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The players who like to take a chance at a slot machine are becoming increasingly demanding. Where they used to be satisfied With a normal and simple slot machine, they now expect all kinds of features, hip sounds, free spins and bonus games. The developer will of course respond to this. And now see that every slot machine actually has one or more bonus games.

The advantage of a bonus game is that you can hold the visitor for longer. The idea that they can play the bonus game after a few spins ensures that the players continue to play on that one slot machine for a little longer. Often you can also win extra prizes with a bonus game or you can win that one mega -sized jackpot.

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What is a bonus game?

A bonus game is an extra game in a slot machine. With this game you often get the opportunity to earn extra money. Sometimes the bonus games take place in the original game, but it can also happen that you end up in a completely new screen, where you can play a very own game. You can activate a bonus game by, for example, collecting special bonus symbols. Or sometimes by having turned a certain number of spins. It is also possible to buy access to a bonus game. That is relatively expensive, but you will immediately have a chance to win that high jackpot. Professional gamblers in particular often buy access to a bonus game.

A bonus game often gives you an extra chance to win a lot of money. But don't forget that you also have a big chance of losing everything you won. They are often extra games in the game, where you get the feeling that something can be won. But in most cases, pursuing a bonus game does not suffer from winning, but rather a loss.

Different types of bonus games

There are many different bonus games Slots. Sometimes you already see them on the slot machine when you are still working on the regular game. Your eye often falls on that mega -wide jackpot that you could possibly win. Sometimes you also see the height of the jackpot rising with every spider that you do. You often see a number of bonus games coming back regularly at online casinos, such as:

1. Bonus Wheel

2. Pick 'European Bonus Games

3. Hold & Win / Hold & Spin

4. Take it of Leave it

5. Free spins

6. Re-spins

7. Jackpot

8. Gamble Feature

Bonus Wheel

Bonus Wheel is best compared to the wheel of Fortuin. The wheel is filled with all kinds of prices. For example, you can win multipliers, wilds, free spins, re-spins, cash prizes or a jackpot yourself. The chance that you win a great prize with the Bonus Wheel is relatively small.

Yet the Bonus Wheel is always a bonus for the player that lures. Of course you see all those great prizes that you could win. And therefore you get motivated and want to continue playing, so that you can activate the bonus game.

Pick 'Em Bonus Games

With this bonus game you often see a completely new screen. The bonus game is often made in the theme of the slot machine. For example, if this is the theme of the space, then you can suddenly end up on another planet and that you may have to choose from three space suits there. But you can also have to open the coffins, for example, or have to make Molhopen the same. Everything is possible, as long as it fits within the theme of the slot machine.

With this bonus game you often have to point out one or more items that you think is a good price behind or in. With this type of bonus game, all kinds of fun animations are often devised. Very nice, but also very time -consuming and of course little profitable. That is a major disadvantage of this bonus game.

Hold & Win / Hold & Spin

This is a relatively new bonus game. The idea is that you activate this hold & win-feature by running special coin symbols in the regular game. The coins are provided with a fixed value. You then get three free re-spins. It is then intended that you get as many new coins as possible. If a coin sticks, you will get 3 re-spins again. The value of all collected coins are added together and you get that paid.

You can also go for the jackpot at this bonus game. For example, if the entire field is full of coins, you will get the big jackpot of the game. The amounts are not huge. It often stays with 1,000 times. So for the true gambling enthusiast this is not an interesting bonus game.

Take it of Leave it

You don't see this bonus game that often. Size it is a very profitable bonus game. The slot machine challenges you to make a risky choice. You can put into play at this game at different time. So you decide how far you want to go.

How this bonus game works

You will see a number of symbol icons. During the first round you have to click a number of icons. Mint values are hidden behind it. That can be large but also small amounts. The bank offers you a sum of money. If you accept that offer, the game will stop and you get the price that the bank has offered you. If you do not accept the bid, the game will continue.

Ultimately, you run the risk that you will win a very low price. But it can also happen that you win a much higher price than the bank has offered you. You can compare this bonus game with Deal or No Deal and with Miljoenenjacht.

Free Spins - the most common bonus game

A bonus game where you can win free spins is the most common bonus game. You can then win free census. Sometimes this can go up to 100 free spins. Then of course you also have the chance to win that jackpot or main prize. You earn free spins quite often. For the true gambling enthusiast, this is not a bonus that he or she is warm for.


With some slots you can get a second chance on the basis of re-spins. For example, if you have almost achieved a profit, then a role turns again to see if you can get a winning combination. This is also a kind of bonus game.


Sometimes you have to go to a special bonus game to win the jackpot. You often see the jackpot as standing on the slot machine. And of course you want to activate the bonus game to be able to go for the Jackpot's win. You also have progressive jackpots. These increase every time someone uses. The more you use, the more you contribute to the height of the Jackpot. Now you also understand why some people cannot leave a slot machine. They have invested so much in the jackpot that they have to continue playing.

Gamble feature

If you have won, you can take an extra gamble with a number of slots. You then go to the Gamble feature. That is also a kind of bonus game. There are three well -known Gamble features that occur fairly frequently on slots:

1. head/coin

2. Map

3. Ladder

  • Head/coin

Hereby you throw a coin and choose head or coin. If you choose the right side, your profit doubles. If you choose wrong, the Gamble Feature ends and you will not get anything. A risky game, where you can lose your entire profit at once.

  • Card

You choose a color, black or red. If you choose, you can double or even quadruple your profit. If you choose wrong, then you will lose everything.

  • Ladder

You have nothing to choose from this. The slot machine determines whether you can go through or not. If you can continue, you climb on the ladder. The higher you get, the higher your profit is. If the slot machine decides that you are not allowed, you will go down a step. If you come to the top of the ladder, you grab the highest win, if you end up at the bottom, you will not get anything.

In which slots can you find bonus games?

The answer to that is simple. You can expect a bonus game in every slot machine. Most slots also have a bonus game. In the old fruit machines of the past you often find the Bonus game Wheel or Fortune. In the new slots you see something advanced bonus games.

The principle is actually the same of every bonus game. They want to persuade the player to continue playing. By offering a bonus game, where for example free spins can be won, you can hold the player's attention slightly longer.

How big is the chance of winning a bonus game

The chance that you win a bonus game cannot be predicted. This depends on the variance, the hit frequency, on the RNG (Random Number Generator) and the theoretical payout percentage. If you know all of that, you can say something meaningful about the chance to win a bonus game.

Sometimes it is possible to win a jackpot with a bonus game. Often you can only win it by activating the bonus game. That is often an extra motivation for players to continue playing. Some slots have a possibility to buy the bonus. It is actually no longer a real bonus, because you have to pay for it. But you can immediately have a chance to win that jackpot, for example.

Other forms of bonuses

In addition to a bonus game, you can often earn other bonuses at slots. You have to think of wilds, scatters and multipliers. These are bonuses that add something extra to the game. They sometimes also have to do with the bonus game. And with these bonuses you certainly have a better chance of a higher profit.


Wilds are special symbols that suddenly occur in the game. They then replace standard symbols and you can use them to get a payline. A game is actually a kind of joker. You can make a winning combination by using a game. It doesn't matter which symbol you are short of. You can use a game for every symbol.

There are different types of wilds. You have regular Wilds, Stacked Wild Symols, Walking Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Training Wild Symols, Random Wilds, Sticky Wild Symols, Multiplier Wilds. Thanks to the wild symbols, the game becomes more fun and interesting for the player. If you have a wild symbol, the chance of a winning combination is greater. Some Wilds are shown in bonus games and there are also wilds that you see appearing in the regular game. Below briefly an explanation of the function of the various Wilds.

  • Regulate Wilds

Regular Wilds run with the regular symbols. They replace the symbols that miss to get a winning combination. For example, if you have two the same symbols on a payline, and you need three for a winning combination. Then a wild symbol on the same payline can replace the missing symbol.

  • Stacked Wild Symbols

With the stacked wild symbols you will find in a number of games, such as Tarzan and Wild Turkey. These symbols are stacked on each other on a role. This allows you to get a lot of winning combinations. In most cases this type of game only occurs in bonus games.

  • Walking Wilds

You often only see this type of game in bonus games. You score this wild on a certain role. Then the game each turn slides a roll to the left or to the right until the wild of the grid disappears. So the wild runs from left to right or vice versa, until it disappears from screen.

  • Expanding Wilds

This game starts as a single symbol. But as soon as you score this game on a roll, you can cover the entire role, from top to bottom. You then have a big chance of a winning combination.

  • Trailing Wild Symbols

This type of game leaves a clone of itself. The clone stays on the spot and the game moves up a spot. This way you get a trail of Wilds on the grid. This increases the chance of a winning combination.

  • Random Wilds

These Wilds do not run with the symbols, but these arise in different places. They can behave like other wilds.

  • Sticky Wild Symbols

The Sticky Wild Symbol remains in the same place for a number of spins. If you turn, you already know where the Sticky Wild symbol will be located. This can also increase your chance of winning.

  • Multiplier Wilds

All the Wilds mentioned above can have a multiplier. Then they finish a winning combination and they multiply it with a certain number. The number of the multiplication is indicated on the Wild itself.


Scatters are a special kind of symbol. Unlike Wilds, you cannot use scatters for every symbol. Scatters are allowed to pop up everywhere. Normally the symbols must be on a payline. With scatters you only have to have enough in your screen. The place does not matter. With enough scatters, you often open the bonus game. And sometimes the scatters also pay out a certain amount. But the most important thing about scatters is that you can open the bonus game through these symbols.


Multipliers are found in a normal game, but also often in a bonus game. If you win, the multipliers multiply the amount by a certain number. Depending on the slot machine, your profit is multiplied by a certain amount. How much the multiplier is is always stated on the slot machine.

Win or lose with a bonus game

A bonus game seems very beautiful. But as you have been able to read above, you can also lose everything with a bonus game. You often end up in a bonus game because you have won. That gives you an adrenaline kick. And you quickly think you can win again. That's why you are going to play the bonus game. But the chance that you lose everything during the bonus game is quite high.

It is wise to always think carefully about whether you think it is worth playing the bonus game. The chance of winning is often not greater. You often have the chance to win a larger amount, but that does not mean that the chance of actually winning that amount is also greater. The casino has created the bonus games, to ensure that the money in it Casino remains and does not have to be paid.

Nevertheless, the chance of a bonus game has to be able to activate playing in one Legal online casino A lot nicer. The game gets more variety and becomes more challenging. Also because you could often win an even higher amount of money with the bonus games. A slot machine without a bonus game can hardly be found anymore. The players find it a requirement for a good slot machine. You also notice that developers are going to develop more and better bonus games in order to be able to offer the big gambling enthusiasts an extra challenge.