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The Slingo Makers are happy to design it and it seems that they try to incorporate as many different themes as possible into their online gambling games. From the popular TV shows to eighties atari games, Slingo has it all. There are plenty of perspectives to come up with new themes and the Roman Empire was still missing. So far, because Slingo has introduced a whole new game based on the Roman Empire, namely Slingo Centurion.

With this game you travel back to ancient Rome and you come into with the Roman emperor Maximus Winnus. At Slingo Spellen you are used to completing paylines and thus win money, but that is not the case with Slingo Centurion. It's all about the bonus rounds here.

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The game explanation of Slingo Centurion

Just like all Slingo games, you will also find a 5 times 5 playing card at Slingo Centurion that is surrounded by all kinds of Roman pillars. To the left of the play card you can see the price list with various prices per Slingo. The striking thing about this list is that from the fifth Slingo you each activate a different bonus round. To activate the biggest bonus round you need a full house. A full house is when you release the entire playing card.

So the goal remains the same as with other sling games, unlocking as many as possible. A Slingo is a five -in -row numbers that you can cross on the playing card by turning the rolls. Slingos can be both horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

The more Slingos you get, the higher your chances of winning

At the start of each game you get ten blue balls that display the number of spins that you still have left. Each spider gives you five random numbers on the rolls up to 75. If you turn a number that matches one of the numbers on the playing card, it will be checked, just like with a bingo game.

The goal is therefore to be able to cross as much as possible 5 in a row until you reach a full house. The more Slingos you achieve, the higher the chance of higher cash prizes.

The special symbols and the centurion that produce extras

In addition to numbers, you can also run special symbols that make your play session a little easier. These can be free spider symbols, but also symbols where you can tick a random number on the playing card. If you tackle it smartly, you can easily unlock Slingos and help you on your way to a full house and thus higher winning chances.

But not all symbols are equally fun. Because you also have the devil symbol that ensures that it blocks the above column. So that is relatively little useful. And occasionally the Centurion that is behind a bush to the right of the playing field will occasionally surprise you. He surprises you with a guarantee for free spins, two jokers or other nice prospects.

The Slingo Centurion Bonus round

Slingo Centurion has a large number of bonus laps where large prices can be won. To reach these bonus rounds you have to unlock at least five Slingos. After each Slingo you will start a new bonus round. A short extraction of each bonus rounds. With 1 to 4 slings you do not have a bonus round and there is therefore nothing to win.

What do the bonus laps entail at Slingo Centurion?

With the fifth bonus round you activate Reelus Maximus. During this bonus round you see a large symbol appear on the roles that can give you big profits, which depends on the small symbols in addition. The sixth bonus round is called Prizes on Parade and with that three soldiers appear on the playing field who have different multipliers in their shields who can give you extra large winning opportunities. The seventh bonus round is called Caesar’s Free Spins and two wheels will run on the playing field, one of which has free spins and the other with multipliers.

Eighth round is called Road to Rome and you have to throw dice to make progress on the route. The payment of profits with this bonus round depends entirely on your progression of the route. After this you have Caesar’s Red Spins that is the same as the original bonus round, only the prices are raised.

The tenth bonus round is Road to Rome Red and is the original Road to Rome Bonus round only with raised prices. Finally, you have Full House, called the Wild Power Reels. You will receive 3 power spins and per power spider a role of power wild symbols will be added, of which rolls 2, 3 and 4 will be completely full with wild symbols.

How can you win at Slingo Centurion?

As indicated earlier, you can win prizes at Slingo Centurion from five Slingos. As soon as you get the five Slingos you start the bonus rounds. Each Slingo from the fifth has a different type of bonus round with which you can win a lot and money. The Wild Power Spins are the most profitable in that regard and you play freely by achieving a full house. A full house is when you have played the entire playing card freely.

The conclusion of Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion is another interesting Slingo variant on the many that are already there. In principle, it is not much different than the other Slingo games. Here too you have to play the roles again in order to win money. The unique thing about Slingo Centurion is that you activate the Bonus rounds from five Slingos. Only in this way is it possible to win money. This is cleverly conceived by the makers, because you want to work towards those five windos and to climb as high as possible to that full house.

After some gaming experience, it comes down to you having a lot of patience and effort to climb to five windos. Once you have achieved that, you can start from high winning opportunities. The advice is to first try out the demo version before you really use real money. This way you will notice quickly enough whether Slingo Centurion really suits you and whether you have the endurance to work towards five Slingos.