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You don't have to go to Holland Casino or Jack’s for playing on the best slots. We have looked at all the beautiful slots for you and posted a review about it. The great thing is that you can also play them for free. Even if you want to play for money you have come to the right place. We have all the information for you when it comes to slots or fruit machines.

Free slots

If it is about the game then it is fine to play on the free slots. If you prefer to play for money, it is useful to get to know all functions via the free version.

A number of ways to play for free


On our site we offer all Legal casinos to those on the market in the Netherlands. Read the reviews about all the slots they offer. You can play the majority of these cupboards for free. What do you pay attention to try them out.

🎰 Practice money of a casino

There are many casinos where you can already practice without creating an account. For example, they give you 10,000 free playing euros with which you can test all available slots.


New customers are almost always rewarded with the online providers with FREE SPINS. You often get them if you create an account and extra spins if you deposit money.

🎰 Free money

A smart way to play free slots is to look for casinos that give you money without depositing. Registration can sometimes be enough to get free play money. If you deposit money, you often get a 100% bonus that you can also spend on the slots.

Note that the cupboards that have a jackpot cannot be played in practice mode. The reason for this is technical in nature.

Legal online casino games play


200 free spins or for $ 40 in Free Bets!

How does a slot machine work?

Slots always have a number of roles, there can be three or more. The rolls often contain fruit marks, card symbols or other pictures. There may be a payline or more paylines. The more lines, the more chance you have to win. To play multiple lines you often have to use more.

Nowadays, slots often consist of several games. This way you can have a main game and a bonus game where you can earn extra points.

Because of the RNG, Random Number Generator you can be sure that everything is fair. The RNG ensures that the roles will stop randomly, without anyone being able to influence this.

How do you use?

Nothing is easier than using a slot machine. You choose how many lines you want to play and what the bet per line will be. This is often 00.1 cents, but that can also rise to 10 euros or more. Then you often also have a button where you can arrange the deployment level, for example 5 times the basics.

Now you just have to click on the start button and start the rolls. The profits are automatically credited. If you don't feel like clicking the start button every time you can fix it for, for example, 50 turns.

Win on an online slot machine

If you have several symbols in a row with a payline, then you usually win. It is often the case that they have to be on the payline on the first role from left to right and that they are also consecutive. Every slot machine is of course different and that is why it is always smart to study it for free.

At the Online casinos slots are played more than table games such as roulette and blackjack. The reason is that slots are easy to play and are also suitable for your mobile phone, it doesn't matter if you have an Android or Apple phone. So you can play and win at any location.

Time to play with money

If you play for money, it will all be even more fun and exciting. If you go to one of the casinos offered you will get a nice bonus too. At every casino we have written an explanation of how you can deposit money. It is a process that takes a few minutes.

Different slots

We are always talking about slots, but there are many more names such as, fruit machines, slot machines, slot machines and slots. Nice names but they all work about the same.

🔔 We are talking about one “Classic slot” ”, then we mean a slot machine with 3 or 4 rolls. These cupboards usually have fruit symbols, calls and bars.

🔔 Then there is the “Jackpot slot machine”. These are beloved slots because you can win a nice jackpot in a spin. This can be a fixed or progressive jackpot. With the progressive jackpot, just like in Holland Casino, different slots are linked together. This way the prize to be won can rise considerably.

🔔 Nowadays you also have a lot “Theme slots”. Beautiful games that often have a film or artist as a starting point. These games are made so beautifully that you only enjoy it by looking.

The functions of online slots

If you are going to play on an online slot machine, then it is nice to know what there are for possibilities.

.🎰 Wild symbols, this symbol can replace other symbols and is therefore a kind of joker. It can never replace a scatter.

.🎰 Scatter, this is a symbol that does not necessarily have to be on one profit. If there are several scatters in the picture, then that is usually the start of a bonus game.

.🎰 Cluster pays, this is another way to determine when you win. No paylines but with "cluster pays" symbols must be connected and they do not have to form a line.

🎰 Free Sins, the word says everything, you get free running. It is often the same roles that run but it does not cost you points.

🎰 Bonus games, if you end up at a bonus game you should follow the instructions on the screen. You may have to open a treasure chest or that you have to do other things to get to the bonus game. You will at least earn extra points again.

🎰 Extra gambling function, this is a function that was already present in the early years of slots. You can choose here to gamble with a won price. Head/coin is an example of this.

🎰 Multiplier, this multiplier can rise from 2x to 20x. Your prices are therefore multiplied by this multiplier.

🎰 Buy bonus, players often keep playing at a slot machine because there is such a nice bonus game. The developers have played on this and some cupboards now have the possibility that you buy a bonus.

Play slots with a bonus

If you are going to play at an online casino for the first time, you are entitled to one Welcome bonus, but also the existing players often receive offers for bonuses. You would be crazy not to play with this free money.

To prevent the directly paying of bonuses, the casinos have certain conditions that you must meet before you can cash. This usually means that you must have used the free amount a number of times.


Can you play all slots mobile?

That is possible with almost every slot machine. You must have an internet connection!

Are all slots also to play for free?

This applies almost to every slot machine. Also use this to get to know a cupboard. You can't play slots with a jackpot for free.

Is a free spin bonus the best?

It is indeed the best bonus that is given. Don't deposit money and yet the possibility to win money on a slot machine.