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The term Parlay also occurs in football bets. There it has the meaning of a combination bet. With roulette it is similar and it is a combination of bets that you do one after the other. This way you create big profits if you have done all the bets well.

How are you going to combine bets?

You matter which bets you are going to combine. For example, you play three rounds and you set yourself a goal. A goal may be that with a start deployment of 10 euros you ultimately want to win 350 euros. You are now going to do 3 times a bet.

Example of a parlay

  • First ball you put the 10 euros on the numbers 1 to 6. With a win you now have 60 euros.
  • You bet second ball on color. With a win you now have 120 euros.
  • You bet third ball on a dozen. With a win you have 360 euros.

360 euros minus the bet means a profit of 350 euros. This combination must therefore succeed once out of 35 times that you try to be profitable. You can also take less risk and three times for one single chance to go. If you then use 10 euros, the profit is 70 euros if it succeeds. If you take more risk, you can really win a mega amount, but your chance is also small.

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Discipline is important

Parlay is a system where you have to stand strong in your shoes. You lose more often than you win. Sometimes you have the first two balls good and the third ball goes wrong again. It is difficult to follow the deployment strategy of the Parlay system.

Many players get rid of the system after a few loss rounds. Only the Volhouder is successful with Parlay. You can also switch to put 20 euros if you have lost 35 times a tenner. Your luck that you use well three times will really come. The faster you succeed, the greater the profit.

Do not go outside the system to place extra bets. It will cost you much more and you lose the overview. You have a clear goal in mind and you go for that.

You can practice online for free and see if the system works for you. You can also adjust the Parlay strategy by playing only two balls in combination. The real gambler can also invest the bet profit four times in the whole.

Conclusion about Parlay

At Parlay you do not win more often than and that is why it is difficult to sustain. You don't have to win every time because the amount you win, if you gamble three times, is also very high. For someone who roulette Every round the feeling of happiness of a winner wants to experience, this system is not suitable.