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If you belong to the people who already want to raise the Christmas tree in the mid -September, while others enjoy the last piece of summer, then Play’n Go with Holiday Spirits has the perfect slot machine for you to play. With this slot machine you can already get into the atmosphere of the holidays before the seasonal flood really starts.

Holiday Spirits is a very fun game to play and the theme of the slot is the classic story of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge plays the leading role in the story and that is the case with the slot machine.

The 3 spirits of the story also pass as well as other symbols. If you want to get completely in the Christmas atmosphere, this is really recommended.

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How does Holiday Spirits work

The game is played on a playing field of 3 rolls of 3 rows with symbols. In total you have 5 paylines to be able to book victories. So you have to get 3 the same symbols to win money. The three spirits of the story of Charles Dickens are present as symbols on the roles alongside Scrooge's old business partner Jacob Marley.

The other symbols are all icons of the Christmas party. You will see oxygen, Christmas socks, mistletoe and snow bulbs that all have a different value. Ebenezer Scrooge is the Wild in Holiday Spirits and replaces any other symbol to help you increase your winnings.

Scrooge will also hand out multiplicates to you and offers 2 extra functions to increase your profits in Holiday Spirits even more.

They game gaming

As mentioned, you play Holiday Spirits on a 3 × 3 grid and you have to get 3 the same symbols to win. This game is not the first time that Scrooge and the three spirits are used as the theme for a slot machine. Yet this version is very nicely made.

You will be presented with a warm homely atmosphere through the fireplace and cozy decorated Christmas tree. Although Ebenezer Scrooge in the story is a real stingy, you will be able to benefit from his wealth in the game Holiday Spirits.

The graphics of the game are of high quality and are very nice to watch. With this game, the Play ‘n Go design team has done its best again to make it a party and that can be seen.

Ebenezer’s Clock

The features that you can use in the Holiday Spirits slot machine consist of Ebenezer’s Clock-Multipliers, Ebenezer’s Gift and a Win Spins function. These functions can help you to regain some money.

The clock is above the rolls and you have to keep a close eye on this to get multipliers. This can be activated at what time in the basic game or during the win spins and this just happens randomly. If this is the case, you will get a multiplier of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times your bet with every victory you book.

As long as you keep running, the chance of the Ebenezer’s Clock multipliers will remain and this can yield you very high profits when you are lucky while running.

Ebenezer’s Gift en Win Spins

In addition to the clock, you will find Ebenezer’s Gift, which can increase the effect of the Clock multipliers. If it lights up at the same time as the clock, it will double the multiplier of the clock to a maximum of 20 times.

You also have the win spins, which is actually the most important function of the game. If you have 2 rolls with the same symbols in a lost twist and have a multiplier active, activate the Win Spins function.

The 2 roles will remain stuck and then there are 3 possible win spins in the form of the spirits. The Win Spins of Christmas Future, Present and Fits. These increase your multiplier by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times and can give your profits a big boost.

Windlines and height of bets At Holiday Spirits

As mentioned, Holiday Spirits has 3 rolls and 3 rows where you have the option to use only 5 lines. This makes the game relatively unique because this number is quite low.

Of course you have many functions in Holiday Spirits to increase your winnings. It is a game that many fans can appreciate, precisely because it is so simple. The threshold to use is kept low so that you can also play well with low bets. The minimum bet is $ 0.10 per turn.

The maximum bet is set at $ 100 per spin so that you can also take a little more risk whenever you want. With these bets, Holiday Spirits is a game that is suitable for both recreational players and fanatic gamblers.

Payments and RTP van Holiday Spirits

All typical Christmas symbols are the low -paid symbols. The highly paid symbols can vary in terms of what they yield. This can be 1.4 times before the Golden Spirit to 4 times for three of the Jacobs Symbols on a line.

Holiday Spirits is equipped with the standard mathematical model of Play ‘n Go, although it can vary. The game has a standard RTP of 96.54%. This is above average, but can be different for each online casino.

It is a slot machine with a variance that is assessed by Play 'n Go with 6 out of 10 and is therefore low to average. So you will not have big fluctuations. You cannot play intensively with this, but you can play a fun game with a super fun theme.


Every year, around November, a number of game developers come with a game where Christmas is the theme. Play 'n GO was no exception to this. With Holiday Spirits they have added a nice and well -designed game to their offer that people can enjoy.

In front of Play ‘N GO It is important that you mainly have fun and they want to offer you the best possible graphics for a super play experience. With every twist you will hear a nice soundtrack that fully matches the holidays theme.

It is also a simple slot machine that basically works the same as the classic slot machines. You do get a number of extra functions in the form of the 3 spirits, for example, to increase your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made Holiday Spirits?

Holiday Spirits was developed by the company Play’n GO. This company is 1 of the market leaders in the field of Online casino games. Just like all the other games from Play ‘n Go, Holiday Spirits is a very well -designed game that you can really enjoy.

What is the maximum profit in Holiday Spirits?

A disadvantage of the Holiday Spirits slot machine is that your maximum profit is low. You can win back a maximum of 1,600 times. This comes with the maximum deployment of $ 100 at $ 160,000.

Has Holiday Spirits a progressive jackpot?

No, Holiday Spirits does not offer you a progressive jackpot. You will have to do it with the maximum profit potential of 1,600 times your bet. Image