goes faster, and moreover you can do it from your own home. With an online slot machine you also start with depositing money, but you then deposit it on your player account through your bank account.

A clear difference between online and physical machines is that you can put the game on autoplay and that you can automatically use and the game takes place. Moreover, it is also possible to play on multiple slot machines at the same time as a result of the Autoplay function.

Advantages of playing online

The biggest advantage of gambling on an online slot machine Is the convenience. You don't have to leave your house to play, and you can take a gamble on your favorite slot machine at any time. Instead of being on the road for hours, you have to look for a parking space and spend a lot of money on fuel, you can also play from home and try your happiness with the money you save.