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Mega Moolah: Chances are that you have already heard the name of this slot machine pass by! This game has become a true concept in casinos, both physical and online. Mega Moolah is known for its immense prices, which can rise to the millions!

The record of highest benefits by a slot machine also fell during a jar on this progressive jackpot lock. Later this record was crushed a few more times, also by a jar on Mega Moolah. For example, the highest benefit in 2015 was almost 18 million euros. In 2018 it was broken with nearly 19 million euros and in 2019 a Belgian ran away with 19.4 million euros! He is still the proud owner of the highest jackpot ever. But you too can win huge prizes with this game, so who knows you might take over the record from him.

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The theme of Mega Moolah

The way in which Mega Moolah is designed already betrays that the game has been around for a while now. The game comes from 2006, so the younger gamblers among us are often just older than Mega Moolah himself. The game has never received a thorough update since then, but luckily they are not just the looks that count.

Mega Moolah is set on a typical savannah in Africa. And what do you do on a savannah, different from the Big Five and other animals spot? So in this game you also look for lions, giraffes and elephants, but zebras also come by.

While playing you will be constantly reminded of the rising jackpot prizes. They are updated fresh for you every second. So while playing you can dream of all the fun things you will do with the money, even if you play with a lower bet.

That Mega Moolah is so popular, the maker (Microgaming) has of course not escaped. They have responded a lot to the success of the progressive jackpot cupboard and have had all kinds of variants made. For this they have collaborated with leading parties who have taken on the design and the like. With that, every variation on Mega Moolah looks different, but the game works exactly the same. Yet in terms of popularity, all these variants never came to the level of Mega Moolah.

Deployment, variance and return to player from Mega Moolah

The playing field of Mega Moolah consists of five different roles with a total of three rows. With this you can make 25 paylines. With all these properties, Mega Moolah fully meets the standard online slots.

Where the game does deviate, is with the RTP. The Return to Player is a nice 96,96%. This means that the percentage is a lot higher than average. Note: this is including The contribution for the jackpot. Without this contribution, a meager 88% remains for the basic game. That makes Mega Moolah not unique as a progressive Jackpot slot, but it is good to be aware of the relatively low percentage. That is what it is advisable to play Mega Moolah alone if you actually want to pursue the jackpots. Only playing the basic game means a lot of losses in percentage.

Exactly how much you can win with a jar can never be said in advance. It is clear that you can always win at least 1 million. This is because the amount on which the jackpot starts again after it has just been won. The Jackpot Steeds is then further supplemented with part of the deployment of all players. The jackpot grows faster if many more players participate. In that case it can go fast. There is no limit on how high the jackpot can be, so in principle you can win an infinitely high jackpot.

You play with a medium variance on Mega Moolah. With that you have a quite chance to win something, but you don't constantly win. If you win something, that's also an average price.

You can use it from 1 cents per turn! This makes the game very accessible for every player. Please note that you can only play on 1 payline. Your chances of winning are decreasing incredibly fast. You can therefore activate all 25 lines by using 25 cents per turn. You can use a maximum of 6.25 euros per spider. That maximum insert is therefore quite limited.

Do you want to be able to play Mega Moolah everywhere? That's great! You can easily play Mega Moolah on a mobile platform. Betting from your phone or tablet is therefore no problem. Small advantage on our behalf: we often find playing with your fingers just a bit more fun than through your computer. It seems like a small difference of nothing, but you still notice the difference immediately. Give it a try!

All bonus functions from Mega Moolah

It may be clear that Mega Moolah mainly revolves around the immense jackpots that you can win as a player. You have a chance to win these jackpots as soon as the bonus game is activated. One thing is important here: you have nothing to say about this yourself. The bonus game is totally randomly activated by the RNG. With that you can activate the bonus function with every turn by chance.

If the RNG is good for you and the bonus function falls, you leave the regular game and you will end up at a different prize wheel. It is divided into four different types of courses, each with their own color. Each color is then symbolized for one of the four jackpots. There is no box without color, so you always win a jackpot during the bonus function.

You would prefer that the wheel lands on the box for the Mega Jackpot. In that case you win the main prize and (in most cases) you are directly multi-millionaires! You also have a chance to win the mini, minor and major jackpot. With this you win more and more, but never as much as with the Mega Jackpot.

On average, with a trigger of the game you win an amount between 100 and 150 euros. That is a nice amount, but compared to the big main prizes that can be won, it is just a small consolation prize.

Free turns on Mega Moolah

The bonus game of Mega Moolah is not the only extra function. You can also win free turns with the Free Spins-Feature. For this you have to run at least 3 special scatter symbols in a turn. You immediately recognize this icon: it is a striking character. The icon has a purple head and it wears a red wig.

If you run at least three scatters, you get 15 free turns on the rolls. An X3 multiplier applies during these turns. Everything you play in these free turns is paid three times as high. The payouts can therefore rise, but with that we said the most important thing about the free turns.

The RTP in this game is, just like in the basic game, only 88%. You don't have to expect that you will win a lot. Everything you win will be nice 3 times as high.

The reliability of Mega Moolah

We have already talked a few times about the towering payments that have fallen with this lock machine. With a little common sense you may soon think: "That can never really be?" Players who have won almost 20 million through an online game may sound incredibly unrealistic, but it is really the truth. Several people have already become a multi -millionaire by playing Mega Moolah.

This is because the company behind Mega Moolah, Microgaming, is a very famous player on the market. Microgaming is behind many types of games that you have in all kinds online legal casinos finds back. The fact that many online casinos want to work with this brand indicates how reliable and solid the brand works. That is why you certainly don't have to worry about the reliability of Mega Moolah.

Conclusion: Is Mega Moolah worth it?

There are few progressive Jackpot slots so known as Mega Moolah. There are a lot of variants of this game on the market, both (partly) of original publisher Microgaming and competitors. These have never been so popular and have never paid out such immense amounts. For a good Jackpot slot, you soon have to go to Mega Moolah.

Despite the mega high popularity, Mega Moolah itself has surprisingly little to offer. The only significant function is logically the progressive jackpot, which you can make a multi -millionaire in one fell swoop. Outside that the machine is actually a bit of bulls. You play for a low RTP, which gives you low chances of winning in the basic game. Furthermore, the lock looks a bit dated, which is not crazy for a 2006 game.

We really recommend Mega Moolah only if you want to play for that mega grand prize. In addition to that, the game simply does not have much to offer. Then you still have to ask yourself: do I really want to spend my money at a megahhead price whose chance of winning is almost 0? If it is worth that, Mega Moolah is the perfect locking machine for you. For slightly more visual or technical attraction, we can recommend that you look at an alternative to Mega Moolah.