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The online casino game Multifruit 81 is a slot machine that you bring back to the standard fruit machines, but has been renewed into a video slot version. There are many online players who always opt for these super fun standard slots.

This is not only because it looks nice, but also because it is a very simple game to play. You don't have to think about the rules and you don't have to learn a strategy by heart to increase your chances of winning.

It is pure coincidence and happiness with a slot Comes and this is certainly the case with Multifruit 81. It is a simple slot machine that you can enjoy both as a starting and experienced player.

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How does Multifruit 81 work?

The 81 in the name Multifruit 81 stands for the number of ways in which you can win in this online casino game. The playing field consists of 4 rolls, each with 3 symbols. This gives you 3 times 3 times 3 times 3 = 81 ways to win the game.

The deployment threshold is kept low so that everyone can participate in it and you can mainly play your pleasure this game. The way you win in this game is, as is the case with most fruit machines. You must get 3 the same symbols on 3 rolls or the same symbol on all 4 rolls.

There are a total of 8 symbols that all give you a different advantage for you. So -called Wilds have also been added for more chances of winning.

They game gaming

The graphics of Multifruit 81 are very beautiful and offer you clear and clear symbols. The colors are very lively and make it an attractive game to watch and play.

At the bottom left of the game you can find the information symbol. By clicking on this you will see all the information regarding the game. Here it says how the game is played, what the values of the symbols are and how it works exactly with the Wilds.

You can also turn on Autoplay in Multifruit 81. With this you can play a few rounds in succession without always having to click on turning. The value of your bet can then be adjusted at the very bottom and you can also see your balance.

The bonus feature

In this game there is not so much real bonus features where you end up in all kinds of rounds or win a large jackpot. With Multifruit 81, a so -called game is used. The game in most fruit slots is a joker and that is also the case with Multifruit 81.

A game means that it can be replaced for all other symbols in the game. This can therefore replace both the lemons and the oranges, cherries and the bar symbol. If you get 3 bar symbols and a joker, the joker takes the place as a 4th bar symbol and win. Then you have a combination of 4 the same symbols and this gives you a profit.

Multiple Jokers

In addition to the fact that the joker can replace symbols, several Jokers can also bring you benefits. If you have 2 jokers, you can expect a doubling of your won money thanks to this winning combination.

If you can combine a 7 twice with a joker twice, then you have won no less than 200 times your bet instead of 100 times your bet. If you have 3 jokers with another symbol you will get no less than 500 times your bet. You also get this if you get to get 4 jokers on the playing field.

With every spider it is also the case that a role lights up. If a joker appears on this, all symbols change on the role in Jokers.

Windlines and height of bets With Multifruit 81

The number of paylines at Multifruit 81 is extremely high and the name already betrays exactly how much there are. You have 81 ways to win. With this slot machine it does not matter exactly where the symbols fall, as long as you get equal symbols on your playing field.

The chance that you will win with this Multifruit 81 slot machine is very high and that also means that many recreational players like to play. The threshold to use is also low in this game.

You can already participate from $ 0.06 per turn and the maximum bet amounts to $ 100 per turn. So you control how much you want to spend on it and how much risk you want to take.

Payments and RTP

When you look at which slot machine you want to play, it is always good to RTP to watch. This percentage indicates how much a game paid in the long term. With Multifruit 81 this percentage is 96.6% and is therefore a bit above average.

It is good to choose an online casino where the RTP of Multifruit 81 is very close to this percentage nearby. The casinos can adjust this when they have the right license for this.

If you play with the maximum bet and have all the happiness in the game, you will be able to win a maximum of $ 252,000 with Multifruit 81. This is a nice amount for this type of online casino slot machine.

Conclusion over Multifruit 81

The online casino slot machine Multifruit 81 is a nice slot machine that you can enjoy for a few hours with. The game works very simple and can be played by everyone. It does not matter whether you have never played with a slot machine whether you are already an experienced player.

It is a nice way to dispel time and offers a little entertainment. If you like to take a recreational gamble, you are in the right place at Multifruit 81. You can already use from $ 0.06 per turn.

Even if you want to take more risk, you have the option to use up to $ 100 per twist. No bonus games have been added to this slot machine, but with the Wilds you can still make beautiful profits.

Frequently Asked Questions For Multifruit 81

How high is the RTP of Multifruit 81?

The RTP from Multifruit is 96.6%as standard, but can be different per online casino. Therefore always choose the online casino with the highest RTP to have the best chance of winning.

What is the maximum profit for Multifruit 81?

With a maximum deployment of $ 100 you can achieve a maximum profit of $ 252,000.

Does multifruit 81 offer a jackpot?

You cannot win a jackpot in the Multifruit 81 game. You can win extra multipliers through the Joker symbols and make your win as high as possible.