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Book of Slingo is a Slingo Game in which slots and bingo cards are combined. It is a fast and accessible game that is easy to play for everyone. Book of Slingo is based on the book slot machine.

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Thema Book of Slingo

The theme of Book of Slingo is Egypt. With palm trees, Egyptian gods and tombs you imagine yourself while playing in a real Egyptian oasis. The music of this game also ensures that you can play in this Egyptian atmosphere. The play screen consists of a 5 × 5 bingo card with a slot machine underneath that is placed in a tomb.

There are 12 Slingo lines to strip. The payment card on the left side of the playing field consists of 10 symbols where the win can be seen as you climb up on the map. You can climb up on the map by matching and striping the numbers on horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. Such a slope is called a Slingo.

The playing field not only contains songs but also consists of symbols that can provide extra prizes. You have 11 free spins to climb as high as possible on the ladder, but there are also extra free spins to earn during the game. The minimum bet at Book of Slingo is 10 cents and the maximum bet is up to 100 euros.

Book of the book of Slingo

After you have used a sum of money you always start the game with 11 free spins. You can win cash prizes by winning as many Slingos as possible. You can achieve these slings by striping numbers on a line and can be done by turning the slot machine roll at the bottom of the screen.

The extra symbols that can be seen on the map, in addition to the numbers, provide extra free spins or winning direct cash prizes. In addition to the symbols that we see more often in the Slingo games such as the Wilds, the Joker and the Free Spins, there are also Egyptian symbols in this game.

The Egyptian symbols that you can encounter are The Book, Eye or Horus, Anubis, Sobek and the Letter A, K, Q, J and the number 10. These symbols ensure a multiplication of your points or extra free spins.


Cash prizes can already be won while playing Book of Slingo. In addition, the height that you achieve on the profit ladder will determine how much money you win. The profit of course also depends on your bet that can be between 10 cents and 100 euros.

For example, with 8 Slingos, 8 full rows, your bet will be multiplied by 40 and you get 10 extra spins. With a full house, your bet will be multiplied by 250 and you will get another 10 extra free spins to continue playing.

To Egypt with Book or Slingo

Book of Slingo is a variant of it Original Slingo game With the theme of Egypt. The play screen is filled with palm trees, tombs and Egyptian images. It is a fun and accessible game that you can already play with a bet of only 10 cents. This way the game stays fun for beginners because you don't have to lose large amounts of money. The extra added symbols such as Anubis and The Eye or Horus make the game extra interesting because there are several prizes to be earned while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return to player from Book or Slingo?

The return to player percentage of the Game Book of Slingo is between 95 and 96.5 percent.

How many free spins do you start the game?

After you have determined your bet you always start the game with 11 free spins. While playing there are extra spins to be earned and you can also choose to buy extra spins.

What is special about Book of Slingo

The fun and special thing about this Slingo game is that it is based on the original Slingo game but has an Egyptian theme and the book slot machine has the basis. The symbols, the music and the playing field are made to ensure that you can imagine yourself in Egyptian atmospheres.