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With the One Hit Wonder Strategy you only play 1 song. It is a strategy that assumes that the song should ever fall. Of course the number will fall once, but the question is whether it falls within the limits of this system.

Use strategy for one hit wonder

The use strategy for One Hit Wonder is very easy. You put 1, 2 or 3 sheets every round on a number that has not fallen for a long time. We have set the limit that we can play a song if it has not fallen 50 times. You can also raise this limit yourself.

Are you going to keep a good administration of the numbers that fall on a specific roulette table. If you have a number that has not fallen 50 times, then you will play this number. We give an example of bets with 5 -euro sheets. You can of course start using lower or higher bets.

  • Put 30 times 5 euros on the selected number.
  • Set 15 times 10 euros
  • Set 10 times 15 euros

If you fall, you will start again with a number that has not fallen 50 times. With the maximum 55 bets you make, you can therefore spend $ 450. A number has not fallen 105 times. It is not common, but if it happens, then you probably already won enough with the earlier bets with this system.

If you have multiple songs that have not fallen more than 50 times, you can also play with the same deployment schedule. You will need more money or you will play with units of, for example, 1 euro.

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Strong in your shoes

Just this system you normally spend a lot of time. First of all, you have to wait 50 balls before you can start. Then it can perhaps take 50 thrown balls before you have the price. It is important to stick to the strategy and that you will not make many other bets out of boredom. As mentioned, you can play several numbers that have not fallen for a long time.

With a small budget you can play this system cheaply at the online casinos. You can start with a bet of 10 cents. You then lose a maximum of 9 euros if a certain number does not fall within 105 innings. To win really large amounts you have to make the basic deployment bigger. Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum bet if you have to place three chips.

If you are not convinced by this article, you can practice the one hit strategy for free at the practice tables of the different Legal casinos.