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Not very far back, the makers of Slingo Games came with a new variant called Slingo Extreme. They gave it the subtitle: "Hotter Than Ever Before". After making this game, they came up with the following question: "Can we make it even more extreme?" And as you would expect, yes they can. That is why they have set up a new variant namely Slingo XXXtreme.

An even hot, faster and fleeting Slingo game that gives you a lot of pleasure and tension while playing. What makes Slingo XXXtreme so special and different from the rest of the Slingo collection? You can read all about it here.

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How do you play Slingo XXXtreme?

Slingo XXXtreme, basically, does not differ much than other Slingo games and here too the goal is to free Slingos to win as much money as possible. A Slingo is that you can cross 5 boxes in a row on the playing field. This can be both horizontal, vertical and diagonally. The direction of Slingos in therefore not important and the goal of Slingo XXXtreme is to achieve as many slars as possible.

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You get the big top prize if you release a full house. A full house are twelve slinges and then you cross the entire playing field. For Slingo XXXtreme applies if you free a full house that you earn back 1000 times. The maximum bet at this Slingo game is 100 euros, so you can earn a maximum of 100,000 euros.

Incidentally, the minimum bet is 20 cents. As with most Slingo games, there is no autoplay present. After each game, it is given the opportunity to buy extra spins. If you are through the game and free spins, it is not advisable to buy extra spins. This is because you have relatively little chance of winning anything else.

What is the difference between Slingo XXXtreme and Slingo Extreme?

Just mentioned in the introduction, but the makers want to offer Slingo XXXtreme an even better version of Slingo Extreme. But what exactly does the difference mean? The extreme in Slingo XXXtreme is that you can win even more money. Because at Slingo XXXtreme the maximum payout is 1000 times, while with extreme 500 times.

In addition, it is possible at Slingo XXXtreme to buy infinitely extra spins. At Slingo Extreme there are a maximum of eight. Another essential difference is that at Slingo XXXtreme you only win from 4 Slingos or more. Do you get one, two or three slings you fish behind the net and you win nothing.

How can you win?

Slingo XXXtreme is set like all Slingo games on a 5 times 5 playing field with numbers from 1 to 75. You can compare it to a bingo card. A payline are 5 boxes in a row that you can unlock while turning. Windlines are possible both diagonally, vertically and horizontally. If you achieve five in a row then you have a Slingo. A total of 12 Slingos can be achieved.

If you get that done then you have a full house and you can win the maximum, 1000 times your bet. The precise prices that you can earn at Slingo XXXtreme can be found on the side at the payment table. You can also see here that you need at least 4 sling to win something.

Slingo XXXtreme pay out

What are the Slingo XXXtreme extra features?

Slingo XXXtreme actually feels like a bingo game, but has some features to make it extra fun. This way you can turn symbols next to numbers while turning the rolls. Those symbols can turn out beneficial and disadvantageous for you. First, you have the joker and super joker symbols, these are the game of the game. These symbols ensure that you can draw random number of the playing field. With the joker that is only from the upper column and with a super joker you get a chance to strip a song from the entire playing field.

You also have the devil symbol. You don't want to turn that, because it blocks the upper column so you can't reach those numbers. A free spin symbol speaks for itself and you get free spins. Incidentally, you will get three jokers or three super jokers during a spider, then you have a chance to win a nice cash prize.

Finally, an extra feature is to buy extra spins. The price of this depends on the number of potential windos and potential payment of your next spider.


In principle, Slingo Extreme and Slingo XXXtreme does not get much off from others Slingo games Like Slingo Riches. In addition, a comment that Slingo XXXtreme generally looks much better than previous variants. That is of course logical because it is new and improved. Furthermore, it is not very bad that you do not win prizes with one, two or three slings, but it is a pity that you cannot win more money from four slings. That is why the difference with earlier Slingo variants is to be neglected and at least to be called.

It seems that the makers have had the goal of having Slingo XXXtreme players buy more spins. If you don't mind buying extra spins, Slingo XXXtreme is an excellent choice. As a newcomer, it is advisable to start with the simple Slingo Riches, but if you are far advanced, Slingo XXXtreme and Slingo Extreme worth the game.

After all, it's all about pleasure and tension and you are in the right place with these two. There are plenty of demo versions of the Slingo games where you can test whether the game really suits you.