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The Online Casino game Mystery Joker 6000 has been developed by Play ‘n Go and is a game that is good for many fans of slots. Play 'n Go is a Swedish company that has been one of the leading companies for years when it comes to online casino games.

Almost every week, new games are added to the online range of Play 'n Go and one is even more fun than the other also Mystery Joker 6000 is another game that will last with time and offers a slot that offers plenty of entertainment for you As a player.

The advantage of the games of this developer is that they are easy to play and you can also win some money with it.

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How does the game work?

As mentioned, the game Mystery Joker 6000 is very easy to play. This makes the game suitable for experienced players, but beginners can also enjoy it very well.

Just like with other games, the basis is a playing field of 3 rolls and 3 rows where you need combinations of the symbols. You have all kinds of extra bonus features that can help you make more money and increase your chances of winning.

Since Mystery Joker 6000 is based on the original fruit Slots, you will also find the standard symbols of this in this game. The star is the most valuable symbol and then the bell, grapes, lemons and cherries. You also have the special Joker symbol that can provide extra benefits.

They game gaming

In terms of graphics, the game Mystery Joker 6000 brings you back in time to the real classic slots. The symbols are very beautifully designed and are very clear and appealing. The game also has a very cozy soundtrack that fits perfectly with the atmosphere.

It is perhaps a simple design, but it turns out to be a big hit considering the number of players who still choose this slot machine. In the picture you see, among other things, the car-spin button where you can set how often you want to run automatically.

Furthermore, you can also determine exactly how much you want to use at the bottom and you can see how the game works at the Info button. This also states what the value of the symbols is.

The bonus features

The symbol that you can look forward to most in the game is the Joker symbol. This symbol can appear on both the first and the second role. If you have 2 Joker symbols, the third role automatically starts to give you a chance on a 3rd Joker.

As soon as you have three you get access to the so -called Mystery Wheel. With this Mystery Wheel you have the greatest chance of high profits in Mystery Joker 6000.

As mentioned, this function is activated in 3 jokers and brings a wheel of fortune into the picture. This will run automatically and can deliver you up to 6000 times your coin value with every turn of the wheel. The higher your bet, the more money you can earn.

Of supermodus

An extra feature has been added to Mystery Joker 6000. This is the super meter. Basically you get the choice between keeping the profits you have achieved or transfer them to the super meter that can be found above the roles.

When you play in super mode, you will have to double your bet amount for every twist, but that can also give you a greater profit. In this super mode you have no re-spin options such as with the Mystery Wheel.

It is true that you can still activate the Mystery Wheel function if you get 2 Joker symbols on the roles. There is a special button with which you can collect your profits in super mode to return to the basic game.

Windlines and height of bets

In the game Mystery Joker 6000 you have a total of 5 paylines at your disposal. These go both horizontally and vertically and are indicated by the figures on the side. So you not only have to have symbols from left to right on the straight line, but it is also possible from corner to corner.

The great thing about this game is that you can already participate in a bet of $ 0.10 per turn. The maximum bet is $ 100 per turn. In this game you play with credit coins of which you can set the value yourself.

You need 10 per turn, 2 per payline. The maximum profit that you can achieve with Mystery Joker 6000 is $ 180,000, but then everything really has to go well.

Payments and RTP van Mystery Joker 6000

Mystery Joker 6000 has a standard, just like other slots RTP Which the developer has linked to it, but whether you actually get it depends on which online casino you play. A license determines whether an online casino can also sit under the RTP.

The average RTP of slots is normally 96% and that of Mystery Joker 6000 is a lot underneath with 94.21%. When you use super mode, this can even rise to 100.95%.

It is also a game with a high variance. So you will have to play for a long time to actually achieve profits. With a very large dose of happiness you can recover your coin value 6000 times.


This game is a very simple and uncomplicated game that all types of players can enjoy themselves. It may seem like a slot machine that you can't win a lot with, but thanks to the extra features that are offered, you can still make high profits.

The only drawback is that the Mystery Wheel often seems manipulated and always stops the lower prices. The chance that you can really achieve very big winnings is very small, but that does not make fun of the game any less.

With the standard RTP of 94.21% it is one of the lower, but with super mode you can then boost this to 100.95%.

Frequently Asked Questions over Mystery Joker 6000

What features does Mystery Joker 6000 have?

The Mystery Joker 6000 game has a total of 2 features that you can use. By combining 3 Joker symbols you get access to the Mystery Wheel. You can win extra prizes with this. You can also choose to put your profits in super mode. With this you can score very high profits.

What are the minimum and maximum bets at Mystery Joker 6000?

You can use mystery Joker from $ 0.10 and you can use a maximum of $ 100.

What is the RTP of Mystery Joker 6000?

The RTP of Mystery Joker 6000 is 94.21%as standard, but this can vary between the various online casinos. With super mode you can then boost this percentage to 100.95%.