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Live Super Sic Bo is the online live streaming version of the age-old Southeast Asian dice of the same name. It is also known among other names such as Tai Sai or Dai Siu. Freely translated it means high and low. In certain regions it is better known under the name CU SIC, which means the stones. Whatever the case, the game is generally right.

With the live version of SIC BO, which was developed by Evolution Gaming, you can bet from twenty cents. The maximum bet is 5000 euros per throw. So there is a large reach which means that it is both interesting for starting and conservative players, and for the serious high rollers. The maximum jackpot that can be achieved is 1000x your bet.

The return to player, also known as RTP, is ranging between 83.30% and 97.22%. The underlying concept of the game, high and low, apparently also applies to the RTP. Because this is a wide variation between relatively high and low winning chances. Below more about the different chances of winning in the game.

This way you play live super sic bo

You play live super sic bo with three dice. In a cup you shake the stones and then throw them out on a table. The game is about predicting the outcome of the three stones. Just like with other dice games, there are various deployment options with corresponding payouts. It actually looks a bit like live roulette, because here too, the more unlikely a certain outcome the higher the profit to be achieved.

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Winning combinations

On the play screen you will find the authentic board to click on your bet. If you've never played SIC BO, this board can come across as confusing. Yet there is a certain logic behind it and in the end it is not as complicated as it seems. Here we discuss the combinations on which you can use.

In the middle of the board you see a line with the numbers four to seventeen in rising order. These are the total sum results that you can get with three dice, if you omit the results of three equal numbers. So three (three equal dice with one one) and eighteen (three equal dice with a six) have been omitted from this series. Under the figures in question, it is conveniently indicated how often you win your bet should it be the total of the three dice that number.

In the upper corners you can bet on a 50% chance of big and small, or just and odd. A small total is from 4 to 10 and a large total is 11 to 17. In addition, you can bet on different combinations of one, two or three dice with the same number - the Any Single, Double or Triple.

Finally, you still have deployment options on different double combinations on the bottom half of the game board. You can win the main prize if you guess a specific triple, that can be a triple one, two, three, four, five or six. If that happens, then you win 180 times your investment.

Multiplier jackpots

These win combinations apply both in the classic game that has been played for years, and in the streamed version of Evolution Gaming. In addition, you have an extra chance of winning in the Live Super Bo Game to win the really big jackpots. Random multipliers are offered for every round. This means that some bets in that specific round have a higher value by multiplication with a multiplier.

The amount of the multiplier is based on the chance that a certain outcome can fall. For example, you can get a maximum multiplier of 10 on a single double. If you bet on a total sum of eight or thirteen you can expect multipliers up to 4x. The top insert, the triple, can be multiplied a maximum of 6x.

Chances of winning live super sic bo

As indicated in the introduction, the chance of winning fluctuates nicely at SIC Bo. The chance of the top price is quite low with an RTP of 83.30%. The jackpot is tough, so it is logical that the chance of that is the least of all the chances of winning. You have the best chance of gambling on the 50% chance bets: even or odd, and big or small. Safe but a bit boring of course.

Try to make it a little more exciting by gambling on a single number, for example, the RTP is still a nice 92.13%. The advantage is that if your chosen number accidentally falls two or three times, you will also win your investment two or three times. A consolation prize when you consider that you could have won the first prize if you had deployed the same songs from the start on three.

The total sum numbers 4 to 17 form the middle bracket in terms of winning chances. These vary between 84.72% and 92.59%. On the game board the payments under each number are shown, with which you can estimate which RTP belongs to which number. A high payout has a low RTP, and vice versa applies. The RTP of 92.59% is therefore part of the numbers 9 to 12, and the low RTP of 84.72% belongs to 4 and 17. The other numbers have an RTP in between.

Where can you play Live Super Bo?

You can play live Super Sic Bo at all online casinos that have a partnership with Evolution Gaming. Because this is the only maker of this game on the European market. There are many casinos that play online casino both from Evolution. Then check whether these are regulated by a recognized authority. That way you know for sure that you are gambling safely.