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You must have seen them stand by and snack bar or in a gambling hall: slot machines. These gambling devices with their characteristic games are unprecedentedly popular in the Netherlands. A slot machine falls under the category slots, but actually forms its own category through their striking properties.

In this article you can read what a slot machine is, how it works if you want to play on a slot machine and what the difference is between a real slot machine and a virtual slot machine that you can find in a Legal online casino.

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How did they arise?

The slot machine as we know it now has been around for more than 100 years. The very first model of slot machine was designed by Charles Fey, an American tool maker of German descent who at the end of the 19e century to the United States emigrated. He launched his first slot machine model in 1894, and this model had three roles.

In 1898 the first slot machines that could immediately pay money. The US government did not think it was such a good idea, and forbade these machines. The story goes that then machines were developed that did not pay money but sweets, and that the pictures on the rolls corresponded with the sweets you could win. This is how the fruit machines that we know now emerged.

How do you play?

Playing on a slot machine is not very complicated, but all the more exciting and moreover it can give you a lot of money. You do need a considerable dose of luck for it, but well, it is not for nothing a game of chance. If you have never gambled on a slot machine, we describe below in simple steps how you can play on a slot machine.

1. Select a slot machine to play on

There are different species with exciting names such as Simply Wild, Bells on Fire, Random Runner and All Ways Fruits. Choose one that appeals to you the most.

2. Determine your bet

To start playing, you must determine your bet. You use per spider, that is a twist on the rolls. You can use an amount of your choice per spin, the minimum and maximum that you can use differs per slot machine. Often you can use $ 0.10, but think in advance how much you can miss, because usually you cannot increase your bet in the meantime.

3. Give a twist to the roles

You can now let the roles run by pushing a button, and once the rolls run the game has started. A spider often only takes a few seconds so that you don't have to wait very long to see if you have won something.

4. Win cash prizes

You can win prizes by making certain combinations with the symbols that you see on the roles. Often the goal is to get the same symbols in a row as many as possible.

5. Let the profit pay out

If you have made a winning combination, the slot machine immediately pays out your winnings.

What is there so characteristic of a slot machine?

It goes without saying that you can recognize a slot machine by the fruity images on the rolls. In addition to the use of the same symbols such as cherries, lemons and oranges, slot machines also always consist of a limited number of roles and paylines. Another feature in addition to the recognisability of a slot machine is that after a few spins you understand how the game works.

The arrival of the online slot machines

With the rise of the internet and Online casinos Many game developers have come up with a translation of existing country-based games to a virtual variant. There are by now dozens of virtual slot machines, or video slots as they are called, from which you can choose. Watch out and an identical copy of the slot machine that you know from the snack bar or the toy hall and also bear the same name and have the same rules.

The difference with playing on a physical slot machine and an online slot machine

In fact, there is not much difference between playing a physical slot machine and an online slot machine. The difference is that you do not have to throw coins in the device but that you first have to deposit money on your player account at the online casino. After determining your bet is automatically deducted from your player account per spin.

Another difference is that you can often automatically run the game spins, usually you can even set in advance how many spins the device has to perform without stopping. And you can play spins automatically because you can automatically play the game at multiple slot machines.

Advantages of playing online at a slot machine

The biggest advantage of playing online at a slot machine is the convenience. You don't have to go outside to search for your favorite slot machine, and you don't have to change money first to throw in the machine. You only have to switch on your computer, tablet or smartphone and look for the game to start playing. It saves fuel costs, travel time, searching for a parking space and you can enjoy an exciting gambling game at any time in your own house.

The doubling function

Almost every slot machine has a "doubled game". That is a kind of extra function where you have a 50N% chance of double your profit. That often goes in the form of a kind of head-or-mint-like game, where you are doubled if you have chosen correctly. But if you are wrong, you will lose the entire win in one fell swoop. So you have a big chance to win or lose with the doubling function of a slot machine.

Bonus games at slot machines

What makes playing fun is the opportunity to promote to the "upper game". This is the bonus part of the game, and is often called so because it is a reference to the time that the slot machine really had a underspel (the basic game) and a second game that was higher in the slot machine, the top game.

You only promot to the top game if you have collected a certain number of points. You can win the really big cash prizes in the top game, and often you can only change your bet when you promote to the top game.

Where can you play online?

In the Netherlands you can play legally online at online casinos that have a permit from the American Gaming Authority. For example, you can find the best slot machines at Holland Casino, Circus Casino of Casino 777. If you are going to play one on a slot machine at a casino with a permit, you know for sure that you will be paid honestly and that your money and your personal data are protected.

And do you want one fruitomat First try it before you start really bet on it, then at most online casinos you can first try out the slot machines for free, then you know for sure that you will enjoy playing the roles.