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Slingo Starburst is A new version of the original game Slingo that came out for the first time in the early 90s. This new version is one of the latest releases from Slingo Originals in which the famous slot machine Starburst is combined with the popular Slingo.

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Slingo Starburst

The Starburst gambling machines are one of the most popular and most played gambling machines in the world. This is mainly due to the great design and the fun background music. The real Slingo enthusiast can now play this fantastic gambling machine in a Slingo game, where it is combined with bingo as with all Slingo games.

At Starburst Bingo you will come across the famous stars and jewels that are placed in a playing field of a 5 × 5 bingo card and a slot machine roll under the bingo card. The background of the game is dark purple. The game revolves around matching the songs on the slot machine roll with that of the bingo card, so that you can strip horizontal or vertical lines.

Just as this goes with Bingo. The playing field consists of songs that turn into stars as soon as you have managed to match the song on the slot machine with a song on the bingo card. On the right side of the screen you have the option to use money and click on the spider button. On the left side of the field you see the bonus ladder that shows how much profit you have achieved.

How do you play Slingo Starburst?

Like all Slingo Games, the game is a combination between slots and bingo. You have to run the slot machine roll to be able to strip the numbers on the 5 × 5 playing card. Your goal is to achieve a Slingo, a Slingo is the extension of a horizontal or vertical line of 5 songs. Every time you reach a Slingo you take a step up on the bonus ladder, this bonus ladder ultimately leads you to the Win Spin Bonus.

You start the game with 10 free spins and there are also other bonuses to be earned through the symbols incorporated in the playing field. The wild symbol lets you extend a song of your choice in the row above it, with the Free Spin symbol you earn a free extra spider and with three or more purple jewels during one spin you win a cash prize. In addition, there are also the well -known Super Wilds and the Joker who has the shape of an X in this game.

How do you win prizes at Slingo Starburst?

You win prizes while playing Slingo Starburst by climbing higher on the bonus ladder, you can do this by getting as many windos as possible. During the game you can choose to have your price paid out or continue gambling to get even higher on the ladder.

There are also the direct cash prizes that can be achieved with the purple jewel symbol. How high the final payment is of course also depends on your bet. The bet already starts at 10 cents and goes up to 100 euros. The return to player percentage of Slingo Starburst is almost 97 percent.

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Try this new variant of Slingo quickly

Slingo Starburst is a new variant of the original Slingo game. The makers have been smart to combine the most played slot machine, the Starburst slot machine, with the bingo game. This allows you to see the famous jewelry and stars that you know from the Starburst gambling machine on your screen. By climbing as high as possible on the bonus ladder you can win great cash prizes. With a bet of 10 cents you can already play this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slingo Starburst?

Slingo Starburst is one of the latest variants on the Slingo Game. The very popular Starburst gambling machine is combined with the Bingo game.

Do you get a welcome bonus when playing Slingo Starburst?

Whether you get a welcome bonus when playing Slingo Starburst also depends on the online casino where you play the game. A welcome bonus is usually present at the Starburst gambling machine, so there is a big chance that a bonus will also be given at the start of the game at the Slingo version.

Always check the conditions and rules regarding the welcome bonus on the website of the online casino where you play.

What are other very popular Slingo Games?

In addition to Slingo Starburst, there are many other variations on the Slingo Games at online casinos. Popular variants are Slingo Deal or No Deal, Slingo Rainbow Riches and Slingo Extreme.

Can you also play Slingo Starburst for free?

At most online casinos you can play a demo version of Slingo Starburst for free. You don't have to use real money, but you can find out if this game is for you.