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Larry is a happy fisherman who takes online players to his search for large profits in the ocean. In this bingo and slot hybrid game from Slingo you can look forward to exciting and fun gameplay as you are used to from Slingo games. This online casino game contains a number of great action moments that you keep returning and you want to play again. Lobster Mania Slingo is based on Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 that is a sequel on the classic slot machine Lobstermania.

In this review a glimpse into the Slingo variant how to play, the graphic design, the function and the bonuses.

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Introduction of Lobster Mania Slingo

If fishing on a boat is completely your thing, then Lobster Mania Slingo is really an online gambling game for you. This game has the theme of shellfish and is set against a port background. You can completely immerse yourself in fishing lobster and thus win nice amounts.

As mentioned in the introduction, Lobster Mania Slingo is a hybrid of a bingo and final game. A real Whatever Slingo So. You have a 5 times 1 roll where numbers land during a turn that must match the 5 times 5 playing card.

You can also expect nice bonus features from Lobster Mania Slingo like extra free spins. The goal is to help Larry the lucky fisherman to climb the bonus ladder as high as possible so that he can collect your bonus features and thus win great prizes.

How do you play Lobster Mania Slingo?

Lobster Mania Slingo you play on a wooden board and you will find on, below and also all the necessary information and buttons you need to play a successful game. As soon as you click on the large green button, the game starts and you hear the sound effects that give you a real casino feeling. You can find numbers and other special symbols on the 5 times 1 roll and 5 times 5 play card.

If the game is completely loaded, you move to the bay where the game takes place. Each round starts with a bingo drawing where random numbers are chosen for the 5 times 5 playing card. The aim is to free up all 12 Slingos. As soon as you start with Lobster Mania Slingo you get 10 spins to climb the ladder as high as possible that is shown on the side.

With each spider, new numbers and special symbols appear on the 5 times 1 roll in order to free up the entire playing card. If you turn a wild symbol, you can cross a random number on the playing card.

What does Lobster Mania Slingo look graphic?

Lobster Mania Slingo should not look completely beautiful, the sound effects make up for it. The graphic design of this Slingo game mainly feels outdated and is reminiscent of a computer game from the 90s of the last century. That may not sound very florissant, but as an online player gives you a bit of that nostalgic feeling of how you used to play games.

All action by Lobster Mania Slingo is set on Lucky Larry's lobsters fishing boat. Online players are therefore taken to a port where they can fish for largest cash prizes. The playing field consists of numbers, stars and the iconic Lobster Mania Logo. In addition, online players on the side can see which number of Slingos yields which price yields. Although the graphic is slightly outdated, that makes playing Lobster Mania Slingo no less. Especially when you turn on your sound and hear the beautiful harbor sound effects.

What about the bonus features of Lobster Mania Slingo?

Lobster Mania Slingo is packed with all kinds of bonus features. You can use from 10 cents to 100 euros and you will have to deal with the following bonus symbols. First, you can turn the Blue Wild symbol. This symbol ensures that you can tick a random number of the above column on the playing card. The Gold Wild Symbol ensures that you can tick any symbol for the entire playing card.

With the Free Spins symbol you get, as the name suggests, free spins. Finally, you have the boots symbol and it does nothing and blocks the above column to cross numbers. You also have the Jackpot Overlay Symbols, about which more in this review later.

The goal of Lobster Mania Slingo

The big goal of Lobster Mania Slingo is that you have to play Slingos free to move on in the game. You play a Slingo free by crossing 5 numbers in a row on the playing field. This can be both horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

That means that a total of 12 slings are available. You need at least 5 Slingos to make serious money and have a chance to win the big bonus prices. You can win two bonuses, namely the Buoy Pick’em Bonus and the Free Spin Bonus. The higher the windos, the more lucrative these play bonuses are.

What do the Bonus Ronden Buoy Pick'em Bonus and Free Spin Bonus entail?

Buoy Pick’em Bonus and Free Spin Bonus There is everything to do. At Buoy Pick’em Bonus you first have to choose from three locations, namely Maine, Brazil or Australia. Once you have chosen a location, the bonus game starts. With the help of happy Larry, choose a number of buoys in the water. Larry will raise these buoys to reveal cash prizes.

With the Free Spin Bonus you will see the playing field of online Slot Game Larry Lobstermania 2. This bonus game has 1024 ways to win and you get 5 extra spins if you get 3 or more Lucky Larry Lobstermania 2 Scatter Symbols. The highest symbol that you can run during this bonus game yields you 5 times your bet. You can win no less than 240 spins during the Free Spin Bonus round.

What do the Jackpot overlay symbols give?

The Jackpot Symbols make a nice contribution to this special Slingo game. If you run per spin 3, 4 or 5, you will receive a jackpot price of 50, 150 or 1000 times respectively. The bottom line is that you can win quite a bit of money with this bonus features. That makes Lobster Mania Slingo a very nice game to play with considerable profits.

The real charm of this game goes out to the Buoy Pick'em bonus round that has the sole purpose of giving you big profits. All you need for this is to have endurance until you reach the fifth Slingo. Once there, it is a big party to play Lobster Mania Slingo.