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You see a buy bonus feature more and more often at the online casinos. This is option where you can go directly with your free spins. Normally you have to activate this free bonus spins by running a certain number of scatters. With a bonus feature you can, for a fee, directly to the Free Spins.

In fact, they are no longer free spins, but you can earn it for a fee. The advantage of these free spins is that your chance of winning is a lot higher than with the normal spins.

What is the Buy Bonus Feature?

In most American online casinos You can earn free spins with a game. For example, you have to run a number of scatters. Scatters are symbols that you can win with. In the past you could only win money with a slot machine if you had one line with the same symbols. Nowadays you often see other options for winning in the online casinos, such as with scatters. If this symbol comes on your screen a number of times, regardless of what height, you can already win a prize. And often you can also earn bonus features in the form of free spins.

A buy bonus feature is actually a bonus that you pay for. You then pay a certain amount, so that you can use your free spins immediately. You don't have to have played a number of scatters, but you can use your free spins immediately for a fee. Now you may wonder why you would pay for this, if you can also earn them for free? The answer is simple: the RTP from Free Spins is often more favorable than with the normal spins.

A higher RTP

A higher one RTP means a greater chance of winning money. And of course you do it for that. You want to earn back the money that you use with profit. The free spins have a higher RTP and that makes your chance to win greater than with the regular spins.

Many gamblers therefore have extra money left to play with these free spins. They often use the buy bonus feature. They pay to use the free spins immediately. You no longer have to meet all kinds of conditions to be able to activate your free spins.

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The benefits of the buy a bonus feature

The buy bonus feature has a number of advantages. Of course it saves you a lot of time, because you can now immediately use the free spins. In addition, the RTP of the Free Spins is more favorable than that of the regular spins. That means you have a better chance of winning. And finally it is of course an advantage that high bets are immediately rewarded. Because you pay for these free spins, you have direct access to spins with a more favorable RTP.

The disadvantages of the buy a bonus feature

Of course the buy a bonus feature also has a number of disadvantages. First of all it is expensive. You pay for free spins that you could actually get for free. Secondly, it has been shown that it can have an addictive effect on players. You want to win so much that you want to pay money for free spins with a slightly more favorable RTP.

And finally the game can get boring to play. The motivation to play for free spins is no longer there, because you can just buy it.

Why do online casinos offer the buy a bonus feature?

The main reason that the buy a bonus feature is offered is that players would like this. That may be related to the addictive effect. Players want to earn the free spins so that they are willing to pay for this. And they are willing to pay for this because they know that the RTP is a bit more favorable. Their chance of winning is therefore slightly bigger when they play with the free spins than when they play with the regular spins.

If you look at how much more favorable the RTP is with the free spins, then you have to conclude that that is not very extremely large. On average, your chance of winning at the Free Spins is about half percent higher than that with the normal basic spins. The question is whether that outweighs the extra bet you need to do to use these free spins immediately. For many major players, the extra effort is definitely worth it.

Impatient customers

Another reason why online casinos offer this buy a bonus feature is that they know that their customers are often impatient. If you want to access the free spins in the usual way, then you often have to be patient. And gamblers are often not so patient. They get blinded by the Euro signs and want to win as quickly as possible.

Real gamblers know that the RTP of the free spins are more favorable than the RTP of the regular spins. And they have quite a bit of money to play with spins that have a higher RTP. The online casinos respond to this.

How come the RTP of the cutter spins is more favorable?

The online casinos want to generate extra revenue with the buy a bonus feature. By using this feature, they know that they can lure the big gamblers to their casino. And these are the people that the online casinos should be of. A higher RTP and therefore also a greater chance of winning ensures that many fervent gamblers go to these types of casinos.

Bonus Features

In an online casino, the bonus features, often in the form of free spins, are very important. These types of bonuses ensure that customers remain and that they will always return. In many casinos you can earn bonus spins. You can earn bonuses by, for example, visiting the online casino daily. This is registered and if you have visited the online casino for a certain number of days in a row, you have earned a bonus. This is often in the form of free spins.

Ways to earn free spins

You can also often earn spins by playing a lot. For example, you earn a free spider if you have played 100 spins. But it may also be that you get free spins if you have deposited a certain minimum amount into your account. There are various options for earning bonuses and free spins at an online casino. That is also called bonus features. The more of these bonus features are offered, the more interesting it is for players to continue to visit the online casino.

Policies of De Buy Bonus Features

For gamblers who don't want to wait until they Free spins Getting, the buy bonus feature is a solution. You can then, for a fee, use your free spins immediately. There are often a number of conditions attached to this. A condition is that you have to pay money to get to your free spins. Often it is a major investment that you have to make and you are not sure if you will earn back that investment.

In the beginning there was actually only one possibility to activate the buy bonus features. You sometimes paid up to 100 times your total bet. Suppose you normally bet 20 euros per twist. Then you would have to pay 2,000 euros to go directly to the free spins of the feature bonus. A substantial amount. It will give you spins with a favorable RTP. So you increase your chance to win with a certain percentage.

Possibilities to activate the buy a bonus feature

You now see more and more other options or conditions for gaining direct access to your free spins. An online casino sometimes lets you choose how many scatters you have to run to activate the free spins. Depending on the amount of scatters that you set, you then pay a higher or lower amount per spin. The investment to reach the free spins is actually always the same.

What are the best online games with a buy a bonus feature?

There are a number of online games that have a good buy a bonus feature. First of all, the game Money Train 2. The theme of this online game is the Wild West. You pay 100 times your bet here to activate the buy bonus. The RTP is 96.40 percent. And the maximum price to be won is 50,000 times the bet.

Starburst XXXtreme is also an online game with a good buy a bonus. The RTP is 96.25 percent. Your chances of winning rise considerably in this game, but your investment is also considerable, namely up to 95 times the bet per turn. But there are online games where your investment is even higher. That is the case with San Quentin Xways. The prize money can be up to 150,000 times your total bet, but you also pay a lot for this. Namely up to 400 times your commitment to the free spins.

Large jackpots with the buy a bonus feature

As you can read, there are big jackpots to be earned with the buy a bonus feature in some games. That is of course a big trigger for the real gamblers. They will play these games with great enthusiasm. They have to make a major investment to get to the free spins.

And the free spins are not actually free, because you have to pay for it. The big advantages of the Buy a Bonus feature is the action you get, the high RTP and the mega jackpots that you can win. The big disadvantage is the big investment that you have to make.

Responsible game behavior and buy a bonus features

Online casinos have a certain responsible when it comes to Responsible game behavior. They have received a permit in the Netherlands from the American Gaming Authority. This permit will receive an online casino if they meet certain requirements. One of these requirements is that they must be able to demonstrate that they ensure that their players can play responsibly and that they do not encourage addiction. The question is therefore whether offering a buy a bonus feature fits within this policy.

The temptation of the buy bonus feature is often too high

Precisely because the buy a bonus feature is offered by online casinos, you can ask yourself whether this is not contrary to responsible game behavior. Players often cannot resist the temptation and the chance that players will use this is relatively high. Also because this option often appears fairly clearly. A push of a button is done quickly.

You often see that players use the buy a bonus feature to be able to make up certain losses quickly. Or because players think that by using this feature they will quickly become very rich. Players know that they also have a higher chance of winning with these free spins. Many players will eventually tack and still use the Buy a Bonus feature.

When should you not activate the buy a bonus feature?

If you are a small player at the online casinos, then you have to wonder if it is wise for you to activate the buy a bonus feature. The investment is often quite high and the chance that you win with these free spins is often slightly larger than with the normal spins. For major players who use a lot of money, it is often worth making this investment. A slightly larger chance of winning is enough motivation for them to make a major investment to play directly with the free spins.

For a smaller player it is often too great a risk. The amounts of activating the buy a bonus feature are often too high for these players. Do you want to try this out, because your temptation is too big for you? Then you can lower your bet before you activate the buy a bonus feature. Suppose you normally play with a bet of 15 euros per turn. Then activating the buy a bonus feature would mean that you pay 1,500 euros for a twist. A lot of money for an average player.

Lower your bet

That is why it is best to lower your bet to, for example, the minimum deployment of 0.15 euros per turn. If you activate this feature, it will cost you 15 euros to play the extra spider. Just as much as you use normally, only now you have a higher chance of winning. In this way you can try the buy a bonus feature in a responsible way. You have to realize that you will not win a very high jackpot.

The inventors of the buy a bonus feature

The game developers are the creators of the Buy a Bonus feature. You often see that the developers are becoming increasingly creative with adding this feature to their games. The inventor of the buy a bonus is Big Time Gaming. They once started with this. And in the meantime they have already stopped offering this feature.

You see that this possibility in more and more countries leads to questions. In particular because it does not contribute to responsible game behavior. The temptation to use this feature is too great to resist. Especially the idea that you can win a lot by activating this feature, many gamblers pulls over to activate the feature.

Activate the bonus feature or not?

When asked whether or not you should activate the bonus feature, there is no clear answer. The chance of a high jackpot becomes greater when you activate this option. And the game is certainly more exciting and more versatile after activating this option. But on the other hand, the investment that you have to do is not small. On average, the price for this is 50 to 100 times your normal bet. And there are outliers up to 500 times your normal bet.

The big advantage of activating the bonus feature is of course your chance of winning. In addition, you often have access to many extra options and possibilities. If you have to activate the bonus spins with the usual game, then that is often a long -term and boring route. Activating the free spins is also very complicated in the normal way. The button to activate on the buy bonus is often great in the picture and the chance that you cannot resist the temptation increases as you play longer.

Do you decide to activate the buy bonus? Then don't forget to reduce your amount per spider first. That way you can try out whether this feature really offers you so much benefit. And the risk that you walk then is relatively small because you play with a low amount.