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The story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves enchanted countless readers since the 18th century and it is not for nothing that many different developers have started working on this theme. Play ‘n Go also saw something in the story of Ali Baba and decided to turn it into an online casino slot machine.

It is an epic folk tale in which the son of a poor lumberjack discovers a secret hole of a bunch of thieves. The graphics of Fortunes or Ali Baba ensure that you are really sucked into the story and almost watch it as a movie.

Play N ’Go brings the wonderful story to life in Fortunes of Ali Baba by releasing the myth over the roles.

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How does Fortunes or Ali Baba work?

The game works fairly easily, although it is a shame that Play’n Go has chosen symbols that also include the classic card game. The developer could have done so much more in the field of the symbols to stay close to the legend.

The card symbols are low values and have an Arabic look. Other symbols that you encounter on the roles are precious jewelry, medicinal herbs, amulets and Ali Baba's own dagger.

The dagger is the symbol with the highest value and gives you 14x your total bet. The game works as follows; There are a total of 5 rolls with 3 symbols, with 3 or more the same symbols you will be paid. You can earn more with the Wilds and Scatter symbols.

DE Spelomgeving

By opting for Fortunes or Ali Baba you will find yourself in the land of strong stories and fairy tales. The atmosphere is very nicely tailored to the story and most symbols that are used match the theme.

This online slot machine has very nice clear images and the game continues to fascinate. It is the entrance to the thieves hole that forms the background of the playing field. The background music fits in perfectly with the theme with mysterious Middle Eastern music.

The play screen is made in such a way that you as a player can easily play the game. Via the info button you enter the screen with the explanation and payment table of the symbols. You also have the option to adjust your bet and opt for Autoplay.

De Wild Morgly

Ali Baba is perhaps the one that is all about, but without the slave Morgiana the name of the lumberjack would remain completely unknown .. Morgiana saves Ali's life several times in the story. She is also the one who ultimately brings the leader of the thieves a deadly blow. In Fortunes of Ali Baba, Morgiana is used as the scatter of the game.

When you get 2 scatters on the first and fifth role, they activate the Den or Thieves Bonus function. It is just like the notorious cave is entering. You get pots that you have to open which you immediately give a price or offer extra free spins.

This bonus round has 5 levels, where which pot you choose is important to continue playing.

Free spins and re-spins at Fortunes or Ali Baba

When free spins are activated in the Denieves-Bonus rounds, all prices will be collected and paid when this free spins round is ready. You start the round with 8 free spins where an Ali Baba-Wild can be found on the roles with every turn.

When you get a Thieves wild, you get a re-spider. In the re-spin, the Thieves Wild will move to the Ali Baba Wild and will remain wildly behind it. If you also get 2 Morgiana scatters in the bonus round, you will get 2 free spins.

This way you can stay in the bonus rounds for a long time and win great prizes. If the free spins are finished, you return to the basic game with your win.

Windlines and height of bets

Fortunes of Ali Baba is a good addition to the offer that comes from the Play’n Go factory. There are 5 roles with which you play the game where each roll has 3 rows with symbols. In total you have 25 fixed paylines in the game.

So you have relatively many ways to get winning combinations of symbols. From 3 or more the same symbols you will actually win and from the Ali Baba Wild you have to combine 5 or more to win.

Under the rolls you can see the menu bar where players can use and you can opt for a bet between $ 0.20 and $ 100 per turn. So you can determine how much money you want to put in the game.

Payments and RTP van Fortunes of Ali Baba

The mathematical model with which the Fortunes of Ali Baba gambling is provided is able to produce a number of decent figures. Firstly, there is of course the variance, which Play’n Go has assessed on 8 out of 10. It is not the game with the highest variance, but it is a relatively high song.

As with every Play’n Go-releases, Fortunes or Ali Baba is also supplied with a variety of RTP percentages. The standard RTP Is 96.89%, but you can also come across online casinos with 94.63% or lower. The symbol values are not mega high where the dagger is the best paid with 14 times.

With the Wilds you can score a payout of 250 times the bet at Five of A Kind.


The developer Play ’N GO has released many different slots in recent years and Fortunes of Ali Baba also belongs here. It is a nice slot machine with which you can earn nice money, but where you have to be patient. You will have to wait a long time for profits, but that does not immediately detract from the game.

This slot machine is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. If you want an online slot machine where you can use your money for a longer period of time, Fortunes or Ali Baba may not be completely your game.

If you like to take risks and are fanatic, you have come to the right place in this game. You can regain your bet up to 10,000 times which can amount to a million euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RTP is used for Fortunes or Ali Baba?

The RTP from Fortunes or Ali Baba is supplied with several RTP percentages. The standard RTP is 96.89%, but can also be as low as 94.63%. Make sure you choose an online casino where this percentage is as high as possible.

How many times can you win with the Wilds?

Both Wilds in the game, the Ali Baba and Thieves Wild, can pay you 250 times your bet when you get 5 on the playing field.

Are there multiplicates in the free spins rounds?

You start the bonus round of Fortunes or Ali Baba with 8 free spins where a multiplier of 1 hears. With 2 Morgiana Scatter Symbols you get 2 extra spins and the profit is multiplied by 1.