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With the slot machine Animals or Africa you get exactly what you expect from the title. This video slot from Gold Coin Studios Is the third game of the developer, and again they stay in the animal themes. This time the slot machine takes you to the savannah of Africa with a wide range of African animals.

It sticks to what Slots traditionally makes it so popular. A classic concept in a beautiful African jacket. And with the possibility to play it online, it is always accessible.

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Op safari met Animals of Africa

The Animals of Africa slot machine takes you on Safari in the savannah of Africa. The design is not revolutionary, but does yield pleasant images. A beautiful sunset can be seen in the background and the animals are beautiful and colorful. Gold Coin Studios Also bring a number of improvements compared to their previous slots with this video slot.

In this way the video slot feels lively and the elements fits well together. In addition to a visual spectacle, there is also a matching soundtrack with African wind instruments and percussion. The sound in particular adds a lot to the experience of the game. Everything comes together thematically into one wild whole.

Animals or Africa playing field

With a playing field of 5 rolls and 3 symbols per roll, the Animals or Africa slot machine is easy to follow. This generates a total of 20 fixed paylines. In addition, there are a number of extra features that make the video slot even more interesting. For example, the basic game has double animal symbols and there are sticky "wilds" during the free spins.

The game has 9 symbols, each with a different value. The lion is worth the most, followed by the rhino, zebra, antelope and the monkey. The remaining 4 symbols are known for playing cards and walk Ace until Jack.

RTP, commitment and variance

The statistics of the Animals of Africa slot machine score high. The percentage Return to player (RTP) is on the 96.18%. This payment percentage is therefore higher than the average of other slots. The Legal American online casinos That offer the game do this from 20 cents per spin. This amount can also be raised to a maximum of 30 euros per spin.

In addition, the game has a high variance of payment. It is possible that players do not win a number of spins in succession. But then the animals can suddenly come out in pairs and the reward increases.


What makes the game fun to play is the presence of a number of features, with the double animal symbols being the most important. All Premium symbols can occur in the slot machine Animals or Africa as double symbols. That means that instead of one animal, two are depicted on the symbol. This ensures that up to 10 corresponding symbols can occur on a payline. This way the payout can quickly run high and the game feels more dynamic.

Wild symbols

It becomes even more fun when there is a wild symbol in the payline. If there are 5 wild symbols in a payline, you win your bet again 1,000 times. Every wild symbol that is part of a Premium Symbol Combo will also count as a double symbol. Wild symbols cannot replace the scatter symbols.

A scatter symbol pays where it lands, as long as you get at least 3 of them. For example, with 5 scatter symbols on a payline you get the bet back 20 times. There are different ways to win depending on the symbols on a payline. Thanks to the wild symbols, this chance is increasing and the amount can rise considerably.

A bonus round

Just like a number of other slots, a bonus round can be earned with scatter symbols. A bonus round is activated when landing from 3 to 5 scatters. Then you get 12 free spins and the advantage of an extra number of wild symbols in rolls 2, 3 and 4. If you land on one of these roles on a wild symbol, there will be wild symbols on the entire role. This role is frozen and you get a free spider for the other roles.

If you then land again on one of the other middle roles, it will also be frozen and you will get a free spider again. In total this can repeat itself 3 times and the accessory spins do not get rid of the total free spins. This way it is always exciting to get a bonus round and the slot animals or Africa is kept interesting. After all, there is a substantial amount to be won during a bonus round.

Tips for Animals or Africa

The video slot is easy to play and does not require lengthy manual to understand. Yet it may take some getting used to if there are some new features that you are not completely familiar with. To help you to control the African savannah of Animals or Africa, a number of tips follow here.

When the game is opened, a menu symbol appears at the top right of the screen. If you click on this, a series of screens are opened with an explanation of the game and the value of the symbols. On the first screen you see a scatter symbol next to a picture of a double symbol. The next screen explains what a double symbol means. If you click on to the next screen, you will see the values of the wild and scatter symbols. The next screen explains exactly how things are going with the bonus round and the free spins. The following three screens explain the other symbols on the playing field. The how and what of the deployment and paylines can be found on the subsequent screen.

On the main page of the game, to the right of the playing field, you can set whether you want to do the spins automatically or manually. This can also be set based on a series of winning or losing spins. In addition, you can increase or lower the bet with the buttons on the right. This can be changed after every spider. Then you are ready to make your first spider. In some online casinos it is possible to play a free demo from Animals or Africa before you start the real work. This way you can get to know the game at ease.

From spin to win

With the video slot, the player can regain a maximum of 8,000 times - it all starts with the push of a button. The video slot can be played as follows.

On the right side of the playing field are all options to play the game. With the bottom two buttons you can enlarge or reduce the bet. This runs from $ 0.20 to $ 30 per spin. This can be adjusted after every spider, except during the free spins of the bonus round.

After you have chosen a bet that you are satisfied with, it is time to spin. You can do this by clicking on the spin button on the right side of the playing field. There is an Autoplay button above the spinking button. This keeps the game going and you don't have to press the spinking button again after each spider.

A feature that has traditionally occurs with other slots is the option to double the profit. The profit can be used in a game of head or mint. With happiness on your side it can happen that the profit is doubled. Of course, a wrong choice ensures that the profit disappears.

Free spins
With 3 or more Scatter symbols, the bonus round is activated and you will receive 12 free spins. Earlier in the text it has already been explained exactly how this feature goes in its course. Especially with the wild symbols this can cause wild scenes.

The symbols

The bet on the Animals of Africa slot machine runs from 20 cents to 30 euros per spin. There are twenty different paylines and a high variance of payment. There are a number of symbols on the playing field. The wild and scatter symbols make the game more dynamic and increase the chance of a larger amount. In addition, there are also animal symbols that can prevent doubled. The symbols we know from cards do not have this function. The values of these symbols are as follows.

De J, from Jack, is 1 x the bet for 5 symbols. The Q, from Queen, is 1.25 times the bet for 5 symbols. For the K, Van King, this is 1.5 x the bet and for the A, from ACE, this 2 x is the bet.

The animal symbols have the possibility of doubling: these pay out more. The monkeys provide 2.5 times the bet for 5 symbols, and 75 x for ten symbols. The Antilope is worth a little more: with 2.75 x the bet for 5 and 100 x for 10. Then comes the zebra with 3 times for 5 and 125 x for 10. The rhino follows with 3.15 x the bet for 5 and 5 and 150 x the bet for 10. The Mighty Lion is worth the most with 3.75 x the bet for 5 and 250 x the bet for 10 symbols.

Thanks to the bonus round it is possible to win back many times more. The maximum attainable 8,000 x is the deployment.


The Animals of Africa slot machine is a nice video slot that plays away wonderfully. Gold Coin Studios Did not reinvent the wheel with the lock, but there are plenty of features to keep the game interesting. The animal symbols can be doubled and with the wild symbols the playing field quickly becomes a dynamic scene.

Certainly with the bonus round, where you get 12 free spins, the tension can be high. The theme is an African savannah with the animals that you encounter there. It is nice designed and especially the soundtrack adds a lot to the experience. So travel to the African savannah and go hunt for the win.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Animals or Africa slot machine?

It's a video slot of Gold Coins Studios With the theme of Africa. The playing field consists of 5 rolls and 3 symbols per roll. It plays like a classic slot machine and also has a number of exciting features. This way it is possible to win free spins that can provide wild scenes.

How does Animals or Africa work?

In principle, the lock works the same as a classic slot machine. On the right side of the screen you have a number of buttons. Here you can determine the bet and turn on the autoplay. When you are ready to play, press the spinkle to start the game.

What is the RTP for Animals or Africa?

The percentage Return to player (RTP) is on the 96.18%. This is higher than the average of other slots and video slots. The game also has a high variance of payment and has an extensive bonus round where the profit can get many times higher.

What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet per spin is $ 0.20 to $ 30 per spin. It is possible to put Animals or Africa on Autoplay, so that you don't have to press the spinking button every time. In addition, it is possible to adjust the deployment after each spider.

Is there a bonus in the game?

In the slot machine Animals or Africa it is possible to win a bonus round with 12 free spins. This happens when three or more scatter symbols occur in the payline. During the bonus round there is a greater chance of getting wild symbols on the roles and to win more money.

How much can you win?

Thanks to features such as the Scatter symbols, double symbols and the wild symbols, the win can already be quite up. All in all, it is possible to recover the bet 8,000 times.

Where do I play Animals or Africa?

The game is in many Online casinos playable. This is possible wherever and when you want. It is also possible to play the game on your mobile. Deal with this responsibly and always play it on a reliable platforms.

Is the game to play for free?

If you first want to try out the game, or want to become familiar with it, this is often possible with a free demo. Many online casinos offer a way to try it out for free.