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Slingo Sweet Bonanza is a variation on the popular Slingo game. It is a combination between bingo and slots where Slingo Sweet Bonanza is the most colorful variant. There is not only a screen full of sweet candies, but there are also very sweet prizes to be won.

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Sweet Bonanza

The theme of the Slingo Sweet Bonanza Game is based on the Sweet Bonanza slot machine. This variation on the Whatever Slingo Consists of a screen filled with sweets and a colorful environment in which you can play. In addition to the classic parts of the Slingo Game, Slingo Sweet Bonanza also has a bonus game that allows you to increase your point total.

But this is not all, there are special symbols in the game that make playing even more fun. For example, there are the Wilds those numbers or even whole rows of your choice and the Free Spin symbol that gives you extra spins for free. The return to player of this game is no less than 96 percent and the game provides a lot of mobility. This variation on Slingo is especially special due to the special graphics and extra parts. Try not to eat too much during this sweet game.

Prices At Slingo Sweet Bonanza

The prizes of the game can already be won and used while playing. The more rows you get full, the more prizes can be won, such as extra candy bombs and multiplicates. When you play the game, the total number of points and your deployment will determine the final payment amount.

How to play

Slingo Sweet Bonanza you play on a bingo card with five rows. It is your job to cross the numbers of a row of horizontal, vertical or diagonally. Here you have a maximum number of spins to get this done. Slingo Sweet Bonanza helps you by integrating special symbols that help you strike a row.

A full row is also called a Slingo and if you have more than 8 Slingos you can even play a bonus game. The bonus game ensures that you can sort out candy bombs and multiply points. With the bonus game you have to click one of the four candy bombs and if you succeed, find the lollipop that ensures that the bonus will repeat itself.

The colorful and sweet game you have to play

Slingo Sweet Bonanza is therefore a sweet game where you get to see a colorful playing field. It is an accessible game that is easy to play and where you as a beginner do not have to use high. It is the well -functioning combination of bingo and Slots But in a new look. The special parts such as the bonus game and the symbols of this game make the game so special and make it extra fun to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play the game with real money?

You can certainly use real money when playing Slingo Sweet Bonanza and this is possible via several online casinos. Before you start playing and you start using money, always check the reliability of the casino.

What are the special parts?

The special parts in Slingo Sweet Bonanza are the wild, super wilds and free spin symbols. In addition, there is also the bonus game that you can reach by crossing 8 rows.

Can you buy extra spins at Slingo Sweet Bonanza?

When you have used all your spins, the game gives you the option to buy extra spins in exchange for money.

What is the Return to Player from Slingo Sweet Bonanza?

The return to player percentage of this game is 96%.