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The clairvoyant Gypsy Dame tries to make a large and daring comeback via this Megaways version of the original Madame Destiny from Pragmatic Play. The choice is interesting, because the first game was not really successful.

Perhaps the "magical" Megaways format will ensure that it will work. The quite strange low potential will most likely already make a red flag rise in the heads of most experienced players. You will also win many rounds in a row.

Visually the game has clearly received a makeover and you will benefit from a horizontal top roll above the 4 middle rolls. However, the basic game is a rather boring affair. There is an ante deployment that will double your chances of free spins.

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How does the game Madam Destiny Megaways work

Visually, the new and old version are very similar, although the larger Megaways electricity grid has changed the image of the new version. This also applies to the addition of new gambling options on the left side of the screen.

The rest is quite equal. This means that you see leafless trees in the moonlight, the roles can be seen in a carriage and on the side Madame Destiny practice her profession.

Graphically things have improved. Everything is a bit sharper than before. The area is a bit more spooky and more mysterious, making the lock of Madame Destiny a seductive slot machine to play. With the push of a button everything starts to turn and it is hoped that you will win something.

Info, Settings and Interface of Madam Destiny Megaways

The info icon can be found at the bottom of the game Madam Destiny Megaways. If you click on it, you will see the game rules of Madan Destiny Megaways. To know what which symbol is worth, you have also come to the right place. Always check this before you turn so that you know how the game is played.

You will also find the settings and volume symbol in the same angle. Behind the word credit is what exactly you have in the balance and behind the word states with what amount you are committed. It's pretty simple and with most Slots Is this part pretty much the same. This only makes playing with it easier.

Tumble, free spins and ante deployment

To help you as a player to increase your chances, various bonus functions have been added to Madam Destiny Megaways. These are the tumble feature, free spins and an ante-deployment option to increase the chance that the bonus game will be activated, or buy a direct bonus.

The Tumble Feature is fairly standard for this type of slots and is available in both the main game and during free spins. How it works is that when a winning combination is formed, it is removed from the roles and a lot of empty spaces remain.

Symbols then fall down, which may lead to repeated victories. Tumbles roll on until no new line-up wins.

The Crystals Bol

A crystal ball is the symbol that awarded free spins and a cash prize. 3, 4, 5 or 6 of this symbol are equal to a payment value of 5x, 10x, 20x or 100x your bet. You also get access to free spins. You will then see a wheel of fortune whose inner ring is free spins and the outer man.

With such a tempting multiplier promotion that is available during the bonus game, some will appreciate the addition of a bonus purchase option, if available of course. It costs 100 times the bet to activate, and this not only accelerates the free spins, but it also increases the RTP.

As an alternative to the purchase option, there is the Ante Bet function, which increases the bet by 25%.

Deployment of lines and height of deployment at Madame Destiny Megaways

You don't need many virtual silver coins to get a lecture by Madame Destiny. All she asks is $ 0.20 per turn and the maximum bet level is $ 100. An Ante BET option increases the bet by 25%, but doubles the chance of activating the free spins.

You can completely skip the basic games and participate in the bonus round for 100 times the deployment. You win by matching symbols over the roles, and the chance becomes greater when the Megaways system places more symbols on the roles.

At Madam Destiny Megaways it is possible to get 200.704 winning ways, which should be more than enough to get multiple combinations at the same time.

Payments and RTP

Madame Destiny Megaways offers a wide range of possible bets. You can use an amount of $ 100 per turn from $ 0.20. The entry is low and that makes it a game that you can also play when you just start.

The statistics are respectable across the board, at least if you find a standard level of the RTP to play. That is, you start with a standard RTP, return to player, from 96.56% rising to 96.67% if the two bet options are activated.

The Volatility is high, rated by the maker as 5 out of 5. The waiting time for free spins can be very long, so that the bonus purchase option is tempting, especially if you have had a positive experience with it.

Conclusion for Madame Destiny Megaways

The Madam Destiny slot machine has a fairly attractive look, but it is mainly those free spins with the set multiplied people who make it an interesting game. If you know how to score a good multiplier and free spins, you can regain excellent money. Perhaps the most surprising thing about Madame Destiny Megaways is the maximum potential.

Players are used to see dazzling figures dangling for a pragmatic play game and they get more often than not. At Madam Destiny the question is how feasible some symbols are.

Madame Destiny Megaway's maximum profit is the bet 5,000 times. What is somewhat strange, since a multiplier of 25 times mixed with a game with a multiplication function of 2 should normally yield a higher profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Madame Destiny Megaways's disaster?

The standard RTP of this game is quite high with 96.56%. However, the payment percentage increases to 96.67% if the ante deployment is switched on or if you buy the bonus round.

What is the greatest possible profit with Madam Destiny Megaways?

You can win up to 5,000 times your bet, which is quite low compared to most megaways lock games that exist. Most Megaways titles have a profit of 10,000 times or 20,000 times the deployment.

Is there a free spins feature present in Madame Destiny Megaways?

Yes, you can get up to 12 free spins and a multiplier between 2 times and 25 times via the bonus wheel. However, the multiplier is not progressive, so it always remains the same during the bonus round.